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Thanks to all who responded with photos and experiences with Rancourt's suede. All the boots and shoes posted look fantastic. I'm new to Rancourt and have been digesting this thread in bits-and-pieces. Overall I'm super-impressed with their footwear, and any initial concerns I might have had about the durability of their suede have been permanently put to bed. I'm having trouble visually differentiating between the Mojave Olive Suede from Khaki Calico. I've read...
Hoping owners of Rancourt's suede make-ups can provide some input.... I have my eye on a pair of Blake boots in what I believe is their khaki suede, but I can't really find any great photos or reviews of Rancourt's standard suede options after heavy wear. Wondering about the quality of the leather, how the suede might look after a lot of wear, and generally how the leather will hold up. Let's assume I'm not drenching them in mud and rain. I won't be babying them at all...
3Sixteen wool button-up shirt tag size: XL condition: worn once! the shirt is like new and still has a stiff hand. Classic, but with lots of subtle design details that separates this shirt from a standard wool buffalo check (such as the yoke and the slanted front pockets). $75 Please add $10 shipping to Continental US. I think I took good photos but PM me if you have questions or if I missed anything. Thanks for looking!
3Sixteen heavyweight fleece cardigan hoodie Made in Canada tag size: XL condition: like new - worn once and never washed This is a very well made and heavyweight garment. Awesome and versatile cardigan style hooded sweatshirt. chest, pit to pit: 24" shoulders: 20.75" sleeve: 26.5" length: 27" $95 Please add $12 for Conus shipping. I think i took good photos but pm me with any questions. Thanks for looking.
Good deal on a summer footwear classic. I own the same chukkas and they're great - I much prefer them to Clarks. People are sleeping on these and I'm surprised they're still here.
Oak Street Bootmakers Brown Camp Boot Horween Chromexcel leather Tag size: 9d Made in USA Excellent condition. The boots have been worn very, very little. The Chromexcel uppers show very few wrinkles and only the occasional smudge. The original camp soles are in excellent condition with the heels showing the only significant evidence of wear. Length 11 3/4 inches Width 4 1/16 inches Please add $12 Conus shipping. I think I took good photos but PM me with any...
Thanks! I'll go with A.S.
C&J fans - humbly hoping to borrow your expertise on these Polo RL bench made in England bluchers. I rolled the dice on these and they're a hair snug in the toe-box so I may need to move them. I want to be able to list who made them - A. Sargent, C&J, whoever - but haven't been able to decisively narrow down the maker. Thanks ahead of time for any help. My best guess is that C&J did not make them (no visible nail pattern on heel; stitching pattern on uppers is different...
Thanks for the replies. The insoles have the Bench Made in Maine stamped into them but, as you mention, it isn't specifically noted near the serial numbers. I haven't heard of Eastland making shoes for RL but of course it's possible.
Nice post, halfnhalf. I love those caramel Rancourt chukkas in the bottom photo. I picked up these beautiful beefeater pennys the other day. They are Ralph Lauren Polo, bench made in Maine. The leather is chromexcel, with leather sole, stacked heel, hand sewn uppers. Anyone know if they were made by Rancourt? I know Ansewn used to make moccassin constructed footwear for RL but not sure who is doing them now. [U
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