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Yeah, ditto above info, and just remember that it's not just about appearances (controlling creasing) but more importantly about prolonging the life of the interior of the shoes. Interior damage is damage that typically can't be fixed during recrafting or otherwise. DRZRM, I'd start treeing those indys for that very reason.
Nice, would love to see an update a few months from now in how they're breaking in. All of the pics I've seen of the Aviators are of new shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by tsaltzma #949 All weather walkers....They are a bit clunky compared to my other Aldens, because they have the plantation crepe sole, but they are very comfy. Nice find! Would love to see pics of these...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fiddy Just received my first pair of Alden boots -- these are the Aviators from Orvis. Those look terrific. Did you treat them w/something before snapping the photo, or is that how they came?
Thanks Tez and Patrick. This thread suddenly became informative again.
Nice suit, and I like the first Aquascutum. Amazing you found another Kiton. I wonder what one does these days w/a double breasted sport coat with peak lapels?
Quote: Originally Posted by mystillwater wow! nice. how is the interior? what size? They're marked size 10D but imo fit slightly larger (by 1/4 to 1/2 size). Full leather interiors are used, obviously, but in very good shape. The shell has a beautiful, deep patina. The creases up front could use some brushing to remove oil buildup that often occurs in shell (I'll brush them this weekend). The piping along the top (where the foot goes in) is...
I found these yesterday. $9
Stunning. I'm familiar with the boning technique for shell, but what does 'intended spot' mean? dimpled?
Quote: Originally Posted by randob300 The uppers on my Indy boots completely separated from the welt after a few wears in November (pictured in a previous thread). Where are these pictures?
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