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I'm thinking about getting a pair of the Turnouts in chestnut yearling because they seem super comfortable when I try them on in the store. These will be for casual wear with jeans--I'll take great care of them but won't be polishing them for mirror shine or anything. Would the screwed leather sole be inappropriate or too sleek for casual wear? Could I eventually have a regular sole put on when it came time to replace?
That's a great looking jacket that needs to be worn.
Anyone own a pair of these captoe boots in kudu leather? http://www.hstockton.com/product.asp?c=4&id=1192 I think they look great (though I would probably prefer them with a plain toe.) I just left a message at the store asking what last they are on. I'll edit this if / when I find out.
For indy's (trubalance) and any boot on the barrie last, I have to go a full size down from my true size. My foot measure 10d, and I take 9d on those lasts (in both shell and calfskin). It's really best to try these lasts on if at all possible before buying the boot. I didn't. Instead, I used the half size down rule to jump on a decent deal. When they arrived they were too big for my feet. I could wear the boots quite comfortably with heavy socks, but it's just no fun...
I can relate to the frustration felt by those looking for specific shoes in cigar or whisky. I've been longing for the alden indy's or the nst tanker boot in cigar (size 9D trubalance or barrie) for several months. I never have any luck. Sometimes I go to leathersole's website and under their "limited edition boots" section I stare at the cigar indy's, which are eternally marked "sold out". I sigh and reluctantly slip into my boring color 8's. Kidding--I love my color...
Men can start losing hair by the time they're in their late teens. It's not terribly uncommon. It would be wise to see a professional and see what might lay behind your hair change / loss. It could be early signs of balding. It could also be a symptom of some other underlying condition. Have you radically changed your diet? Are you under a lot of stress? Best not to speculate--get evaluated by a professional and find out what's what.
Those Ravello NST look so much better in the above pic than they do on Shoemart's website. I've been looking for one in cigar on the Barrie last, but I'll probably be looking for a long time.
Are those the aberdeen lasted ravellos from shoemart? Very nice...
It amazes me that people can wear their standard size in these boots. But of course everyone's feet are different. I measure a solid 10D US, and I need to go a full size down to 9D for the right fit in any of the RL shell boots. I purchased and tried to wear a 9.5D for a short time (in both RL PTB as well as the McCallum--both are shell and on the C&J 325 last) before realizing that I still had way too much room up front. Sizing down to 9 initially made me nervous, but...
That's a nice jacket and it fits you well. Let the sleeves out a bit and it'll look great.
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