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What about me baby?
I hope you told her you are successful at tasks in particlar with the task of StyleForum.
It's the Folkestone way.
And your elderly male roommate.
What's the word Greenfrog? Homeless or nah?
Left work at 2 and not going back in until Monday. I'm heading up to the mountains early Friday morning. Life is good
I think that's a very valid point. And correct on the guru paradox. I would say a majority of the people I've encountered (online) in the financial independence community have some sort of retirement interest/idea/etc. that earns income. Rental properties are quite popular as are part-time consulting gigs. Sure, these are jobs, but in my opinion it goes back to the concept of disconnecting from the 30+ years of 9-5 office work. That's the piece of the MMM philosophy that...
http://www.mrmoneymustache.com/2014/11/23/not-extreme-frugality/Only until the end of January. Then, on to the new bachelor pad.
Yep that is the other side of the coin. But the Mr. Money Mustache/Dave Ramsey/etc. types would tell you to maintain your current lifestyle when your income increases. That doesn't mean you don't take another vacation or move up in house, it just means you don't go out and blow it on bespoke and a new M5 (even though that sounds awesome and I want it).
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