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It was that bad?
There's been a mouse in my office for several weeks now and it continues to evade capture. Got in this morning and found what I believe are mouse turds on my desk.
Lake Street Dive. Woah. Some serious talent, particularly lead vocalist Rachael Price. That voice...
I got into Haruf thanks to one of your posts. I think I've read most of his books. The spare prose plus the blue collar rural setting hits me every time. Brilliant writer.Only about a third of the way through Poachers and I'm not all that impressed. The stories are enjoyable but I saw some raves on Goodreads and Amazon and expected better. I will report back when I finish.
Yeah it's on both Amazon Instant and Netflx.
OK, this film is a masterpiece. The plot is haunting, the cinematography is genius (stark black & white). The use of silence is incredible, as the silence winds up being deafening. Remarkable movie.
Podhoretz writes superb film reviews.
+1, looking good old bean.
Terrible pic, but: Panta shirt Sam Hober tie Gap cardigan
I truly loved HBO's Olive Kitteridge. It's been on my mind for days now. Frances McDormand is stellar, no one else could have played this role John Podhoretz's review points out that this type of series (quiet, brooding drama) doesn't really appear on the big screen anymore. Thought-provoking read: http://www.weeklystandard.com/articles/portrait-age_818358.html
New Posts  All Forums: