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I got drunk Wednesday night and brought this mature woman home from karaoke. After we banged she mentioned her 17 year old son.
9am meetings are worse. I'm not fully caffeinated at such an hour.
I hate humanity.
Would be content if I never saw Megan's horse face again.
My summer schedule (every other Friday off) begins this week.
Thanks all. His younger brother died only a month or so ago, and two weeks ago his son suddenly died. I don't know that he ever knew about his son as he was in and out of a coma. Really sad situation for his family.
We just learned that a guy we worked very closely with passed away last night. He was in the hospital, and I knew it was not good, but there wasn't any indication it was that bad. He just took his first two week vacation in years and was set to retire soon.
There was much blacking out on Derby Day.
In middle school my friends found a Clay Aiken CD in my basement. Obviously it was my sister's but no one believed me.
Nothing worse than that.
New Posts  All Forums: