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I was at the Ohio State/Penn State game that weekend. At one point the end of the Michigan/Michigan State game was shown on the jumbotron and the Horseshoe erupted into one of the great chants in college sports:http://www.landgrantholyland.com/2015/10/17/9561903/ohio-state-fan-reaction-video-michigan-loss-we-dont-give-a-damn
I'll be at the Ohio State-Penn State game this weekend.
It's time to put JT Barrett in.
Update on my situation: our lowball offer was accepted and we have a contract. Did a walkthrough with the inspector today and there were no major surprises. The major projects are re-pouring one foundation wall; new roof; new driveway; gut reno of the kitchen; and new paint throughout along with some sheetrock upstairs. We've hit a slight snag due to a potential title defect. The attorneys are looking into it but we were supposed to close tomorrow, and that is obviously...
One reason I hope to get this house: looking forward to working on projects. Number one would be building a work bench in the garage. It's a 2.5 car detached garage so it's ideal for a workspace.
Has anyone ordered from the NYC store rather than the website? Haven't bought any shirts since last year and I've lost some weight, so I may order two different sizes. I assume returning the shirts to Japan is a hassle.
Well, we made a cash offer today. Let's see what happens.
Oh absolutely not. I will only be there to throw in some sweat equity when needed.
Oh, on the plumbing and electrical: there were some newer looking PVC sewer drainage pipes in the basement. The water pressure was excellent, which is apparently a sign that there is little corrosion in the pipes as is common with galvanized. Saw some copper but didn't see galvanized. There's a breaker box that looks newer. I didn't pull the covers to check the wiring but will do so again.
So I looked at the house. It's very rough around the edges, which is what I expected, but as someone who has not been through this process before the amount of work seems scary. But my father (experienced home buyer and home flipper), the realtor, and the contractor seem to think this is a pretty standard job. The fact that the house is on the small side means none of the jobs are particularly large or time-consuming. Basically, we would do the following: -One wall of...
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