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I have no words.
Oh, this was superb. Fascinating life. You start out feeling sorry for Huguette Clark but by the end you realize she was perfectly happy as a recluse.
This was the best novel I've read this year. Incredible debut by Smith Henderson. Halfway through Lush Life. It's not as good as I had hoped.
Why can't women have a bachelorette party without the "Bride to Be!" sash, crown, penis straws, and other accoutrements? Bunch of sheep.
Did you guys know @kwilkinson was an extra in the Hobbit films? Didn't even need makeup.
I'm munching on mini Hershey's Special Dark w/ Peanuts and Special Dark w/ Crisped Rice.
Damn, I look good.
Back to work. Corporate drones do not take leisurely strolls!
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