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You'll find hot lobbyists in heels here: http://677prime.com/
If you tell me where you're staying I can try to give coffee shop rec's. Or you can come to my apartment and I'll French press you a nice Ethiopian roast.Harv, Justin's used to be awesome but has gone significantly downhill. They stopped doing live jazz a couple of years ago and it lost its charm.
The thought has crossed my mind.
Yup. Whenever my upstairs neighbor's girlfriend comes over, she brings her little yappy dog. If they leave the apartment the dog barks non stop until they return. I'm on the verge of putting a passive aggressive note on his door.
He is missing easy shots. The VCU game gave me hope.
I loved this film. The praise is well-deserved.
Went to the office for 2 hours, left, on standby for a meeting that could occur at any point tonight. I'll be happy if I can watch the Ohio State game uninterrupted....
Weather is sucky but I'm making a minestrone and plan to watch an episode of Homeland before a member of my harem comes over later for some hot lovin'.
So far I've been able to identify Ice, Ice Baby and a Bruno Mars song.
My upstairs neighbor is listening to terrible music at a loud volume.
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