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I've seen the context models wearing them w/their Wings & Horns gear and they look nice. But the context site isn't 'the wild' and we're not getting the details and close-up's and, well, first person analysis that can be found for many other shoes on this site. Looking forward to your pics when the boots arrive. Quote: Originally Posted by rolling green will throw up pics as soon as mine arrive. Been waiting for ages for the 2nd drop. If you...
Good pictures of the Roy Boot have proven to be impossible to find in the wild. They're like Bigfoot--the few pics that have emerged are grainy and nondescript. I'm still not convinced they exist. Happy hunting. Quote: Originally Posted by cicero79 Been hunting around for any pictures of the Roy Boots.
Quote: Originally Posted by nehpets99 Considering I paid $1.05, I wouldn't call it a devastating financial loss. A learning experience sure. Just means I have to go 1 day without a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, haha. Yeah, it's no big financial loss. As you say, it's a learning experience. You might consider just donating it back. The amount you get off ebay will hardly make it worth the time and effort to post your auction, then package and...
Passed on a nice Belvest suit today because it was double-breasted. Admired the craftsmanship for a while, though. Also found a number of Oxxford blazers but they were all gray (don't find grey blazers all that useful) and 2 of the 4 had no vents.
Quote: Originally Posted by enigma77 Any chance you could post close-up pics that I could show to a cobbler? That's probably a good idea ^
Whoa...."Aniline pull-up" and "Chrome Excel" are different leathers? I thought they were the same, but Shoe Mart has them listed as separate options.
Quote: Originally Posted by Trapp drop to $195 Drop to $175!
A lot of truth there, and I'm sure we all have stories like that. A recent example from my own life: with the frequent rain in northern Cal. this spring, I've received far more positive notice and comment on a pair of thrifted molded rubber LL Bean hunter's boots than on any of my other shoes--be they C&J's, Aldens, EG's, what have you.
Can't edit original posting, but $20 price drops on all jackets: dunhill now $90 paul stuart now $100 brioni now $60 ..Both pairs of RM Williams boots and the Peals have sold.... Drops on all unsold shoes: Keith Highlander grenadiers now $50 Walkovers now $30 Bally's loafers $45 Grensons now $30 Florshiem blk pebbles now $25
Quote: Originally Posted by Seafinch You won't get a refund. Just exchange or store credit Ah, well. I'll wait it out. I'll probably be happy that i did when they arrive.
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