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Price drop to $315 CONUS.
Quote: Originally Posted by Trapp Fit pics of my thrifted New Standards. I included a pic of the hem (as they came). What's up with the hem is that they are thrifted. People hem like that sometimes, though I never would (esp when there's no chainstitching to preserve). Could be why they were abandoned, though it doesn't seem to make much difference unless you wanted to cuff.
A sport coat made for Kevin McHale? That's a crazy find! There are probably Celtics fans who would be really into it.
Fit pics of my thrifted New Standards. Apologies for the ugly background..this is on my porch. They appear to have been soaked once. I included a pic of the hem (as they came). These are size 30. Will these stretch for a decent fit? They are pretty painted on at the moment, and the fly buttons are tugging apart a little bit.
I love the patina on those Olympic Boots. I don't think I've ever seen a tan williams boot that I liked so much. The leather looks so nice--I wonder if this is in part because the boots are a decade old, when RM Williams used better leathers. My local RM Williams dealer has admitted that RMW switched to a lower grade leathers in recent years, and that you can easily tell the difference if you compare a newer boot to their older boots. Needless to say, I was bummed to hear...
Dingo, Thanks for the useful information and opinions. xBearx, I hope the moderator bounces your ass. This is the second post I've seen your spam in and I'm guessing it's all over the forum at this point.
Quote: Originally Posted by xbearx Lacoste Polos $20 Ralph Lauren Polos $20 New With Tags. Go away. or move this to the buying and selling forum where it belongs.
Quote: Originally Posted by racknac just go my Alden Indys from Jcrew. Should I be coating these with something before I start wearing them to protect them? If so, what should i use? I would just start wearing them. The pull-up leather is meant to be worn hard. After a while (several wearings) you should probably polish with a cream (Meltonian or Saphire, for example).
Quote: Originally Posted by ConcernedParent They will probably fit you better when your out of shape.... you know, vanity sizing and all. Actually, I take 30 or 31 already accounting for APC sizing...Some on here would probably size me in a 30 new standard right now, with fat and all, but I typically prefer just a slightly looser fit up top. Maybe I'll post fit pics later for opinions.
cross post from thrift store bragging thread... Today, a rare denim find: APC New Standards in size 30 that appear to have been soaked only once and worn none at all...for $12 and change. I take 30 when I'm in shape and a 31 when I'm not (right now I'm not) so I will probably wear these when I drop my winter fat, or (if I stay fat) I may try to trade them.
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