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WOOOOOO! 'Bama is going down.
This is just madness. Our defense has completely shut Wisconsin down and our third string QB is playing better than all y'all's starters.
Yeah that is a true classic.Hell yeah!
Very anxious to see what Urban Meyer does with the offense tonight. Cardale Jones has a better arm than JT Barrett and the weapons (Heuerman, Devin Smith) are there for him to do some damage down field. But if the O-line stands strong Jones will have ample running room...he is a 250lb. guy who can really move.
Your analysis is correct and I think it's an understandable situation for someone like you who wants to drive a newer vehicle without incurring the long-term costs of ownership. However......otc hits on what I was getting at. I drive a POS 2007 Chevy which I paid for with cash in 2010. Nearly five years later, I've only started to put money into the car. That's five years without a monthly car payment and I really enjoy not having that recurring expense. Part of it is...
I don't think there's anything wrong with being against borrowing money on principle. I will say that I don't know anybody who feels so strongly about this that they are unwilling to get a mortgage (except for hendrix!). But refusing to fall into the usual consumer traps (car payments, credit card payments, etc.) seems wise to me.
I should have my highest-interest student loan paid off in the spring. Kickin' Sallie Mae to the curb.
You will be in Des Moines in 10 or 20 years.
Did she tell you all about the frat bro she banged last weekend?
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