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Holy hell. Sorry to hear this Bis.
As do all cultured men.
Ah, so that explains @GoSurface.
You've never been more wrong about something.
Agreed. They just announced a summer 2014 tour--the Jamalot Ever After Tour.
Talk to me when you own Steely Dan and Crosby, Stills & Nash tour t-shirts. Philistines.
You moran! Should have given her my number.
This is I've posted here about my awful downstairs neighbors (door slamming, smoking pot every day, screaming, etc.). Today I called my landlord to let him know I'm leaving about a month before my lease ends, and he graciously agreed to let me do half a month's rent. He mentioned receiving complaints from the first floor tenants about the folks below me. Hoo boy did I go to town on those dirtbags. By the end of my tirade, landlord said their lease would not be renewed....
Try almond yogurt. Prettayyy prettayyy good.
Betimes I find a great new song and listen to it on repeat, like Prof. Linkadessen. Just a reglar guy who likes certain acts of music.
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