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Played way too much Total War: Warhammer this week. I started a campaign as the Dwarfs and on Normal difficulty it's proving pretty hard. I may get wiped out in the next 10 turns. The graphics are a big improvement over previous TW franchise games.
Get a Prius. Don't worry about the 4WD, just get a good set of snow tires. I drove my Prius in snow several times this year with new Michelins and it didn't slide, slip, or spin once.Most major consumer advocate blogs/publications have shown that the Prius has the lowest cost of ownership over the lifetime of the vehicle.
Only a beta cuck would concede such a thing.
Exactly. Grown-ass man in a studio apartment?
Move to the suburbs. I don't hear a single noise during the night.
What is with all these beta cucks?
True, but all it takes is a couple of principles and you can do quite well for yourself.
Is anyone playing Battlefield 1 on PC? Best FPS in a long time.
One need not live in NYC to be sophisticated and bourgeois.
Fed is BACK!I've been home sick most of this week so I've watched a lot of AO matches. I can't believe how well the "old" folks are playing. Federer and Venus in particular have really impressed me.
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