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Quote: Originally Posted by Ahab I am not sure why but it is very noticeable in real life as well. The cigar are a shoe and the black are boots but the boots look much thinner than the shoe. The boots fit well. All the other Plain Toe Bluchers I have seen on the Barrie last look like the cigar PTB's too. I've found the barrie last to be inconsistent in sizing from one style of shoe / boot to another.
Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer these are Comfort Craftsman, right? Definately not Craftsmen. Maybe turnout but it's tough to tell as there are lots of round toe models. Whatever they are, are you sure they are the comfort version? They have composite outsoles but is it the special comfort insoles or are they leather-lined?
It's rare and wonderful to cigar, whisky, and ravello brogues all happily cohabitating in a single collection. If pressed to make a choice between the cigar and ravello, I would go with cigar. They look so much more interesting against that contrast sole than the ravello shoes look. The lighter soles on cigar shoes just round out the look--esp. once the soles start getting a bit marred and beat up and leathery looking (I feel this way about the indy's too). It shows the...
He's simply saying they cannot be EG's because the shoes say "made in italy". made in italy = not edward green Not so important, though. They will look very nice with a good polish.
Quote: Originally Posted by ninetofivereject nope what? they are made in italy Nope because EG is made in England.
They don't look like the same last at all.
I love those AF79 with the blind eyelets.
Quote: Originally Posted by mystillwater well... it's almost killed me a few times. pivot the wrong way on the wrong surface (marble) and you'll bite it hard. it eats up my hardwood floors too. Charming as the v-cleat might be, it's quite lethal (both to floors and to the shoe owner). Some choose to replace the heel altogether. I have a pair of the v-cleat longwings with the original heel and I don't wear them often--mostly because they're...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ahab +1 And both will be equally as beautiful. If #8 was a "rare" color I think it would be coveted and appreciated more. I agree. I love #8 both before and after it's aged. Some people do get turned off by the original eggplant color though.
Alden makes its own brown paste wax. I was always advised by Alden reps to use that on cigar, and it's always worked well.
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