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Quote: Originally Posted by juuceman Salvatore- Any idea when your friend Solito will return to NYC with the jacket I ordered (in your hotel room) and paid him a deposit on 18 months ago? I'm having the same issue.
does the semi-annual sale include the briefcases?
i would purchase this lens: http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/18200.htm as for the yellow images, it's probably b/c the camera's auto white balance isn't adjusting properly. you need to manually adjust it for indoor temperatures (i.e., lights).
Nice, this one looks almost like an infrared picture b/c it's so ethereal.
what do you expect? the place is filthy with douchey hipsters. Quote: Originally Posted by akaidiot Not that this really has anything to do with Freeman's clothes or food, but I used to live in 8 Rivington (same building where Freeman's Sporting Club is now, but back then it was a furniture place) and the trash can for the building was in that same alley as the restaurant. A couple of times a year they would have some private event at the restaurant...
None of these. you forgot: ultramagnetic MCs & tribe called quest.
it would be costly, but you could rent the basement out, or have a whiskey tasting down there. Quote: Originally Posted by fredfred Brandy Library discourages groups of more than 6 on weekends (see website). But the place looks great. Maybe there and then a move to Carnegie Club or somewhere for cigars?
Actually, this is my favorite of all the suit ensembles on SF. I remember seeing it a while back, but I didn't want to bother looking for it. Thanks for digging it up. Quote: Originally Posted by yfyf
I don't know about this McGwire being better than Sosa. Sosa has a higher BA, more RBIs and HRs than McGwire. Sosa actually stole bases also. Kunk, I agree with you that Blylevan should be in the Hall. I'm not sure why he isn't in there. It's not like he threw spitters or carried a nail file in his back pocket. Meanwhile, Don Sutter is in the Hall. The only knock on Blylevan is that he only won 20 games once, & his W-L % is barely over .500. However, he has a...
I attended a scotch tasting in the basement, which is preferable to the main floor, I think. It's a great place, & no annoying hipsters.
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