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Crane's, do you know if a navy 257 is ever going to happen?
Uh yes that is a terrible idea. Either you did something wrong with the lacing or it's too small for you (bizarrely common on this forum).
Just oil the whole boot. Why would you just do a spot? I'd switch to Obenauf's boot oil though (or Red Wing or any of the other standards; we've been over this a million times).
Yeah, the featherstone leather is weird. I've had less dramatic versions of this on spots on my Beckmans (J Crew chestnut moc toe), and it's inconsistent and seems to be somewhat friction based. Not sure if it's the top coat wearing through, but the leather reacts very strangely to being oiled and waxed (Obenauf's oil and LP), and doesn't absorb either as readily as anything else I've worked with. Kinda behaves liked corrected grain, actually.
50. The 48 is bunching badly in the back and is way too small on you in the shoulders.
Does anyone have any idea about whether a 257 in navy is possible/happening? Figured it'd show up at some point with the 256 and 258 in the line of navy bags, but... still waiting.
Nope, specifically told Charly I wanted a 40US, from which he recommended a 48. The entire point of me posting this was to explain why this was not necessarily bad advice for lamb (though I wouldn't want it; I think a half size down in lamb is better), but it absolutely doesn't work for calf.
This is actually kind of amazing to me. I can recount a story in which Charly gave me wrong sizing advice—for admittedly somewhat complicated reasons; but, you know, I covered that shit—and your response is to tell me to email Charly.This shit, right here, is why this thread is so fucking unhelpful to newbies.
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