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Anyone watching GoDaddy Bowl? Isn't Georgia Southern the no-name alma mater of @edinatlanta?
This is exactly my plan.Why are you referring to edina as a "she"?
Got a promotion today! The best part is, there is no change in duties/responsibilities and I still don't need to supervise anyone. But I got a 25% bump in pay.
As usual, the Giants find a way to lose.
Jazz is the Conneman's favorite genre.
WTF is Hillary wearing?
Separate buses to and from campus.
I like this one: We demand an online database of deadlines, dates, and forms critical for black students' academic success.I guess the syllabus and wealth of general information available all over the college's website don't cut it.
Big progress at the house. Old basement wall was demolished and new concrete wall poured this week. Cleaned out the drain that runs to the gravity-fed sump pit and it runs free and clear. Also had a channel dug around the basement perimeter. Kitchen cabinets are scheduled for delivery in 2.5 weeks. Contractor installed some new recessed lights in the kitchen which will be insulated and drywalled this coming week. Next project I am undertaking: demo the upstairs to...
New Posts  All Forums: