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Come on, it's not like I resemble a lesbian.Wait......
Even I don't like Rod Stewart!
This one was a girly, lipstick lesbian. Russian too.
I hung out with some lesbians in college. One was super hot, and we made out a few times. One instance was at a party and her rather beefy, bullish lez friends came running over to pull us apart. "STOP! What are you doing, he's a BOY!!!"Pimpin' ain't easy.
It's 2014, don't you have a dishwasher?
Pretty sure I nailed it.
Once documented, enter information into seven nearly identical databases.
Your forgot option E: Ask your supervisor first.
Civil service exam today. I must needs do well so I can become entrenched in the bureaucracy. I feel good about it.
I have consumed a sugar bagel (doughnut) which has increased my happiness.
New Posts  All Forums: