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there's even a pull up strap on the back if you look closely..didn't see that the first time
Not really a fan of the lace, strap, zip combo.
Just get whichever you like best. They're both nice shoes. I personally think longwings are over-rated in terms of versatility, though, esp for young people.
Niether will stretch in the toebox. If your difficulty is in the forward 2.5-3" or so, you'd be ill-advised to hope or plan for stretch.
Based on your description they are too short. There will be no stretch lengthwise.
^thx for the infomercial
Interesting chromexcel plain toe boot on the shelf there. The leather is a lot lighter in color than the chromexcel indy pictured. Wonder what last it's on.
Yeah, they generally look like any packer style boot--Whites, Chippewa, Double H... They make the Aldens look like an elf's shoes.
....but interesting. It's amazing how much a different sole can change a boot.
This was recently posted in the SW shoes and boots thread by konadog...it's a japanese site that offers crazy re-sole options on Alden and other boots. It's worth checking out for the pics: http://hukurokuju.com/blog/alden_repair/
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