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Thanks, that's very informative.
Quote: Originally Posted by skeen7908 The turnout last is a lot narrower than the craftsman This hasn't been my experience at all. And G is wider that H? For real?
Holy cow, I just went to the SF Alden shop wearing my 9D shell indys (which seem just a little snug to me) and the SA now has my size pegged at 9EE for both trubalance and barrie. My head is spinning. It was toward the end of the day but I don't think my feet swell that much. FYI, the SF shop is now stocking the regular indys with full leather lining. Chromexcel's still haven't arrived. They're telling people March / April but he said they don't know for certain
Does the dress fit? If not, I might be interested.
It's not a bad idea, I may try it.
Oh yeah, thanks Tom. I meant 8.5EE (correction made)
Quote: Originally Posted by erbs Does anyone know if the cordovan PTBs will loosen up a bit in the toe area? The 10D fits perfectly in the heel but the toe is a bit snug. FWIW, I'm dealing with a similar problem with a pair of shell indys in 9D. Everything feels great except for some light but persistant rubbing on the edge of my small outer toe. After about 20 wears, it still hasn't gone away. I've been told that a 9E would probably be...
Speaking of Context, who has some Roy Boots? I'd like to hear more about them. I wonder how they compare in looks and durability to the chromexcel indys.
I didn't realize the forum special was the Turnout--my favorite Williams boot (which I'm still looking to buy in a 9G)!
DrZRM, I like the way your ultimate indy's have broken in. Have any more pics of them, closer up? I don't often see pics of these after they've been well-used.
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