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Yeah, 12:30am PST I was finally able to get on the AO site. If Tsonga's on his game it should be a fun one
Both would appear to be keepers, assuming they fit
Anyone know what time (PST) the Fed v. Tsonga match starts tonight? I plan to watch from san fran on ESPN 360 Live...
Thanks, I'm tempted to get a pair of his plain toe boots in calf. They look really nice, and would be different from the usual suspects I have on hand. II'll definately post here if I pull the trigger...
Yeah, I frequent the Alden thread, but there's only two pairs of Roys posted, and one doesn't have good pics. Those burnished green shoes are interesting.
I had the same experience with a beautiful zegna suit last week, except it fit me well. I'm quietly pumped about it, congratulating myself. Then as I leave the dressing room I notice what looks like a large, smeared cum stain on right sleeve cuff. Return suit to hanger. Scrub hands in bathroom. Go back for more. (actually, I pondered a few seconds whether the stain could be worked out)
Newcastle, you can always make a short relevant comment on any thread to satisfy your post minimum, and then go ahead and pm. Just a thought (if you want to keep your negotiations private).
Wow, 67 pages of streetwear shoes and boots and not a single Roy Boot? I'm surprised. I have a pair on order and will post some pics when they come.
Cheers, all (I thought something was amiss) They're spectacular boots.
I must be looking at the wrong listing, but it does say Chromexcel. The following is taken from the Shoemart site (and comes up when I click the Chromexcel option after doing a search for indy): "Alden Men's Indy Boot High Top Blucher Workboot Style #: 40514H" "Heavy, 100% Cotton Duck with Leather Facings at Eyestays, Back, and Top" It doesn't mention anything about the Bootmaker's Edition. Maybe I'm just confused by the way they have the listing set up:...
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