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I must be looking at the wrong listing, but it does say Chromexcel. The following is taken from the Shoemart site (and comes up when I click the Chromexcel option after doing a search for indy): "Alden Men's Indy Boot High Top Blucher Workboot Style #: 40514H" "Heavy, 100% Cotton Duck with Leather Facings at Eyestays, Back, and Top" It doesn't mention anything about the Bootmaker's Edition. Maybe I'm just confused by the way they have the listing set up:...
I've never seen those polos before. Love 'em.
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 Got my brown chromexcel "Bootmaker's Edition" 405 in yesterday from Shoemart. I thought these were leather lined but the shoe mart site indicates they are duck (unless I'm reading it wrong).
What's the story with Al's Attire shoes and boots? Walked by the shop the other morning when they were still closed. They had some interesting looking footwear in the window. I read that he gets his leather from Horween and that the boots are handmade. Apparently they use old stock cat's paw soles. Is all Horween calf created equal? If anyone own any of Al's Attire shoes, or knows anything about them, I'd appreciate comments.
Sator's formula, as awesome as it is, should only be a starting point in terms of fit. I have a fairly wide foot up front, and the problem that I've found with RMW is that sizing up width-wise, in an effort to accomodate the front of my foot, invariably leaves my heel practically floating in space when I flex. Even the rounder toe models like the yard boot leave me struggling between a boot that is slightly too tight at the widest part of my foot (9G) and one that leaves...
The 10H will be significantly larger in both the toebox and heel. If the 10G fit well in the rear of the boot, you risk heel slippage by moving up to the H--even if the H fits your toes better. In terms of the block heel, I'm in the 'ridiculous' camp. As you say, it's subjective.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arizor My cordovan #8s after approximately a year and a half of wear. Been wearing them all day so they need a wipe down and brush. Those look amazing, esp after just 1.5 yrs. The pics are taking forever to download, though. Re-size...?
Phenom leather on those.
Would Longines have a Japanese movement?
Nice, if they fit. C&J or Alfred Sargent? They look like the 325 last...
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