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Actually, I take that back. That was true as of a few months ago (I can't remember the last time I saw someone posting on his wall pop up in my feed), but just looked for him, and he's gone. So, most likely, he's still alive, out there somewhere.
I've been fb friends with him for years, and he's completely disappeared from his fb account and has high school friends posting on his wall wondering what happened to him.Whatever went down, that's a dead end.
I'm embarrassed to admit how much I like that bag. Ugh.
Would love to see the Oak Street Trench Boot come back around.
Surprised you got the thinnest fabric on the heaviest briefcase bag—I was thinking maybe it'd be fine on the 256, but no larger. Didn't realize tan was thicker than brown, either.How's the navy held up for you? Do you have a preference between the three?
Hooray. Was just about to post this link.Nahneun, please read it. Also, read Debt. Maybe also Warren Mosler and Bill Black and Michael Hudson and the rest of the MMT crew.But also even if we left all the MMT at the door, no one has more than the FDIC limit in the bank, so the idea that your cash is your leverage is just pretty silly.PS I want my fucking money back Drew
That really isn't how banks work.
Picked up a navy 257—pretty disappointed with the thinness of the twill. Totally different from my brown field bag. I saw some people post a while back that the twill is the same weight, just finished differently (less wax, presumably). Any consensus on how accurate this is? The Filson site still lists it as 22 oz, which just seems like bullshit to me. Thinking I should exchange it for brown or tan, which is a shame, because the navy is otherwise quite pretty.
yes, that's defective
Aw, that's a shame. My size, too. The colors aren't hugely different, but if you don't want rust and you definitely want brown, just buy brown and sell the rust pair. In other news, second pair I ordered to exchange with also have shitty, uneven welt stitching and need to be exchanged. Nordstrom customer service is excellent. Wolverine QC is just depressing.
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