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I saw a big utility van last weekend with "KISS ARMY!" decals all over it.
Yes. Having a sizable cash cushion is far more important than a new humbler.
Things are really out of whack right now.
Sorry to hear it Ed. I had the opportunity to be with my dog in her final hours, including the ride to the vet and the euthanization, and you'll find it comforting in the long term to know you were there to say goodbye.
I'll eat no animal. Except for eggs.
Cupcakes are disgusting.
Do you enjoy putting around the city on the back of his bike?
He's been there for quite some time now and the landlords want to keep him as a tenant.
My current options: 1.) Find a new apartment by August 1st; or 2.) Move in with mumsy and father for a few months and save some ducats. Neither are ideal. I was going to say I'll feel like a loser if I move in with my parents, but my loserdom is already well established.
New Posts  All Forums: