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Iron Heart denim model 1634s 21 oz. denim, black (will gradually fade to gray) Made in Japan tag waist size: 33 (they fit more like a 34) Inseam: hemmed with chainstitch to 30.25" Iron Heart 1634s Free Bee jeans with rare old arcuates. The red rear pocket tab has been mostly removed; there is some red remaining. The jeans have been gently worn (less than a week), in excellent condition with no fades. These run large and fit much more like a 34 in my opinion. Never...
I like those too - they tweaked my neck.
That boot is amazing!
Exactly. CXL in the past few years has almost become the default leather. I still think it's a fantastic leather, but it's reputation is inflated. There are tons of wonderful leathers and the pull-up isn't always the best choice. It's hard to understand why someone would purchase a CXL boot if they aren't actually looking for that rubbed / scuffed look. That is what that particular leather is all about.
As far as I can tell, it was Alden (especially a few particular collabs about seven years ago - Context Clothing's 'Roy Boots' and LeatherSoul's 'Ultimate Indies') and Wolverine that really made CXL leather popular. Viberg is hardly a pioneer in using that leather.
I'm quite sure Wolverine was using CXL on their 1000 mile boots long before Viberg jumped on the CXL bandwagon.
OSB as in Oak Street Bootmakers? And Wolverine? Strange to see these two cited as cheaply made. They might not be Viberg's but they aren't exactly mall trash. In either case the CXL leather they are using is the same or very similar to Viberg.
Climbinglife, those boots are sick.
I wouldn't be at all surprised if the wear on the heels is chair-leg wear; I see that a lot on my own shoes. Especially if you sit in a roller chair, the wheels can occasionally give a good consistent rub to the inner heel. I personally think it's fine, but since you're not keen on it, have you tried giving the leather a good horsehair brushing? That should bring the oils up to the surface and blend the marks. With boots that see such gentle wear as you describe, the...
Viberg 145 oxford, made in Canada Tag size: 9.5 Leather: Color 8 Chromexcel Sole: Vibram Gently worn. They laces are clean, the toes have some marks, wrinkles, and superficial scratches, the soles show little wear. They feature a partially structured toe. As others will attest, these are heavy shoes; the build quality of Viberg is outstanding. I t will be happy to provide additional visual evidence of condition if I missed anything. Just shoot me a pm. $295 Add $15 for...
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