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Nice. Didn't realize it was that easy.
I'm considering the slim boot cuts in indigo but don't want the pocket stitching. Am I correct in assuming it's a straightforward removal with a seam-ripper and an hour or two of patience?
Quote: Originally Posted by bettysmile thank you for sharing.i'm new here,great to be one of the community. bettysmile, welcome. swansong, where do you get tweed moth holes repaired, and approx. how much does it cost? I have a single small moth hole on the arm of a nice tweed jacket. I'd like to repair it if reasonable.
Quote: Originally Posted by Openzedoor Surely bumping is OK in the FS section? Isn't that what it's for? If you want to read or comment on something of substance, find another part of the forum.
Quote: Originally Posted by robertorex that's just what happens when you do business here... err... some scholarly description for the effect of groups of people in a public forum. Items that are good deals will get praise and encouragement, and items that are bad deals will get shot/shat down by the crowd. I mean if you have a problem then you can sell on craigslist or on ebay, but to me this is just a feature of this system that we all have to live...
Quote: Originally Posted by canstyleace I agree that something needs to be done about this, the B&S is already getting super crowded compared to just a year ago, next thing you know it'll start looking like the sufu b&s whicc is a pain in the ass to browse over, and what happends when you report a post anyway? On the other hand, and I don't see people complaining as much about this, I was browsing SW's B&S yesterday and saw a sales thread...
I love those pics of SLAB's jumpers. They do for the jumpers what amlai's pics do for shell indys in cigar and color 8.
Most people love the indy's, but they're definately not for everyone. It's okay not to like them. I don't own the 1000 mile, but from pics I've seen it looks amazing when still quite new. That pic by phoenix looks great, and I saw a pair in the wild yesterday with 6 weeks of wear that looked truly incredible. But unlike other boots I'm not sure I like them as much when the toe starts breaking in and losing its structure. It looks like there is more leather up front...
That's why I asked too. Like jumpers, dislike pull-tabs.
Did you remove the rear pull tab from those jumpers, or did they come w/o?
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