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Well, we made a cash offer today. Let's see what happens.
Oh absolutely not. I will only be there to throw in some sweat equity when needed.
Oh, on the plumbing and electrical: there were some newer looking PVC sewer drainage pipes in the basement. The water pressure was excellent, which is apparently a sign that there is little corrosion in the pipes as is common with galvanized. Saw some copper but didn't see galvanized. There's a breaker box that looks newer. I didn't pull the covers to check the wiring but will do so again.
So I looked at the house. It's very rough around the edges, which is what I expected, but as someone who has not been through this process before the amount of work seems scary. But my father (experienced home buyer and home flipper), the realtor, and the contractor seem to think this is a pretty standard job. The fact that the house is on the small side means none of the jobs are particularly large or time-consuming. Basically, we would do the following: -One wall of...
Thanks for the advice. The plumbing and electrical are two things I'm pretty concerned about due to the age of the home (built 1940). Could be hard to know what has been upgraded until an inspection is done.I'm a little anxious in general because it's a foreclosure.
The attic was actually insulated recently! My dream would be spray foam throughout but then you have to tear out the sheetrock and it becomes a major job.
Thx Red. See above.Somewhat rare in terms of the location. It's a neighborhood very close to the city but has the lower taxes and crime rate of the burbs. I would not consider a house further in the suburbs because I want to be close to work. The commute is only 12 minutes or so unless I take the bus.That's why I am very tempted. I am also sick of apartment living (people above, below, and to the sides of me) and would like some space, particularly yard space to grow a...
So, I may be joining the ranks of homeownership. I'll start off by saying that buying a house was a more long-term prospect for me prior to a unique opportunity arising. I'm fairly happy with my current urban neighborhood which allows me to walk to work in about 7 minutes, along with other amenities that can be reached on foot. I have a reasonable ($750) monthly rent payment for a mediocre and small 1BR apartment. To cut to the chase: my father found a foreclosure in a...
Was this the 50 year old guy who watched you sleep?
Some women on NPR were lauding the broad who ran a marathon on her period, sans tampon, as a hero. They found it "empowering" and got very upset when the one male guest basically said, "What's the big deal? It's gross."
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