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Encapsulation may be the way to go, but the tape is pretty nasty. Moldy, fraying. I'd rather have it removed but still considering encapsulation. Based on what I've found online, removal of tape on ductwork shouldn't be overly expensive. If we are talking $1-2K I may bite the bullet simply to allay my neurotic fears. Thanks for the opinions, guys. And I did think about the reporting/disclosure issues Piob. Good point.
I'm growing more concerned with the probable asbestos tape on the ductwork joints. There's at least 30 strips of tape (4 inches wide I believe) throughout the ducts that are visible in the basement. Quite a few strips are frayed and moldy. Some of the ductwork is low enough that it could be bumped into if one is careless. The amount of tape has me leaning against a DIY approach. Has anyone priced out an abatement on this kind of asbestos?
My grandfather has a mild case of asbestosis. He was a plumber and spent years ripping asbestos insulation off of pipes. Got a pretty big monetary settlement for it and aside from an occasional cough he is doing well. I think I'm going to get an air quality test after we seal the floor and the open walls, even though I'm pretty sure there's no asbestos in the insulation we removed/will be removing.
There is old tape on the ductwork in the basement which I'm sure contains asbestos. I think I am going to just encapsulate it with aluminum duct tape rather than remove it. Then again, it's moldy. Kind of gross.Dad and I are scraping up some old cutback adhesive/tile backing on the basement floor. That likely was made with asbestos too. We put the space suits, respirators, etc. on and poured a lot of water on the floor. Didn't seem to create dust so I think we are in the...
My father and I gutted the kitchen of my house down to the studs this weekend. It was built with rock lathe and that stuff is HEAVY. I am kind of bummed that we took the walls and ceiling down but I want to move some wiring, install recessed lights, run a gas line for a stove, etc. The only insulation in the walls was a 1941 issue of a now-defunct newspaper. Found sheets of mineral wool (90% sure - too early for fiberglass) above the ceiling which we pulled out. Based on...
Same thing happened in the Ohio State-Minnesota game.The end of the Ole Miss-Arkansas game was
I'm pretty impressed with what I've seen so far. Samsung in particular seems to make some great stuff at pretty decent prices.Would it be worth it to sign up with Consumer Reports to do some research? $30 for an annual digital subscription is not bad...Ataturk, I despise Black Friday but it may be the best time to buy this stuff.
As of tomorrow, the Conneman will be a homeowner. Any tips on buying appliances? I don't want to go high end and I don't want to go the budget route. Looking to buy a stainless four burner gas range, refrigerator, and dishwasher. Do Home Depot or Lowe's have major sales any time soon? I've heard buying the full sets can be pretty affordable but I assume you just have to go to the store to catch these deals.
I was at the Ohio State/Penn State game that weekend. At one point the end of the Michigan/Michigan State game was shown on the jumbotron and the Horseshoe erupted into one of the great chants in college sports:
I'll be at the Ohio State-Penn State game this weekend.
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