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Moving anxiety. I have a few friends lined up to help, but what if they bail? Should I bite the bullet and hire movers?
90% of my mother's side of the family lives within a 100 mile radius but they get together maybe 3 or 4 times a year. Much like gome's family, it's all kumbaya until a week later when the whispered gossip resumes. "Did you hear? She forgot to send Uncle Bob a birthday card. SHE HAS NO HEART!!!" EDIT: At every family gathering my mom tries to count my beverages. To spite her I get totally sloshed and she gets all stressed out.
At work we* went from Blackberries to Androids to iPhones within about one year. People bitch and moan about their phone regardless of the model. Manton: give her my number. *I am not important enough to be issued a work phone.
That is epic.
Ok, we seriously do have the same mother. She spends her entire day gossiping on the phone with her siblings and mother. And I often get the e-mail summaries.If I don't text her back within an hour or two, I get an e-mail, and if no reply to that, a frantic series of phone calls.
We have the same mother.This morning was great. Text at 7am, "Hi honey! Good morning! Blah blah!" I didn't respond within 15 minutes so the next one is, "Is everything OK?? What's wrong?!"Everything is fine, I am getting ready for my goddamn job.
I produce duck butter.
I bought a different brand of PB recently because I didn't feel like going to the only store that carries it. Never again.
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