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Ms. Clift has given me comfort () on many Sunday mornings...it would be only fair to return the favor!
Farewell to John McLaughlin, one of the craziest bastards in modern US politics. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/17/business/media/john-mclaughlin-tv-host-who-made-combat-of-punditry-dies-at-89.html
Is there a vegan alternative?
Wonder if this will lead to the dissolution of the UK itself. Scotland and the of Ireland are probably ready to break off.
I hate weeds so much.
Obviously Bran and Meera will be saved by someone/something (Benjen?) when the WWs are bearing down.
Lo and behold: http://www.albanylaw.edu/Pages/home.aspx My girlfriend went to a T14 and got the joak, thankfully.
Lefty, saw Leon Bridges on Austin City Limits and enjoyed it. He didn't wow me but I love seeing nouveau soul.
Good Lord. This is a great example of why Freddie King was so good. Clapton has the dexterity, the technique...but the soul isn't there. Freddie's tone is unreal and Clapton can't match it. Stark difference between the teacher and the student. And for the Clapton nuts who will complain...he's said more than once that he couldn't even keep up with Freddie.
I'm pretty sure no one in Washington likes Cruz. He is just an epic asshole. At least Trump is funny.
New Posts  All Forums: