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I have never once had a positive roommate experience. Living solo is so much better.
The dialogue was beyond cringe-worthy in this episode.
Mandy Patinkin was on 60 Minutes last night and did the Inigo Montoya monologue
I smell like lilacs, interwoven with a strong musk.
We are in prime position to make the playoffs. Agreed on special teams, it's just sloppy. I am still amazed at how good Barrett and the very young offensive line are.
What's with the lack of trigger warnings? Manton, check your accurate historical knowledge privilege.
E-mails I send are regularly edited by two, sometimes three levels of management.
The last few Prime packages I've ordered came a day early. I always get them via UPS, never USPS.
There's an exemption in the NYS human rights law that allows owners of two-family homes to discriminate if they occupy the home. You can say "no blacks" or "no GreenFrogs" in your advertisement and there's nothing anyone can do about it. People don't believe me when I tell them this but it is a fact of truth.
I love how the white people flee as soon as shit gets real.
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