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Quote: Originally Posted by mystillwater epic vinyl haul. The thing is, it wasn't just some kids collection of the popular stuff, there are some rare singles and more off the beaten path LPs in this mix. it looks like some hip hop lover's girlfriend got pissed and donated his collection. sounds like you've been reading nick hornby... nice one.
double post
Quote: Originally Posted by jasonfoote303 Leffot. Tell them I sent you Leffot calls their cigar boots the 'J.C. indy boot' but they are no longer taking orders for it (according to the site).
Has anyone noticed that all cigar indy boots are storm welted while the color 8's seem to omit the storm welt? I wonder why that is... Maybe there are some color 8 indy releases that do have a storm welt. But I haven't seen it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dexter_ Anyone pulled the trigger on the cordovan indy from J Gilbert? They look pretty nice! They're very nice. I had them for a few months but sized them wrong, so I had to get rid of them.
Good one. Those Aldens look very nice.
Just brush them occasionally with a horsehair brush. You may want to keep some alden's wax paste (in color 8) on hand for spot polishing scratches and such. But use sparingly.
Yeah, ditto above info, and just remember that it's not just about appearances (controlling creasing) but more importantly about prolonging the life of the interior of the shoes. Interior damage is damage that typically can't be fixed during recrafting or otherwise. DRZRM, I'd start treeing those indys for that very reason.
Nice, would love to see an update a few months from now in how they're breaking in. All of the pics I've seen of the Aviators are of new shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by tsaltzma #949 All weather walkers....They are a bit clunky compared to my other Aldens, because they have the plantation crepe sole, but they are very comfy. Nice find! Would love to see pics of these...
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