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Byrne still tours and from what I hear it is incredible.
I had my first graduate school class last night. We were asked to give our name, undergrad, work experience (I was one of the few with any), and a book/song/work of art that changed the way we think about the world. One guy said Humans of New York, another said The Godfather. A woman said "Every Disney movie because they have such a positive message."
This is word that does not get enough use.
You're doing it wrong. Saying "afternoon" or "morning" requires at least one follow-up, allowing for time to be wasted. One must maximize wasting of time to be successful.
It's Friday! No one works late on Fridays!
TJ's and Whole Foods both suck. Patronize your local co-op.
What in the hell is that?
But they can't afford to replace their iPhone 4 with the 5!!!!
I'm replacing sway bar links in a couple of weeks. Wish me luck.
New Posts  All Forums: