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Those are awesome. The site says they only made 12 units?
^I think so, too, unless they are some kind of custom make. The tankers are sometimes on the Aberdeen...the ones from Shoe Mart for example.
Quote: Originally Posted by butterflystyle They look like something that someone who thinks they are Hemingway would wear. Hemingway? I don't get it. Was he running around Paris wearing cigar cordovan chukkas, or ugly shoes?
Florsheim's sold.
^Thanks for the input. It's pretty disappointing considering the cost of these shoes. Are the commando soles simply added to their standard leather outsole? I'm wondering if the commando's can be pulled off, leaving a functional leather sole beneath (and saving the cost of a re-sole). I obviously wouldn't do it unless they become a problem, but in the event that they do start behaving as your's are, I'll want to consider options. What about Aldens does your cobbler...
Nice line-up. How old are the cigars? Would love to see some close ups of those. .
Massive (and continuing) clearing of shoe closet that I started in June. This is part 2 of my June thread--I still have so many shoes I can't turn around in my room. All these shoes are in the size range of 9.5 - 10 (with the exception of the Aristocrafts.) All prices are shipped CONUS, will ship elsewhere at cost (I don't charge handling). I have about 12 pairs total that I want to sell and will be adding more shoes as time allows... Scroll down for pics. *Jackets...
Quote: Originally Posted by idfnl scroll down Found it, and my vote is in. They were all pretty impressive.
thx, idfnl. ..but are there pics of the items? I only see the list.
Quote: Originally Posted by mike540 I'm a little late to the game but I nominate the Lobb's as the best find ever. [/IMG] Are there prizes!? I'm late to the voting too. I don't have anything to compete with, but I'd like to vote. Where do we see the items under consideration? (I'd like to check out the Lobbs)
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