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I'm going to puke if I see one more Elite Daily article posted with a variation of "OMG this is sooo true" as the caption. The latest: http://elitedaily.com/women/20-something-women-need-stop-thinking-like-30-something-women/634789/
Thoroughly enjoying my week off from work. Woke up, walked to the cafe for a coffee, came back and made buckwheat pancakes.
My morning has been spent cleaning up the messes made by moronic government employees who fit every stereotype.
You guys didn't ask me to go out to lunch with you today...And I prefer the term "wet pink towel."
Happens both alone and when going out.
I ran out of Laphroaig a few weeks ago :-(
Drinking is fun until you realize you've been blacking out on a regular basis on the nights where you're "just" having one or two drinks. Problem is I never know if it's gonna be a one drink or 15 drink night. It's impacting my job, my friendships, my health, and I am sick of it. I've tried to moderate and slow down before but have never succeeded.
In the past two or three weeks I've kind of spiraled out of control. I stopped drinking on Friday and have been dry since. Had some fairly bad withdrawal symptoms until this morning...now, I'm just jonesing. Went to an AA meeting last night with a good friend of mine, who has been going for years, and found that a lot of it resonated. I think it's time for me to give it up. I suppose I'm happy I realized it has gotten out of hand. I await Harvey's "You're a pussy" comment.
You've got some long-ass balls! Time for the no fly zone.
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