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My stomach does churn when I see an otherwise comely lass in filthy flip flops. It's disgusting, but would not necessarily prevent me from tapping depending on my mood.
Do you tell girls to stop talking to you at parties because their feet are dirty?
Why not! Saw her open for Neil Young once. The New Yorker did a superb profile of her 14 years ago... http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2000/06/05/delta-nights
He's a cross-genre star...country fans love him, Americana fans love him. Great songwriter and singer, shades of Waylon.
I love me some mustard. You crazy monica.
So I'll get trampled and receive a golden shower?!
I bought shoes at Kohl's today.
Some days, I feel like I'm running this entire damned state on my own.
I enjoy calling them flapjacks makes me feel closer to the common mans.
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