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Picked up a mint Lane side table. I'd like to acquire two at some point.
Has anyone seen this? Any good?
In high school I won the best dressed superlative. Downsie was it made a lot of people think I was gay. Especially the ladies.
Between GIRLS, Downton Abbey, and the Great British Bake Off I won't leaving the TV on Sunday nights. I think we can watch at my place...gotta clear it with my Mom first.
I sent an e-mail with a "high importance" flag today but it really was highly important. We needed a response ASAP.
In what warped universe does Oscar Peterson suck?And you looked like shit today.
He will now enjoy a lifetime of disability pension payments.
What are you, some kind of idiot?Jon.
We have the same mother? For the last couple of years my mother's diet has consisted of toast, popcorn, and candy. Well, and cigarettes.
You should get her pregnant, that would solve everything.
New Posts  All Forums: