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Pantarul was great for dinner last year. Nothing too fancy or formal but the menu was all so yummy. It is tripadvisor's number one in dubrovnik currently so book ahead. I reckon we were able to secure an early table on a three or four days' notice, nothing available on a short notice.
Long, long time no post. About 21 miles or 33km during the past three days, wheeew! That is just about a rec for me 😀
Long time no post. Did a half marathon today and finished at 1'51, a record for me. Nice enough but would like to cut 6-9 minutes off that time still.
13.5 miles yesterday. Rather windy, cold, feet not working at all from the word go - but forced myself to complete the run I initially planned.
Just 5 miles this Morning after a break of a week.
6.2 miles this morning, took about 52 minutes. I realize a lot of folks here run (a lot)faster, but it was a nice run for my standards.
6.6 yesterday, mostly on icy surface. Slip, slip.
10 miles / 16 kms today just before it started to snow heavily.
Took exactly the same route as some days previously (5.8 miles) and ended up one second faster than before! Must admit I laughed when I saw the result.
Just did six miles. A bit of snow on the ground, thus a bit slippery all the way.
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