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My upstairs neighbor is listening to terrible music at a loud volume.
I was nearly run over by de Blasio's motorcade this morning. I was crossing the street and three SUVs suddenly put on their police lights and blew through the intersection. de Blasio and his entourage emerged from the SUVs down the block. He is as tall as they say.
Who saw Whiplash? I've read only raves.
Grant Green always puts me in a good mood, particularly "Ain't it Funky Now."Can't stop listening to Haim. I'm in love
Fleetwood Mac blasting, squash and kale stew simmering, snow falling...my kind of weekend!
It's going to be -5 for my walk to work tomorrow morning. This has been the most miserable winter that I can recall.
Received my first utility bill at the new apartment. Maybe I shouldn't have moved out of mom and dad's house.
The endless snow is finally getting to me.
Clean out your inbox NOW. This could ruin my career/life....
I stick to the Mediterranean Veggie sandwich these days. No more Bacon Turkey Bravos for me.
New Posts  All Forums: