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I found these yesterday. $9
Stunning. I'm familiar with the boning technique for shell, but what does 'intended spot' mean? dimpled?
Quote: Originally Posted by randob300 The uppers on my Indy boots completely separated from the welt after a few wears in November (pictured in a previous thread). Where are these pictures?
Quote: Originally Posted by jpm77 The J. Crew's are actually stitched differently around the top, and heel. It's fairly subtle, but IMO, it takes a little something away from the clean lines of the 40x/Shoemart/LSH offerings. Thx for the useful side x side. The difference in stitching is actually pretty pronounced. I much prefer the stitching on the 40x, which seems somehow...faster.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Thats what I was asking earlier, because I know there are Alden Chromexel and then there are Alden x JCrew Chromexel and was wondering if gnatty's is from JCrew or just the regular Alden. Also does anyone know if there are any difference? I know the JCrew version has leather lining, not sure about the regular Chromexel Alden since my original 405 isn't leather lined. I put this question to a SA in the Alden...
Quote: Originally Posted by fxh Seeing Prime Minister Rudd in them a with a suit a few years back re-enforced that that wearing them with a suit was dorky. Amen. They look terrible when paired with a suit, imo. The shape and leather quality make them seem okay--as long as you remain standing and you can't see the tops of the boots. These pics show how loony they look as soon as you sit down and expose the elastic and, worse, the pull tabs...
I think you open yourself up to ridicule if you dress the way he does in the above pics while writing books about clothing and style. It's like a mechanic driving a noisy jalopy with a crooked fender and the muffler dragging on the ground.
I'd never seen flusser before this thread, and now I can't stop laughing...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ahab I agree. With all of the great choices out there I would be looking to drop $425 elsewhere. I think my Darlton Wingtips cost less. For a boot on of the chromexcel Indys or Roy boot should be better. The brown calf on that boot looks much better in person. The Roy Boot with the pull up leather would be a nicer boot and of better value, imo, but some don't like the eyelets or the wide Barrie last. I like both...
That does look like a good, simple boot. The leydon looks a bit sleeker than the barrie if thats what you're after. And the dark brown calf is v. nice...I saw this color for the first time at the Alden Shop yesterday and I was impressed.
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