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yes, that's defective
Aw, that's a shame. My size, too. The colors aren't hugely different, but if you don't want rust and you definitely want brown, just buy brown and sell the rust pair. In other news, second pair I ordered to exchange with also have shitty, uneven welt stitching and need to be exchanged. Nordstrom customer service is excellent. Wolverine QC is just depressing.
Just got a pair in rust. All the sizing bullshit in this thread is amazing, they fit totally true, possibly even a little snug. Nothing like the roominess of the RW moc toe last. Also, fancy presentation, but quality control is pretty bad for a $350 boot. The sole edge was ground down unevenly on one of the boots, need to get an exchange.
I think I paid 35 at Hector's Shoe Repair in the village for topys on a pair of dress boots, and that's not including 25 for heels if you want to make sure they're the same height.
if only that were navyyy
I haven't, but a guy in this thread tried it and said he basically lost all traction. I think that might've been in the summer, though, which may change things? Either way, my basic feeling is you should put a rubber halfsole + heel on them, but then I do that to just about anything with a leather sole. Boots like the 1000 mile and OSB trench just make zero sense to me without it.
Oil first, then seal it with wax based thing (snoseal, obenauf's etc). I do both before wearing. Let the oil proof for a day before waxing.I... what? No. You do not put wax / snoseal / obenauf's on the soles. That is a terrible idea. You will lose all traction from the leather and probably have even more trouble cementing a half sole.
Has anyone seen any black friday deals on the large briefcase (not padded) in navy?
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