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Based on your description they are too short. There will be no stretch lengthwise.
^thx for the infomercial
Interesting chromexcel plain toe boot on the shelf there. The leather is a lot lighter in color than the chromexcel indy pictured. Wonder what last it's on.
Yeah, they generally look like any packer style boot--Whites, Chippewa, Double H... They make the Aldens look like an elf's shoes.
....but interesting. It's amazing how much a different sole can change a boot.
This was recently posted in the SW shoes and boots thread by konadog...it's a japanese site that offers crazy re-sole options on Alden and other boots. It's worth checking out for the pics: http://hukurokuju.com/blog/alden_repair/
I seem to see Cerruti suits quite often.
It's pretty safe to assume Fed will continue winning about 2 majors a year with the other top 5 or 6 players picking a major off him now and then. But as you say, it's getting hard to imagine any one player stepping forward from the pack and challenging him with any consistency, let alone establishing anything that could be called a good rivalry. Nadal's young but his injuries are worrisome. He may never come back with the game he once had.
Murray's in desperate straights in the 2nd set. Hope he can do something to turn this around and make it a match.
I would be on these in a heartbeat if they fit. Nice style, color.
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