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Yep. Frey was "only" 67. One wonders if more of the big acts from the 70s and 80s will start dropping soon due to the years of hard drugs and fast livin'.
Kitchen countertops were installed yesterday. Today, I installed the sink which was a royal pain in the ass. It's an undermount and the brackets are difficult to thread. The tiny screws are flat head so using a screwdriver and drill proved difficult. Why the hell don't all manufacturers use Phillips head? Plumbing was a bit of a challenge because one of the valves leaked on the first try. We took it off, cut a new piece of copper, and re-soldered and installed. Worked...
I'm very pleased with the Schrock cabinets I bought. All made in Illinois. FWIW, I was advised not to buy from the manufacturers based in the Deep South due to quality control issues.
Kitchen is really coming together. Cabinets in, soapstone laminate counters will be in by the end of the week. 90% sure I am going with a white subway tile backsplash. Oh, and the appliances were delivered Saturday. We ran water to the fridge but for some reason it's not making ice. I think piercing the water line from the bottom was a mistake - a coworker told me he did it this way but sediment blocked the flow of water. I'll post some pics this weekend.
Wow, what a loss. I could listen to "Ashes to Ashes" and "Fame" on repeat. I have to agree with Nil on his sheer presence as a creative force. Few people can claim that. David Byrne is another who comes to mind.
Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan lived just outside of Delhi in an old farmhouse. It's a beautiful area. Once you get settled, do a morning drive to Cooperstown. I don't think it's far from Delhi. There are some incredible homes there.
He will never finish this series.
Don't worry, heading out to meet up with the new lady soon. She is erudite and likes Seinfeld; that's marriage material.
lefty, that is one hell of a cabin. I am jealous.
Be safe Piobdad! I'm meeting the new girl I've been seeing (Jewish lawyer=) at a great bar. The building has existed since the 1730s and has some beautiful architectural details.
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