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There was much blacking out on Derby Day.
In middle school my friends found a Clay Aiken CD in my basement. Obviously it was my sister's but no one believed me.
Nothing worse than that.
Unreal. What a POS.Sorry to hear about your BiL.
Make sure you wear pink trousers.Phase one of my move went very well today. I think we have about an hour of loading a U-Haul tomorrow and half that time for unloading. Relieved that it's almost done.
+1. I've encountered a lot of intelligent type-A people in my public sector career. I am not one of them.
Sorry to hear that, man. At least you turned out well.
When I am president, slandering public servants will be a capital offense.
This was a much better movie than I expected. It is essentially a biopic of the Conneman, especially... [[SPOILER]]
Larry, I'm watching one of those movies right now.
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