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That is awesome. Congrats.
When I was on campus a palatial private dorm was being built for Evans scholars. Found photos: http://ohiostate.evansscholars.org/c.9rJQK2MEJgLYH/b.8852127/k.2E63/House_Tour/siteapps/tools/PhotoGallery.aspx
Great memoir.
Alter has answered my prayers and posted many of the SF Literati books from years ago. http://www.styleforum.net/t/131423/styleforum-literati-appreciation-threak-vaclava-krishna/75#post_7408157
I have to thank @lefty for recommending Blue Ruin. It has an unconventional revenge plotline--no expert assassin, just a regular guy who felt he was wronged. Very well done. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2359024/
He is my idol and hero.
My Friday night was going great...pumped iron at the gym, Chipotle for dinner, fresh batch of cookies cooling on the counter. And then I came downstairs to find that mother ate half of the cookies.
The only TV character I idolize is George Costanza.
Beautiful today. Needed a light coat this morning though.
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