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Long time no post. Did a half marathon today and finished at 1'51, a record for me. Nice enough but would like to cut 6-9 minutes off that time still.
13.5 miles yesterday. Rather windy, cold, feet not working at all from the word go - but forced myself to complete the run I initially planned.
Just 5 miles this Morning after a break of a week.
6.2 miles this morning, took about 52 minutes. I realize a lot of folks here run (a lot)faster, but it was a nice run for my standards.
6.6 yesterday, mostly on icy surface. Slip, slip.
10 miles / 16 kms today just before it started to snow heavily.
Took exactly the same route as some days previously (5.8 miles) and ended up one second faster than before! Must admit I laughed when I saw the result.
Just did six miles. A bit of snow on the ground, thus a bit slippery all the way.
Did 5.7 miles early this morning in slight sleet / frozen ground. The temperature in Finland alternates above and below the freezing point almost daily which makes the surface rather slippery. Gotta post more often!
Up for is a beautiful L’Maltieri cashmere beanie. Work of 2001, thick and warm cashmere. I have used this but it is in very good condition, loads of life left. The knit is beautiful and one can get several looks by rotating it around your head or tucking the corners in. Shipping from Finland, please add the shipping cost on top of the price (I’ll get a quote upon inquiry). Paypal only. Let me know if there are any questions. Thanks for looking!
New Posts  All Forums: