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Whoa...."Aniline pull-up" and "Chrome Excel" are different leathers? I thought they were the same, but Shoe Mart has them listed as separate options.
Quote: Originally Posted by Trapp drop to $195 Drop to $175!
A lot of truth there, and I'm sure we all have stories like that. A recent example from my own life: with the frequent rain in northern Cal. this spring, I've received far more positive notice and comment on a pair of thrifted molded rubber LL Bean hunter's boots than on any of my other shoes--be they C&J's, Aldens, EG's, what have you.
Can't edit original posting, but $20 price drops on all jackets: dunhill now $90 paul stuart now $100 brioni now $60 ..Both pairs of RM Williams boots and the Peals have sold.... Drops on all unsold shoes: Keith Highlander grenadiers now $50 Walkovers now $30 Bally's loafers $45 Grensons now $30 Florshiem blk pebbles now $25
Quote: Originally Posted by Seafinch You won't get a refund. Just exchange or store credit Ah, well. I'll wait it out. I'll probably be happy that i did when they arrive.
Found a Brioni sportcoat in a light brown herringbone tweed. It's beautiful and in perfect condition -- never knew tweed could look so sharp. It's a 36, and I typically take a 38, so the shoulders fit great but it may be hair tight in the chest (even if I have the back seam let out). I'll see what my tailor says.
drop to $195
Price drop to $215
Iron Heart 634S in indigo Never soaked or washed. Worn for approx. 60 days in city, not hard (no biking, boarding, etc) SOLD BIG measurements: waist: 32" (exactly) inseam: 30" (exactly, or maybe an eighth if an inch longer) upper thigh: 11.5" knee: 8.75" leg opening (hem): 8.25" I bought these last summer when I was in marathon shape. Due to an injury, I'm no longer in that kind of shape and probably never will be again. So I need to sell these and size up to...
Quote: Originally Posted by rick winn perry wants half, and yes full price for the roy boot. That's right, $445 "non-refundable" bones for the roy. I think they may give the refund anyway--hard to imagine them having any difficulty selling these, esp. since it's their last order. Context has mentioned in the past that they wish they could keep some on their shelves. But who knows.
New Posts  All Forums: