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Iron Man needs to fly to Napoli to learn about drape.
What happened to UPS and Amazon? I used to get packages within the guaranteed delivery time, and often earlier. This is the second package in recent weeks to be late. I ordered it Thursday with overnight shipping...it arrived at the sorting facility near my home at 7am Friday morning and has sat there since. WTF?
Wrong, biatch! He said, "You did the right thing. We'll just shut the project down and that will satisfy her."
Crap. One of my higher ups was grilling me about some things and I told her something I probably should have withheld. It doesn't really harm anything, but it's an issue she is obsessed with and I'm sure she will now have her nose in it. I'm going to tell my boss who will not be thrilled with this development.
Just a weird episode. That final scene was cool but totally ridiculous.
I prefer Real Men....of Genius.
It's particularly bad when you are the little spoon. Not that I would know.
Was talking to this beautiful woman at the bar last night. She is a mutual friend but I hadn't met her before. We really connected, especially when we discussed our love of Elton John and Fleetwood Mac. Then I find out she is married, and within an hour she was telling her friend how her marriage sucks and she wants to leave and there were many tearz.
Do you mean the isle of Tortuga?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GI6CfKcMhjY
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