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Good call, I'll do that. In the meantime, the stock soles on these shoes (these are the original stock soles) are very thick. I'm not sure they are technically a double-leather sole but I would say they are. You won't need to re-sole these shoes for ages.
Dropping these again to $250.
Incotex "Chino Linos" Tagged size 33 Measurements taken in inches with trousers laid flat: waist: 16.25 inseam 30.5 thigh 12.5 knee 9.5 leg opening 8.75 These Incotex trousers are classic - and perfect for summer. A cotton / linen blend, they drape beautifully and wear comfortably in warmer weather. They have been lightly used and well cared for. There is about two extra inches of material folded under the hemmed cuff. You could let out if you need a longer...
New Balance made in USA size 10 measurements length: 12 1/4" width: 4 3/8" The classic gray New Balance shoes. These are the desired US made version. Nice looking and super comfortable, great for long walks or anything that requires being on your feet all day. I wore these a lot for about 4 months last summer (rotated with other shoes) but they are still in solid condition. $25 shipped CONUS
Red Wing Boots Vintage size 10 Actual measurements Length: 11 7/8" Width: 3 7/8" Height: 8.0" Check out the hide on these boots. It's by far the best leather I've seen on a pair of Red Wings. The original sole was replaced a few years ago with the current red wing wedge sole. They haven't been worn much since then so most of the life remains in the current sole. These are vintage so I recommend throwing what you know about Red Wing sizing out the window for these....
Offering two pairs of Seavees Pantone shoes, one in Gray and one in ivory white (Ivory pair has SOLD - gray is still available). Both are tagged size 10. Measurements are the same for both pairs; length: 11.75 Width: 4.0 The Seavees Pantones are some of my favorite sneakers. The style is pretty timeless, they hold up really well compared to other sneakers, and their colors are perfect. Both these pairs were worn a fair amount, about 3 weeks, a piece but are still in...
*Sold* RRL Officer Field Trousers tagged size 32x32 Actual Measurements - waist: 17.5 inseam: 32.0 f. rise: 10.25 r. rise: 14.25 thigh: 12.5 knee: 9.0 leg opening: 8.5 $75 shipped CONUS These are some of the best khaki-style cuts around. Really nice details in pockets, stitching, and the 8.65 oz. twill is superb. The color of the photos is a bit washed out but the pants themselves retain their original full khaki color. The actual color is less stoney...
I must be doing a rotten job selling these shell shoes. Drop to $265.
No, just the one.
Those low straights are fading great. Nice jeans. If anyone's interested, I have some RRL bottoms up in the marketplace that I'm letting go for good prices, including some officer field trousers. I'm looking to move this stuff so feel free to make offers.
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