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+1. Drink two bottles of wine and go skiing if you want to have a good time. Kids these days...
What a chump. You drop $250 on puss if your chance of slaying tang is 80/20 or greater. Dumbass.#ConnePussLord
Saw BB King tonight. What a goddamn treat. Can't imagine there is an 88 year old man out there having a better time than BB. Some asshole was going on about how he's old, talks too much, doesn't play enough, etc., after the show. Let's see you tour the USA at 88 and bring the house down with a Sweet Sixteen/How Blue Can You Get medley. Oh that's right...no can do! Happy to say I can check this off the bucketlist. The quintessential performance of "How Blue Can You Get,"...
This is absurd. http://www.governor.ny.gov/press/04172014-labor-agreement-mta-twulBest part:
I really want a motorcycle with a sidecar.
Apparently MTA workers are getting raises that will cost $110M. Say hello to service cuts.http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/mta-transit-worker-unions-close-deal-new-contract-sources-article-1.1759355
Yep, I am basically your wife. But sexier.
Getting stressed just thinking about moving.
I always say "broo-SKAY-ta" in the snootiest tone possible.
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