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Thx Red. See above.Somewhat rare in terms of the location. It's a neighborhood very close to the city but has the lower taxes and crime rate of the burbs. I would not consider a house further in the suburbs because I want to be close to work. The commute is only 12 minutes or so unless I take the bus.That's why I am very tempted. I am also sick of apartment living (people above, below, and to the sides of me) and would like some space, particularly yard space to grow a...
So, I may be joining the ranks of homeownership. I'll start off by saying that buying a house was a more long-term prospect for me prior to a unique opportunity arising. I'm fairly happy with my current urban neighborhood which allows me to walk to work in about 7 minutes, along with other amenities that can be reached on foot. I have a reasonable ($750) monthly rent payment for a mediocre and small 1BR apartment. To cut to the chase: my father found a foreclosure in a...
Was this the 50 year old guy who watched you sleep?
Some women on NPR were lauding the broad who ran a marathon on her period, sans tampon, as a hero. They found it "empowering" and got very upset when the one male guest basically said, "What's the big deal? It's gross."
Take it from a man who lives this life - pB is right.
+1. The hallmark of a small timer.
Week off, spending it in the Adirondacks. And look, I get it...I have a nice pair of stems.
If you want to fap go to 2:22.
Hey, whassup, hello.
Los Feliz Daycare ‏@LosFelizDaycare Jul 28 Pilates, blindfolded finger painting and all activities are canceled until we write 1000 angry Yelp reviews for that Lion murdering dentist!
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