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Found a Brioni sportcoat in a light brown herringbone tweed. It's beautiful and in perfect condition -- never knew tweed could look so sharp. It's a 36, and I typically take a 38, so the shoulders fit great but it may be hair tight in the chest (even if I have the back seam let out). I'll see what my tailor says.
drop to $195
Price drop to $215
Iron Heart 634S in indigo Never soaked or washed. Worn for approx. 60 days in city, not hard (no biking, boarding, etc) SOLD BIG measurements: waist: 32" (exactly) inseam: 30" (exactly, or maybe an eighth if an inch longer) upper thigh: 11.5" knee: 8.75" leg opening (hem): 8.25" I bought these last summer when I was in marathon shape. Due to an injury, I'm no longer in that kind of shape and probably never will be again. So I need to sell these and size up to...
Quote: Originally Posted by rick winn perry wants half, and yes full price for the roy boot. That's right, $445 "non-refundable" bones for the roy. I think they may give the refund anyway--hard to imagine them having any difficulty selling these, esp. since it's their last order. Context has mentioned in the past that they wish they could keep some on their shelves. But who knows.
Drop to $299 Conus If nobody's interested they'll go to Ebay tonight. I'll post the link here but won't bump again--will just edit the listing above.
Thinking about trying to cancel my Roy Boot order. I paid for them in December and they're not due 'til June. Not their fault--I called in Feb. and changed my size after trying the Barrie last in a store, which of course set my order back. But it sucks having the funds tied up with nothing to show for it. Fine for a cigar indy, maybe, but not sure it's worth it for these Roy Boots.
Quote: Originally Posted by Temujin Todays spoil all at the same store, note the prices: Florsheim Imperial Black wing tip oxford, not vintage--12.99 Florsheim Imperial brown loafer--5.99 Cole Haan City black loafer--12.99 Nocona black lizard skin boots sz 6.5--5.99 Allen Edmonds (schwing!) black Grayson loafers, sz 10.5--5.99 I am so glad they don't know their brands! Nice one on the lizard skin boots. Not sure about the others, esp. if...
Quote: Originally Posted by King Leer got em!! so comfy already wow! post some pics of those bad boys
These fit tts?
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