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Thanks to both of you. What drove me to this thread was a recent opportunity to handle a pair of older Nick's Contenders, an 8" boot that may have been their Ranger model. They had 'Contenders' stamped on the boot shaft and, knowing only a little about Nick's, I thought that was the model. The boot had obviously been worn hard and it featured what I'm sure was one of their standard calf leathers. The leather had that tough character that others have described as sort of...
All very informative. No thoughts on Nick's Mckay stitching? I always associated McKay as a slightly inferior method of construction, used on a lot of mid-level Italian shoes like Gravati, lower-end A. Testoni, Mezlan. I'm surprised to find it used on sturdy American work boots. Perhaps not all McKay is equal - Nick's seems to drive home the point that their McKay involves multiple levels of stitching.
So are Nick's "Contender" line of boots with the McKay stitching of lower quality than their Welted boots? The descriptions of the two processes that have been lifted from their site are useful. But in comparing the McKay v. Welted boots, anyone care to comment on the bottom line in terms of durability, ease/cost of sole replacement, etc. ?
Eastland - Made in Maine Collection Style: "Falmouth" tag size 12D This classic blucher moccasin configuration is made of Horween Chromexcel leather from the famed Chicago based tannery. The shoes were made in Maine and have a lot of handsewing. These have been gently and infrequently worn. The leather is in excellent condition with some minor scuffs. The camp sole is in excellent condition and shows only minimal wear. The interiors are in good shape and are odor free....
RRL twill utility shirt in khaki tag size: Large Great shirt, excellent condition. My photos came out poor; here is the shirt on Lyst: http://www.lyst.com/clothing/rrl-twill-utility-shirt-khaki/ chest 25.0 shoulders 20.0 sleeve 24.0 length 31.25 (front and back) Price includes CONUS shipping. Thanks for looking and let me know if you have questions.
Tellason denim coverall jacket Made in USA Tag size: Small 12.5 oz White Oak Cone denim NEW http://www.tellason.com/index.php/tops.html Chest 19.5 shoulders 17.5 sleeve 25.25 f. length 27.25 r. length 26.5 Price includes CONUS shipping.
Other pics are now up.
RRL shirt Tag size: Small Tried on only and never washed. Actual measurements... chest 19.75 shoulder 17.25 sleeve 25.25 front length 28.0 rear length 28.75 Price includes CONUS shipping. Thanks for looking and let me know if you have questions.
Folk cardigan style zip sweatshirt Size: see measurements, fits like a roomy 40 (basically a 41) Tried on but never worn. I'm not a sweatshirt aficionado but this is one of the nicest I've seen - better imo than the RRLs and Wings & Horns that I have handled. Classic vintage styling. Everything from the inner basting to the front zip (I don't know who made the front zip but I'd like to see it more on high end men's clothing) are superb. Designed for easy wearing with...
Grenson shoes, Black Made in England tag size: 8F (fits about a US 9 - 9.5D) Gently worn Grensons in very good, clean condition. The leather uppers are excellent with no scratches or flaws in the toes or anywhere else. Full leather interior lining and footbed are very clean. The leather soles have tons of life remaining. These could be brought to near new condition with one good polish and a touch of sole-edge dressing. Please see photos and ask any questions. Price...
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