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I'm replacing sway bar links in a couple of weeks. Wish me luck.
Sugar bagels are not garbage.
Ugh such a philistine.
Sell the car, take MARTA.
Of course you two rubes would enjoy pedestrian humor.
Anybody else get this email? Dear Loyal Customer, Thank you for your continued support of Kamakura Shirts. The Online Store is now in its second year and this has only been made possible by the consistent and overwhelming support of our customers. As members of our Online Store, we would like to reveal to you before anyone else that we will be releasing a brand new website in September. The website will have an improved search function, personal account system, and a...
What's the make/model and how many miles? $3.5K for a used car is on the low end of what I'd want to pay. There's a $6K-$10K sweet spot where you can get a solid Toyota, Mazda, Honda, or similar make that can make it several years with no problems.
I have no words.
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