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You morons. Curb Your Enthusiasm is the greatest show since Seinfeld!
I think I watched half of an episode of Season 2 and gave up. It's a terrible show.
First they came for the provel and people said nothing....
I used to work with a guy who had all kinds of health problems, namely Crohn's disease. He would frequently talk to his doctor about his anal fissures...at his desk, on the work phone, in a very loud voice.
I own like two white shirts. Rest are blue.
My employer has a bunch of Vanguard products. Can't beat it. Allocation is small (20%), mid (10%) and large cap (50%) plus a non-Vanguard international index (20%). It would be stupid not to have a Roth and Traditional mix. No one can say for certainty what tax rates will look like in 30 years. The CW is "Oh they will skyrocket due to the need to fund entitlement programs," but this doesn't take into account potential actions in the political arena. Who's to say a future...
Didn't see this NSFW pic...
The Fall (starring Gillian Anderson) is the best detective series I've seen in a while. Worth watching.
Links plz!
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