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More price drops and the following shoes added: r.m. williams walkover grenson bally keith highlander florshiem imperial longwings The williams in distressed leather are at a great price now considering their condition. I've been trying to trade them for the same or similar pair that fits me, but no luck in that, so I'm regretfully selling them--at a significant loss.
Did they have commando soles and a pull tab?
Quote: Originally Posted by slide13 From what I hear if you send them back to Alden they are very good about taking care of any issues. I've always heard great things about Alden's customer service, so props in that department. I guess I just don't understand why the same types of issues keep coming up. Some loose stitching here or there is to be expected. But if the pull tabs on the jumpers and tankers break with enough consistency (for...
Quote: Originally Posted by WatchGuy The back tab on my tankers broke the second time I wore them. They don't seem to be as good of quality as my other Alden boots. Context has been great in accommodating me (offered to send them to Alden for repair or reimburse me for local repair). But, sending them back to Alden will take about a month and I would rather have Alden to it than anyone local. It sucks because I had to wait over a month to get them in...
Price drops on all shoes.
Those are awesome. The site says they only made 12 units?
^I think so, too, unless they are some kind of custom make. The tankers are sometimes on the Aberdeen...the ones from Shoe Mart for example.
Quote: Originally Posted by butterflystyle They look like something that someone who thinks they are Hemingway would wear. Hemingway? I don't get it. Was he running around Paris wearing cigar cordovan chukkas, or ugly shoes?
Florsheim's sold.
^Thanks for the input. It's pretty disappointing considering the cost of these shoes. Are the commando soles simply added to their standard leather outsole? I'm wondering if the commando's can be pulled off, leaving a functional leather sole beneath (and saving the cost of a re-sole). I obviously wouldn't do it unless they become a problem, but in the event that they do start behaving as your's are, I'll want to consider options. What about Aldens does your cobbler...
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