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You are a basic bitch.
Pretty sure I've found my next apartment. Mother is going to be devastated when I move out but hey, a man's gotta live his life. Gonna slay so much poon in the CunnyLair.
Enjoy your diabetes.
Everyone knows Folkestone is the capital of class and grace.
I posted previously about a serious front end vibration in my car starting at 60mph. In a last ditch effort I put new rotors and pads on, as this problem began the day I had new rotors installed. $1k later and....It was the god damn rotors all along. I'm the one who figured it out too. Three mechanics didn't think that the rotors could be out of round. Oh well. I'd like to get a few more years out of the car so I hope it was money well spent.
Glad you're alright B. The radiator in my office sounds like it is going to explode. I've fled to a conference room.
I don't think being into dudes makes you "off," it's pretty acceptable these days.
I saw at least two Facebook posts about it last night. I lol'd when I heard about the rocket this morning.
Lol, really?
Welcome aboard! You will find I am sort of the resident Lothario here.
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