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Grenson Tan Leather Penny loafers Unlined Tag size: '9F' which fits like US 10 Made in England These Grenson pennys have been gently worn twice. The leather is buttery soft and all the life remains in the leather soles and stacked leather heels. The minimal wear you see in the photos is from my short try-on period before conceding that they are too large for my feet (i didn't account for the EU sizing - these are tagged 9F but fit like a solid 10D). $75 Please add...
Red Wing 9012 leather boots Part of Red Wing's "Heritage Collection" Made in USA Tag size 8.5d (these fit more like a 9d) Excellent condition. The boots are clean inside and out - I didn't polish them for the photos but the leather is excellent and you could shine these up in a snap. These have their original sole (this vintage-style half sole is one of my favorites) and most of the life remains in it. The heels show some typical angled wear but have plenty of life...
Red Wing x J. Crew Irish Setter Copper Rough n' Ready boots Model #4583 Tag size: 9d The boots are in excellent condition. The leather uppers are clean, still stiff, and not even close to being broken-in. The interiors are very clean. The original 'Red Wing' marked crepe leather soles and heel show minor evidence of wear. These boots were very popular when released and I believe they have been sold out for a long time. Not likely to soon find another pair in this size or...
Excellent. From "back" you mean pull the leaf stitches from inside the jeans (beneath the visible rear pocket rivet), correct?
Leaf, I mean. Feather or indigo leaf, I need it gone.
Pure Blue Japan jeans - Is it possible to remove the feather from rear pocket with a seam ripper? I know it's densely stitched but I would prefer it was not on there.
I'm considering picking up the xx-007 - love the denim and fit. Anyone know if it's possible to remove the rear pocket feather with a seam ripper? I know it's densely stitched. But I'm going to be wearing these occasionally in an office setting and cannot have a feather back there.
I have a brand new with tags UB 301 (14.5 oz denim) for sale in size 32. PM me if interested!
Billy Reid "Conecuh Unlined Jacket" Made in USA 100% cotton tag size: small The "Conecuh" jacket has an awesome cut: neat and trim with nice long sleeves. It looks great with any denim. This jacket is in good condition with minor signs of wear. All the original buttons are present and strongly attached. The jacket has some faint blue indigo stains on the inside bottom hem (where the jacket sits at the waist of jeans). There is a small, faint mark on the right chest...
Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots Model: Addison tag size - 8.5d Made in USA Classic pair of Wolverines 1000 mile boots featuring black and brown Horween leather. The boots are in excellent condition inside and out, as seen in photos. The original leather soles have most of their life remaining. Awesome looking boots. $125 Please add $12.65 for CONUS shipping. I think I took good photos but feel free to PM me with questions.
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