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I think I paid 35 at Hector's Shoe Repair in the village for topys on a pair of dress boots, and that's not including 25 for heels if you want to make sure they're the same height.
if only that were navyyy
I haven't, but a guy in this thread tried it and said he basically lost all traction. I think that might've been in the summer, though, which may change things? Either way, my basic feeling is you should put a rubber halfsole + heel on them, but then I do that to just about anything with a leather sole. Boots like the 1000 mile and OSB trench just make zero sense to me without it.
Oil first, then seal it with wax based thing (snoseal, obenauf's etc). I do both before wearing. Let the oil proof for a day before waxing.I... what? No. You do not put wax / snoseal / obenauf's on the soles. That is a terrible idea. You will lose all traction from the leather and probably have even more trouble cementing a half sole.
Has anyone seen any black friday deals on the large briefcase (not padded) in navy?
Anyone know of any black friday deals on 1Ks in rust?
what're those boots?
I'm just griping, it was like $10 for three belts.
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