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Yeah, I wouldn't be functioning well with only a few hours of sleep but if it's a few hours of sleep plus a raging hangover, forget about it. Better off staying in bed.
If I don't get a solid 8 hours of sleep I am a mess.
Yep. Brilliant.Added this to my queue. Looks like it has potential.
That looks awesome.
It was that bad?
There's been a mouse in my office for several weeks now and it continues to evade capture. Got in this morning and found what I believe are mouse turds on my desk.
Lake Street Dive. Woah. Some serious talent, particularly lead vocalist Rachael Price. That voice...
I got into Haruf thanks to one of your posts. I think I've read most of his books. The spare prose plus the blue collar rural setting hits me every time. Brilliant writer.Only about a third of the way through Poachers and I'm not all that impressed. The stories are enjoyable but I saw some raves on Goodreads and Amazon and expected better. I will report back when I finish.
Yeah it's on both Amazon Instant and Netflx.
OK, this film is a masterpiece. The plot is haunting, the cinematography is genius (stark black & white). The use of silence is incredible, as the silence winds up being deafening. Remarkable movie.
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