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When I am president, slandering public servants will be a capital offense.
This was a much better movie than I expected. It is essentially a biopic of the Conneman, especially... [[SPOILER]]
Larry, I'm watching one of those movies right now.
Who uses a debit card? Could not tell you the last time I used mine. Credit (Amazon rewards points!!!) or cash baby.
Watch your back, Booth. Omar comin' for you.
First track from Levon Helm's posthumous live album has been released. https://soundcloud.com/vanguard-records/the-levon-helm-band-the-same-thing
Well, it's Don's firm. His name was on the door not so long ago. He knows he can outshine Lou in no time and that the staff will ultimately be loyal to him.
Iron Man needs to fly to Napoli to learn about drape.
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