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I love the Giffords in brown shell. I tried them on in the SF RL store a while back and they look much better on the feet (the shots posted above aren't very flattering). They're not as versatile as the McCallum's, which can be dressed up or down, but they're a great, tough casual boot. They look terrific with indigo jeans. $1000 is ridiculous, but $500 seems reasonable to me. I would have bought them and worn them happily if I'd had the dough.
Well, after giving them a good try, I'm reluctantly giving up on my distressed leather comfort craftsman in 9G (I posted pics above.) If anyone is interested in a trade, check out my posting in the official trading thread. (Basically looking to trade these 9G's for another 9G that isn't a "comfort craftsman". For example, chestnut or distressed leather turnout or regular craftsman in 9G.) These are great boots; I'll miss them.
Bummer, but thanks. My foot measure 10D. I can comfortably size down to 9.5 on some shoes, like the C&J 325 last, but it doesn't sound like that's the case here. Still, nice boots!
Anyone know what last the Peal boots are on? Do they fit true to size, or is it best to size down?
Alden Cigar Chukkas for trade - used I have a beautiful pair of 9.5 B/D cigar chukkas on the Barrie last that are 1/2 size too big for me. I've worn them regularly for 6 months (rotated them with other shoes, always kept them with trees) and I'd like to trade for another used Alden shell boot that fits me better. My proper size would be 9D (possibly E, but D preferred) on either the Barrie or Trubalance last. I prefer to trade cigar for cigar but will consider color 8,...
Nice looking shoes at a great price.
...these pics capture the scuffing (or streaking) a little better. They aren't permanent marks. If I rub them a while with my finger (or brush them) they'll disappear.
The photos don't pick up the color very well. They're basically a combination of dark gray and brown. I believe Williams has a color in suede called 'silt', which is what these look like to me. These aren't suede, but they do have a fine nap that shows more gray or more brown depending on how it's rubbed. This leads to a kind of streaking, textured look. So far I've found it to be a much better casual boot than my yearling Williams, which I think look too dressy /...
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty I didn't have mine for long but they seemed almost impervious to age. The colour was a little dead and it was tough to work a deeper patina into them. If I were to buy the boots again I would beat the shit out of them before they touched my feet. Maybe bury them in the yard for a week or so. lefty Lefty, thanks for that. I got this comfort craftsman in 'distressed leather' instead. I'm not sure yet...
Whoever says peacoats aren't warm has never worn a decent peacoat. They're crazy warm!
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