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I like the greasy kip yard boot in chestnut but I'm not a fan of the rubber / composite sole. Checking into a leather sole...
Totally. I would love to see them go at it on clay.
Nice, gnatty. My response to pull-up leather borders on fetish. I may need to talk to someone about that (like an Alden dealer).
The 7G RMW recommendation is consistent with your 8D foot. Sizing up in length to 7.5 while sizing down in width to F often works for people. Some opt for this adjustment in an effort to retain a good fit while achieving a sleeker look. 8G will very likely be too long and too wide for an 8D foot. That there is pretty much how it stands. I don't think you can get much more sizing info without getting your actual feet into some actual boots and seeing what works.
Ah, thx. Looks like you could dig a nice trench with those.
Looking good Arrow. How long have you had the Hickory? Those indy's look like you just wore them out of the shop.
What is a spade sole, anyway?
Kind of an interesting fact I just read... Murray, age 22, is playing his 17th Grand Slam, while Federer's first Grand Slam win occurred at age 22 in his 17th major.
(double post)
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