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Quote: Originally Posted by lefty Other axes to check out are Gränsfors. A little more rustic but well regarded. The Swedes know wood cutting. lefty that throwing axe is amazing
back on track
Rather see women do crossfit with some strength training then purely cardio.
Smaller meals has helped me.
Rather than run inside a nice hike was had in the woods.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas I found great happiness with the Lodge pre-seasoned griddle, at least when I had gas burners in the house. Just how this would be used. Seems like it might be an inefficient use of the heat and might create varying temperatures over different parts of the surface. But for french toast or possibly pancakes I am not to worried about either and this would work better than doing multiple small batches.
Any reason not to go cast iron? Would be used almost solely on weekends and holidays for breakfast. I was once an exclusively eggs, meat and potatoes breakfast person but have found a new love for french toast. Making two pieces at a time in a grill pan no longer cuts it.
A blue moon as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn Then explain why this $75 thermometer would make a "lasting impression," but for the fact that it costs $75? You think this is more accurate or gives a more instantaneous reading than a $10 meat thermometer? And even if that's the case, a 1 degree difference, or a half a second delay in temp reading would make a difference? You are delusional if you think your parents would start using this expensive thermometer...
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn So, you're saying that your parents will likely use the $75 thermometer because it costs $75? You seem to be thick in the head.
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