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In the SF store, a sales associate told me that all their C&J's are on the 325. But I've heard conflicting info from them on the past in terms of shoe details. The Gifford's tough to eyeball. The toes look slightly narrower than the Darltons, but that may be an illusion due to the the stitching on the apron. And I found the soles seemed to match up with the 325 Darltons. Darltons? Daltons? I forget...
I believe that both the Garran and the Gifford are on the C&J 325 last, but does anyone know for certain?
Would love to see pics of the Belvest
Those George boots are super nice. Will try on a pair soon...
Quote: Originally Posted by MiniW that's awesome Gosurface, get the Alden commando soles if you can. I am eagarly waiting for the time when I have to replace the standard Indy neoprene soles. Are the commando soles a significant improvement over the standard neoprene soles on color 8 shell indy's, or is it just a matter of how you will be wearing them? I recently opted for a pair w/the commando, but it was a tough choice. I like the...
I looooovvvvvvee the Alden suede chukkas. Need to get me some.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's Liberal doses of Filson boot oil will darken them with the added benefit of thoroughly reconditioning the leather. Let them dry for a week and follow up with Sno Seal. Have fun in your newly improved waterproof boots after that. The Obenauf's leather oil did the trick. The oil took the edge off of the orange, which is all I really wanted. I can now happily wear them sans sunglasses or safety vest.
...or snipe them
I thought I would update this old thread with pics... After using Obenauf's Leather Oil (2 applications), the shoes darkened just a bit. I like the results.
Quote: Originally Posted by jr0d ive found a couple of good tees for around 5 dollars at a thrift shop pics or it didn't happen
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