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to start with, avoid salt
Thanks for the info, otc. I did notice there was a massive schwinn forum w/insane amounts of info about everything...schwinn. I realized a heavy used schwinn wasn't a steal at $35, but finding one that's essentially road-ready with a great paint job is worth much $$ to me in saved time and fix up. I'm neither equipped nor interested in a project bike. Plus, it isn't easy anymore to find these with intact paint jobs that aren't pitted--esp. the campus green. I'll get...
Nice to find Coltrane on vinyl.
I think Henin has a good chance. Their both tough as nails--should be a great match.
Ha, ha, nope. Fingers crossed that the final shoes some better competition. Would like to see Murray come on with his big game and pull the UK out of its (what, 70 yr?) grand slam rut.
...the Zegna suit decorated with spooge was a bust... ...but I found this Schwinn at a thrift for $35. I was able to determine from the serial number that it was manufactured in August '71. Original paint job with only a few scratches (where someone mounted the water bottle holder, mostly). Original leather seat, original rims (which are heavy as hell), handlebars original (I think) but with some nasty foam padding that will need to be removed and then taped. One of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh The code "Janelle" will take 10% off at Sherman Brothers bringing the black cordovan ones down to $514. There's also the black pebble grain Black Fleece ones for $550. You can go to bordersrewardsperks.com and sign up for the Brooks Bros corporate discount card which will take 15% off. Thanks for that great info. ...and I thought my 500th post belonged here (since I've been on a dogged mission this...
Quote: Originally Posted by HEWSINATOR For whatever reason, I got a huge stain and raised and white outline on my heal of a pair of my Red Wings (lifestyle). I can not figure out where it is coming from. Anyhow, ideas on how to treat? In the picture, that looks more like a complete breaking down of the leather into a dime-size hole. I hope that's not the case in real life. I wish I could offer some good advice. Hopefully others have ideas to...
Just grab some old black Florsheim gunboats (aka lawyer's shoes) and call it a day.
I wish I could be wasted for this one as well, but I have to be up and alert early tomorrow It's going to be a sober, squint eyed viewing into the wee morning hours, just me and Fed and Tsonga.
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