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Your post has been forwarded to the IRS.
I attended a bachelor party last night and left my phone at one of the last bars we hit. I did the track-your-phone thing and it looks like it's still there. Of course they are closed today, so I won't be getting it back until tomorrow. Honestly it has been kind of nice having a day without it. I had forgotten what it's like. EDIT: And yes, I had gross stripper titties in my face.
I heard about those.OK, some potentially good news: my landlord encountered what seems to be the same problem in early 2014 and it was so bad that he had the cops come over to investigate. It turned out to be a rogue fire alarm or some similar alarm in the neighbor's house. This means the guy is either dead or on vacation because there's no way a human can tolerate this sound.
Great! I can finally file for disability.A guy from the utility company came by today and listened. He couldn't even hear it, but they sent a 60-year old with hearing aids and he didn't even have one of them.I'm beginning to think it's an electronic device because it doesn't change in pitch and it doesn't stop. Maybe something is malfunctioning on my neighbor's back deck. I'm going to knock on his door tonight.
I spent most of Easter weekend at my parents' house and returned to my apartment late Sunday afternoon. Walked into my bedroom and heard the most awful shrill, high-pitched noise (not one of the women I keep in the basement, they are gagged). After two minutes I felt nauseous and my ears were sore. Opened the window and as far as I can tell it's coming from the utility pole in my backyard. The noise is so bad that I went home to mom & dad's and slept there. Has anyone...
I don't need a wingman to pull tail.
Stop whining. I have to be in the office until 11.
You'll find hot lobbyists in heels here:
If you tell me where you're staying I can try to give coffee shop rec's. Or you can come to my apartment and I'll French press you a nice Ethiopian roast.Harv, Justin's used to be awesome but has gone significantly downhill. They stopped doing live jazz a couple of years ago and it lost its charm.
The thought has crossed my mind.
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