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Did 13.5 miles yesterday evening - hadn't ran that long in months and now the legs are ... umm ... sore ... But, feeling good, feeling good!
Selling a size EU46 sand / beige cotton t-shirt with purple dots on front. The cotton is really, really soft. Used a few times only. There are no issues apart from slight wrinkling from storage, otherwise as good as new. Always stored folded and only placed on a hanger for photos. Measurements: shoulders 41cms, chest 54cms, length 64cms. Asking for EUR 55 > 50. Shipping from Finland, please check the postage cost from me! Thanks for looking!
Selling a size EU48 light grey birdseye DB suit in 100% wool. Got this about a year ago from fellow member Holdfast. Suit features a canvas construction (it’s Brioni after all!), slightly padded shoulders, no vents, pants are cuffed and single pleated. Good used condition with miles to go ahead. A couple of pulls in the fabric in the pants (around the hem area) that were there when I got the suit. Measurements: shoulders 44,5cms, chest 49cms, waist 47cms, length BOC...
Hi guys, I have a sparingly used Passaggio Cravatte tie for sale. It’s quite a light tie and the colors are quite accurate in the photos. Shipping from Finland, asking usd 45 shipped worldwide. Thanks for looking! -Mauri
EDIT, these are now sold! Closet cleaning time! I have a bundle of three Charles Tyrwhitt non-iron slim fit shirts for sale. All a collar size 15 with a sleeve of 33 inches; shoulders measure around 44cms and the chest around 54cms. The shirts are a plain white shirt with French cuffs, a white-blue Bengal stripe shirt with French cuffs, a light purple mini houndstooth shirt with barrel cuffs. All are used but in good quality and with plenty of use ahead. I'd rather...
A little short of 19 kms (11.6-11.8 miles) today in about -13C (8.5F). The last few kms were a bit of a struggle as the weather wasn't exactly supportive - but made it back home perfectly fine
Don't think it was a trouble at all to run in the cold, just a couple of layers throughout the body, cover the throat, slightly thicker socks and a cap, that's it. After the first couple of minutes it's perfectly ok. Plus my Icebugs give a good grip - the snow doesn't bother much at all and it's not slippery. Btw the degrees (-13) are in Celsius - it's about 8 degrees Fahrenheit, just for the record.
8 miles early this morning in about minus 13 degrees. Two days ago 5 miles in similar weather. The winter's here!
This morning at 5.15AM, 5.4 miles in heavy rain and in +1 (celsius) degrees.... shieeet.....
Hi guys, For sale is a cashmere Polo Ralph Lauren rollneck black sweater and in size medium This is lightly worn, the only real sign of wear is inside the collar where my stubble has caused some pilling. Nothing though to be seen on the outside. Measurements as follows: shoulders 43 cms, chest 57cms, hem 45 cms, length boc 60-62 cms, sleeve inseam 49 cms, sleeve outseam 63 cms I'm shipping from Finland, please check with me with the shipping cost, it will on top of the...
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