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Do you enjoy putting around the city on the back of his bike?
He's been there for quite some time now and the landlords want to keep him as a tenant.
My current options: 1.) Find a new apartment by August 1st; or 2.) Move in with mumsy and father for a few months and save some ducats. Neither are ideal. I was going to say I'll feel like a loser if I move in with my parents, but my loserdom is already well established.
The love that dare not speak its name.
Wait, srsly?
It looks like I will already be leaving the apartment I moved into on May 1st. Technically I signed on for the remainder of a 1 year lease which is up on August 1st. My roommate and I had discussed re-upping as recently as a few weeks ago. Today I get an e-mail (yes, an e-mail) from him saying he thinks it would be best if I moved out before August 1st. Threw in lots of "I still consider you a good friend, nothing personal" stuff. I'm pretty perplexed by the whole...
Of course not!
The governor gave all state employees an extra hour of lunch to watch the game. I went home, ate, and watched.
Same. Had a great week off and came back to a pile of turds. I was "volunteered" for this workgroup that will be looking to improve one of our most inane bureaucratic processes. I don't need a crystal ball to know the outcome: everything will get even worse once the "enhancements" are implemented.
I'm going to puke if I see one more Elite Daily article posted with a variation of "OMG this is sooo true" as the caption. The latest: http://elitedaily.com/women/20-something-women-need-stop-thinking-like-30-something-women/634789/
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