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I'm looking forward to taking a year off from work due to fibromyalgia.
He's alive!
I was going to say Kira reminds me of myself during my college days but even I wasn't this bad.
Masters of the craft.
I always nest. Yesterday my mother texted me half a dozen times during the day (typical) but I was too busy at work to respond. The final text at 5pm said, "If you don't answer soon I'm going to call the police. Very worried."
I take on average 4 or 5 dumps a day. I attribute it to all of the beans and roughage I consume. It's awesome.
I really liked living within walking distance of work...but that required cohabitation. At the very best you could own a rowhouse and enjoy relative solitude, but you still have people on both sides. And then there is the dog shit on the sidewalks, bums asking for cash, noise, etc. I think the country wins out at the end of the day. Not the suburbs...in many ways that's like city living except with bigger lawns and extra space between the homes.
How do you have any control over this?
I never could ride a skateboard. Not coordinated or douchey enough.
Today I was commended by a fellow bureaucrat for my mastery of bureaucrat-ese. The applause line was, "The deadline is accelerated yet delayed."
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