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Of course new alden shell shoes will cost significantly more than the cost of restoration. The OP has thrifted a nice pair of used Aldens in the wrong size. I'm suggesting he sell them and put that money toward a nice pair of used Aldens in the correct size. Essentially an exchange, which may save him the cost of restoration and relasting. #8 shell is not rare and he could probably find a pair on ebay if he's patient.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bully Bonkers Yes, London shirts are made in Italy. Sorry, I should be more clear. This is a well made jacket. It's fully canvassed, hand-picking throughout lapel, hem, pockets. Interior label says Paul Smith London, then "Made in Italy" near the collar. I'm impressed with the quality, which is why I wonder what (if anything) is different / superior about their mainline. I can post pics later if that helps the...
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy ^ the mainline is of better quality and is more expensive than the london line. I believe mainline's made in italy and london's in romania. I have a London that's made in Italy.
I like the cigars...so much luster.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sartrolliast I bought some AE's at Goodwill for a great price. Can they be made into Aldens? Of course. Just send them in to be re-lasted. Trick them out in cigar shell with a norwegian split toe, as long as they are there.
Those look really nice. I'm no expert on exotic skins, but judging by the uniformity of the scale pattern, I would think they are either authentic skins of very high quality or they are faux croc (or gator) skin.
Quote: Originally Posted by jerrybrowne Well according to the person I spoke to at Alden, switching from a plantation sole to a different sole is not an issue. The reverse isn't true - for some reason only certain shoes can take the plantation sole. Thanks, that's excellent news.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tangfastic Any more info on the 'Paul Smith Collection' line? Are Paul Smith London suits and jackets nicer in quality than mainline? I've never seen any mainline stuff and I'm curious about the PS heirarchy.
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay Can they replace a plantation crepe with a double leather sole? My crepe sole longwings are very comfortable, but not the prettiest shoes I own. I'm thinking of replacing the sole with double leather when I wear the crepe down. I'm curious about that question as well. As to the OP, I'm not sure it would be worth the cost to have those recrafted and relasted, after the $145 fee plus shipping. Seems you...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ahab I hate to say it but Whiskey is becoming my least favorite color of Cordovan....I still have to give the nod to Cigar and #8 as my faves but Ravello would be a very nice addition. I'm with you there. The longwing is just about the only shoe I can look at in whiskey. Others shoes (the indy and esp. the chukka) look plain bad to me in that color. Cigar is just amazing start to finish. I like #8 after it...
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