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I sure hope you never get termites, lefty. Gorgeous cabin. Catskills? jbarwick: I thought the Simply White was softer and not too harsh? I read that BM has a Decorator's White which is very bright, and I don't think I want that. My house is a small Cape Cod but plenty of windows. Then again I live in the Northeast, so it's not like there's sparkling sunlight pouring in at all times.
What do you guys think about going with mostly white walls? I know Benjamin Moore has a huge off-white collection and there are warm/cool whites. I've read some great reviews of Benjamin Moore Simply White as well. I am slowly collecting some nice MCM furniture and plan to eventually have a house full of the stuff. I think white walls show that off nicely.
Anyone watching GoDaddy Bowl? Isn't Georgia Southern the no-name alma mater of @edinatlanta?
This is exactly my plan.Why are you referring to edina as a "she"?
Got a promotion today! The best part is, there is no change in duties/responsibilities and I still don't need to supervise anyone. But I got a 25% bump in pay.
As usual, the Giants find a way to lose.
Jazz is the Conneman's favorite genre.
WTF is Hillary wearing?
Separate buses to and from campus.
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