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Looking good Arrow. How long have you had the Hickory? Those indy's look like you just wore them out of the shop.
What is a spade sole, anyway?
Kind of an interesting fact I just read... Murray, age 22, is playing his 17th Grand Slam, while Federer's first Grand Slam win occurred at age 22 in his 17th major.
(double post)
Nice twist on a classic.
The safe money is obviously on Fed. I can picture scenarios where Murray wins. If Fed gets one of his notoriously slow starts and Murray comes out hungry and swinging (based on previous big game performances this is a good sized If) then Fed can get into early trouble. Fed of course specializes in getting out of early trouble and turning big matches around, esp 5-setters. Murray needs to expect and weather the ups and downs, like Del Potro in NY, rather than caving at...
It's probably possible but it might look strange. Wouldn't a storm welt on such a fine edge protrude a bit, creating a small but unsightly lip (and defeating any aestheric advantage to having brass screwed soles to begin with?)
to start with, avoid salt
Thanks for the info, otc. I did notice there was a massive schwinn forum w/insane amounts of info about everything...schwinn. I realized a heavy used schwinn wasn't a steal at $35, but finding one that's essentially road-ready with a great paint job is worth much $$ to me in saved time and fix up. I'm neither equipped nor interested in a project bike. Plus, it isn't easy anymore to find these with intact paint jobs that aren't pitted--esp. the campus green. I'll get...
Nice to find Coltrane on vinyl.
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