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WTF? Get a TV you pleb.
Date tonight. If she doesn't put out I'll consider it a waste of money.
What's up haters? WOOO!
10:35 and the second half hasn't even started
Broadchurch is great. There is a season 2 in the works.
First half of the first quarter had me feeling deflated but the Bucks have turned it around big time. Just shutting down Mariota. Shades of the Alabama game.
I think they will convert. The running game is incredible but it's a versatile offense and Devin Smith will make huge receptions per usual. Jones has also shown he can really move when he needs to.OSU's secondary is going to make things hard on Mariota.
Picked up a mint Lane side table. I'd like to acquire two at some point.
Has anyone seen this? Any good?
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