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Yep that is the other side of the coin. But the Mr. Money Mustache/Dave Ramsey/etc. types would tell you to maintain your current lifestyle when your income increases. That doesn't mean you don't take another vacation or move up in house, it just means you don't go out and blow it on bespoke and a new M5 (even though that sounds awesome and I want it).
The good old dayz.
I am a big MMM fan. You're misrepresenting what his philosophy is about. The idea is to implement "lifehacks" and other basic money saving strategies to free up your income. Some of these guys are eating rice and oats every day, yes, but if done right you can still enjoy a lot of little luxuries while slashing expenses to the bone. Once your income isn't going to a luxury car payment, satellite radio, and the daily $10 lunch at the office, that income can be invested or...
It is nothing compared to the passion of the bromance between myself and Kwilk...
But that's where you meet all the widows...
That is an integral piece of the plan.
Why not just learn to live frugally? You could retire at a much younger age than is the American norm. This is the ConnePlan.
Quite nicely!I stated that there are exceptions to the rule. If you go into debt for an MBA from Georgia State you are indeed an idiot.
Neither of those have the ROI of an M.A. in Community Organizing!http://ssa.uchicago.edu/community-planning-organizing-development
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