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I love those AF79 with the blind eyelets.
Quote: Originally Posted by mystillwater well... it's almost killed me a few times. pivot the wrong way on the wrong surface (marble) and you'll bite it hard. it eats up my hardwood floors too. Charming as the v-cleat might be, it's quite lethal (both to floors and to the shoe owner). Some choose to replace the heel altogether. I have a pair of the v-cleat longwings with the original heel and I don't wear them often--mostly because they're...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ahab +1 And both will be equally as beautiful. If #8 was a "rare" color I think it would be coveted and appreciated more. I agree. I love #8 both before and after it's aged. Some people do get turned off by the original eggplant color though.
Alden makes its own brown paste wax. I was always advised by Alden reps to use that on cigar, and it's always worked well.
I found some nice things at a local thrift yesterday but the prices were jacked. Very nice cream colored Lanvin sport coat with lots of hand work, but $30. Navy RL pima cotton sweater in my size and in good shape, but $15. Navy Asquatum suit, but $30 (and slacks had some fraying along one pocket edge that didn't take a repair). Nail head Norman Hilton suit with tiny mothhole on sleave, but $30. Had to say no on everything.
Quote: Originally Posted by enigma77 The pain is pretty dull, but obviously it shouldn't be happening. Any ideas as to my options? Try to exchange them. Definately don't ignore this. You could mess up your body (knee, hip, back) if you continued to wear a shoe like this.
Quote: Originally Posted by distinctive Wish I could have bought them from Tom but had to jump on these when Leffot offered. Yeah, all bets are off with the cigar gotta grab 'em when you see 'em.
Those look superb. Pics a bit blurry, though...cigar w/out storm welt?
Are there any numbers or markings on Williams boots to identify the model? It seems the only way is to try to compare the boots to photos in the Williams catalogue. This works okay with the recognizable chisel toe models but gets tricky fast with the round toe models.
Quote: Originally Posted by mystillwater epic vinyl haul. The thing is, it wasn't just some kids collection of the popular stuff, there are some rare singles and more off the beaten path LPs in this mix. it looks like some hip hop lover's girlfriend got pissed and donated his collection. sounds like you've been reading nick hornby... nice one.
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