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Lo and behold: http://www.albanylaw.edu/Pages/home.aspx My girlfriend went to a T14 and got the joak, thankfully.
Lefty, saw Leon Bridges on Austin City Limits and enjoyed it. He didn't wow me but I love seeing nouveau soul.
Good Lord. This is a great example of why Freddie King was so good. Clapton has the dexterity, the technique...but the soul isn't there. Freddie's tone is unreal and Clapton can't match it. Stark difference between the teacher and the student. And for the Clapton nuts who will complain...he's said more than once that he couldn't even keep up with Freddie.
I'm pretty sure no one in Washington likes Cruz. He is just an epic asshole. At least Trump is funny.
I used the "I graduated from Princeton Law" line on a law school student and she believed me. Many lulz.
You, me, Neo, GreenFrog, and edina
Update on the house: only two major projects to go before I move in. Hardwood floors need to be sanded and stained and carpet is being installed on the second floor. I'll be in by the end of the month. I went with Benjamin Moore Simply White for the first floor with the exception of the kitchen and bathroom. Really pleased with how it turned out. It looks quite nice both during the day and at night.
Yep. Frey was "only" 67. One wonders if more of the big acts from the 70s and 80s will start dropping soon due to the years of hard drugs and fast livin'.
Kitchen countertops were installed yesterday. Today, I installed the sink which was a royal pain in the ass. It's an undermount and the brackets are difficult to thread. The tiny screws are flat head so using a screwdriver and drill proved difficult. Why the hell don't all manufacturers use Phillips head? Plumbing was a bit of a challenge because one of the valves leaked on the first try. We took it off, cut a new piece of copper, and re-soldered and installed. Worked...
New Posts  All Forums: