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I would ask if she likes it, the lamb.
I think my grandmother watched it
I'm not sure, but tires are the only other thing I can think of at this juncture. I'm going to pick up snow tires soon so I will know then if it's a tire issue.
Problem with my car that can't be diagnosed. A little over 60mph, the front end starts to vibrate. Started after getting new rotors put on. I've had the rotors re-mounted, new front wheel bearings, new control arm bushings, and two new front wheels. Guess what? Still not fixed! The vibration is less intense now but still present when you hit 65mph. Guess you can't expect much out of a Chevy.
Did anyone watch the gubernatorial debate tonight? A reminder that NY really sucks. I might write-in Daniel Patrick Moynihan on election day.
But it is illegal in the eyes of the Lord.
Same here! Except for me it's every day and every project!
Not a very nice way to refer to Cambodians...
I enjoy a cigar after munching on some pu$$y.
Happy Valley was great. Saw this classic horror film. Awesome.
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