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what're those boots?
I'm just griping, it was like $10 for three belts.
chest, shoulders, waist, that sort of thing does it fit slimmer / better than the standard sterlingwear coats? or at they cut the same? when I see advice from sterlingwear that they fit slim and then see the pictures on their website, I honestly don't have the slightest clue what to think
I am unreasonably annoyed at paypal's currency exchange fee.
Could you post measurements? I've been thinking about one of these, really curious about the fit (because sterlingwear's pictures, well, do not inspire confidence)
How much will the silver west end run?
Is it possible to get a slimmer fit? Desirable, given the weight of the leather?
fit pics, please! really curious about the cut (and if there's any possibility of getting an aero A2 with something that looks like a modern fit)
Crane's, do you know if a navy 257 is ever going to happen?
Uh yes that is a terrible idea. Either you did something wrong with the lacing or it's too small for you (bizarrely common on this forum).
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