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Phenom leather on those.
Would Longines have a Japanese movement?
Nice, if they fit. C&J or Alfred Sargent? They look like the 325 last...
Agreed. Do yourself a favor and assume that you don't take the same size in the cc as the regular craftsman. If it turns out you do, then you do (some people do, and most of the SA for RM Williams will tell you that the size should be the same.) But the cc definately has less room in the toebox. A few months ago I had bruised toes to prove it.
Quote: Originally Posted by sellran Several people have asked to see the Roy boots after some normal wear. Here are mine, worn about twice a week since last fall. Thanks for the roy pics. They look nice. With the saddle dressing treatment they almost look like kudu leather, at least in the pics. Quite a bit darker with less red peaking through than other roys I've seen. Granted, I haven't seen many.
Quote: Originally Posted by Razele Crepe sole = the new graphic t 'cause they're comfy like a t
Others should chime in, but I would reconsider wearing a thick merino wool sock with the yearling craftsman. The yard boot, maybe, but... If you go with the thick wool sock then, yeah, you'll most likely need to size up by 1/2 size. On a different note, anyone have pics of an aged boot in the greasy kip? I saw a really nice looking boot on an old man in rainy san fran the other day. I'm pretty sure it was a williams boot but hard to tell as I couldn't see the ankle...
Depends on how thick the sock is. You don't want too much room or your heel will slip. I have a 10D foot and take 9G in the Turnout (craftsmen is too tight in the toebox for my foot). These are guidelines though, and it's best to try going in for a fit.
7G is probably a good place to start
Looks like a really nice fit. Good find.
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