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Roy Boot or Wolverine 1000 mile? Both Alden/Context Roy and the 1000 mile are plain toe boots in horween chromexcel. Different soles (Roy Boot has the crepe sole) and toe shapes. Anyone have experience with both? Which is the better boot? It would be great to see a side by side of these two.
Anyone know of a source for Red Wing GT's in San Francisco (or anywhere in northern cal)? Looking for a place to try on.
Quote: Originally Posted by blantonator one more quick question before I commit... I really like the look of the broken-in toe like in the picture below. Will the GT's break-in like this? I haven't been able to find any picture of a well worn pair. Sorry to revive an old thread, but I can't tell from the original posting-- --are these black boots the white's SDs?
Those longwings might be the nicest longwing I've ever seen. I love the whole configuration.
Bump. Vintage walkovers are excellent, lesser known shoes. I own a pair of vintage suede brogues by Walkover and they're terrific.
Nice find on the aldens, esp. the hand stitched NST's
Those FC's are incredible. Love the sugar canes too
Quote: Originally Posted by taco Loose white theads around the button holes is normal. It is just frayed edges from where the button holes were cut in the denim. You can trim it off if it bothers you. Thanks, but it's not the button holes I'm talking about. It's the side of the fly where the buttons are sewn on.
I also wondered if they were Roys, but these have eyelets all the way up (Roys don't) Quote: Originally Posted by SLAB are those the Roy boots?
Quote: Originally Posted by Trapp The fabric on the button fly on my indigo NS's is pulling apart at about 1/8" from the points where each button is sewn into the fabric. This is true of every button except the top-most button on the waistband. It's not yet tearing but i would say it's pretty close (i can see the white threads). I've worn these for less than two weeks and although still on the tight side they fit quite well and I would not want to size...
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