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We have the same mother? For the last couple of years my mother's diet has consisted of toast, popcorn, and candy. Well, and cigarettes.
You should get her pregnant, that would solve everything.
Poachers was mediocre. You get the sense that Franklin is trying too hard to write stories that fit the publisher's desire for a dark and gloomy collection. Some of the plotlines are depressing just for the sake of being depressing, IMO.The titular story is the best one by far, and the longest. Happy to send it to you, just PM me your address.Started another short story collection today:Finished this recently which was fun. One caveat: the author spends a lot of ink on...
Sure was
I'm talkin' college only!
WOOOO!!!! Cardale Jones may go down as the greatest replacement QB in history. Beating #1 Bama in your second start just doesn't happen. But the entire offense was firing on all cylinders and the D had some crucial INTs and stops.
Not so fast! We got ourselves a game!
I had to send a very important e-mail. Only one line of text and an attachment, but very important. I also updated some projections. Truly exhausted.
My co-worker is hacking up a lung every 1-2 minutes. Do that in the comfort of your own home, not the fucking office.
Well duh!
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