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Was talking to this beautiful woman at the bar last night. She is a mutual friend but I hadn't met her before. We really connected, especially when we discussed our love of Elton John and Fleetwood Mac. Then I find out she is married, and within an hour she was telling her friend how her marriage sucks and she wants to leave and there were many tearz.
Do you mean the isle of Tortuga?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GI6CfKcMhjY
All the phones at the store are like $400 too. I want an unlocked one so I can switch to my parents' plan later this year.
Scheduled Delivery Updated To: Monday, 04/28/2014 FML.
Ordered a new phone on Amazon. Guaranteed delivery date of yesterday. The package tracking showed that it was out for delivery last night....but was not delivered. And now the status is "at carrier facility." Why do the carriers do this?
It's an impractical car for year round use in the Northeast but I am still really tempted to get one.
Next car will be a Volvo or this:
Don't tell your mother.
I cook with beans pretty much daily. Holla atcha boy if you need advice.
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