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If anyone wants a pair of the Giffords in 9.5D then pm me. After wearing them 10-12 times I realize I don't need them. I received some shell indys as a christmas gift and they suit me better.
MKB's chukkas aren't shell (creases) but Bostonian did make shell shoes back in the day--and nice ones at that. I have a pair of their wingtips in shell.
Just want to respectfully disagree with those who think the shell indy boots are too dressy for raw denim. The styling of the boot is casual from top to bottom, esp. with a commando sole. The shell only seems dressy when the boots are new or well polished. A few pics can be found on SF and elsewhere that show how well they can look with denim.
I'm sure additional pics would help.
Framus, if there is a fit issue with your boots, it may be in the width rather than the length. There does seem to be more leather up front than your foot needs, but it's tough to tell from one pic. You would have to try on some narrower widths to confirm. This happened to me a while ago with their cigar chukka--too big, a few more ripples than usual. Sizing down solved the issue (Anyone need a used 9.5D cigar chukka?) Watchguy, aren't all the Alden's made from...
Price drop on all shoes
Those "little tanks" look quite similar to Leathersoul's snuff flex boot. The stitching is slightly varied and the soles are different. I love both of them.
i wouldn't mind seeing the dan posts
Quote: Originally Posted by UnFacconable The only thing I don't like about these is the half insole which tends to peel up on the inside, although I suppose I could have a cobbler glue them back down. I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned sooner. In the S.F. store they literally could not find a pair whose insole didn't peel up on the corners as you withdrew your foot. I never had a problem with this in their Dalton or McCallum makes. Here...
I probably won't ever buy a black indy but those black and tans look very nice. I just caved in and ordered the Roy boot from Context. I went back and forth for a while and had a hard time getting anyone who owns the boot to post their pics. WTF? I wanted to see how they wear with normal wear--not just the infamous 'beaten to hell for 30 days straight' pics that always come up on internet searches. It's hard to lay down cash knowing I won't see these boots until May,...
New Posts  All Forums: