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I think you open yourself up to ridicule if you dress the way he does in the above pics while writing books about clothing and style. It's like a mechanic driving a noisy jalopy with a crooked fender and the muffler dragging on the ground.
I'd never seen flusser before this thread, and now I can't stop laughing...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ahab I agree. With all of the great choices out there I would be looking to drop $425 elsewhere. I think my Darlton Wingtips cost less. For a boot on of the chromexcel Indys or Roy boot should be better. The brown calf on that boot looks much better in person. The Roy Boot with the pull up leather would be a nicer boot and of better value, imo, but some don't like the eyelets or the wide Barrie last. I like both...
That does look like a good, simple boot. The leydon looks a bit sleeker than the barrie if thats what you're after. And the dark brown calf is v. nice...I saw this color for the first time at the Alden Shop yesterday and I was impressed.
Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer if that is actually true, then a 7 in RM Craftsman should be fine, probably in G. if it's too short then you must be off on your PA sizing It might also be the case that the craftsman chisel toe simply doesn't fit his foot well (in any size). For some (including me), no combination of length / width can make a craftsman fit my foot. If that's the case, he may need to steer toward a rounder toe like...
Of course new alden shell shoes will cost significantly more than the cost of restoration. The OP has thrifted a nice pair of used Aldens in the wrong size. I'm suggesting he sell them and put that money toward a nice pair of used Aldens in the correct size. Essentially an exchange, which may save him the cost of restoration and relasting. #8 shell is not rare and he could probably find a pair on ebay if he's patient.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bully Bonkers Yes, London shirts are made in Italy. Sorry, I should be more clear. This is a well made jacket. It's fully canvassed, hand-picking throughout lapel, hem, pockets. Interior label says Paul Smith London, then "Made in Italy" near the collar. I'm impressed with the quality, which is why I wonder what (if anything) is different / superior about their mainline. I can post pics later if that helps the...
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy ^ the mainline is of better quality and is more expensive than the london line. I believe mainline's made in italy and london's in romania. I have a London that's made in Italy.
I like the cigars...so much luster.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sartrolliast I bought some AE's at Goodwill for a great price. Can they be made into Aldens? Of course. Just send them in to be re-lasted. Trick them out in cigar shell with a norwegian split toe, as long as they are there.
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