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Secured a ticket to see Joshua Bell perform with my local symphony on opening night.
Had an early morning discussion with one of my superiors on a workgroup I've been assigned to. Nothing else all day. Then, with 15 minutes notice, she schedules a 4:15 meeting that I have to lead.
I make my own duckbutter.
FTFY. People bury their heads in phones everywhere you go these days.
I brought Larabars for my afternoon snack at work. Delicious nutriment.
Traffic wasn't terrible until we hit the Cape. It took a good hour and a half to go the last 20 miles.
I went to Martha's Vineyard last week. Much better than Fire Island/Hamptons/Montauk.
I do not see Remy.
Cheer up old bean. We share the same predicament. Although tonight I am seeing some long lost high school friends.
It's a good name for a philosopher.
New Posts  All Forums: