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Reborn, you have convinced me, that is a bigger disaster.
Knize Ten
Quote: Originally Posted by Reborn Don't worry. None of the forums are showing up anymore anyway. This is the second site migration in a week that I've seen get absolutely slaughtered. The other one was even bigger then sufu. The site was bigger, or it was a bigger disaster? It's hard to imagine a bigger disaster than having ALL your content disappear. I can't make up my mind if they screwed the pooch, shit the bed, or both.
Quote: Originally Posted by West24 wtf are you doing with your feet!!?! why do people do that when posting!? Women I know call that "showing the shoes."
Quote: Originally Posted by dopey I am your weatherman. I am the walrus. Iris Silver Mist. coo coo kachoo
^ wore Rose Poivrée for the first time in a long time a couple of days ago, and remembered why I loved it so much. A lot of pepper in the beginning, and a nice vetiver finish. Today, Jasmin et Cigarette. When I got to work I stopped at the front desk to say hi to one of my friends here, and she immediately said "you smell good!" I like this fragrance.
Thomas, nice review on The sun has moved far too close to San Francisco; Mugler Cologne is all I can bear today. I love it, but I want my fog layer back.
Quote: Originally Posted by constant struggle Sadly, I cannot agree, SUFU/SF were the first two forums I ever joined where you were belittled for making new topics of previous discussions... and I've been on lots and lots of forums... Sadly, albinoblacksheep indicates otherwise. (WARNING: Flash movie)
Everyone is tiptoeing around it, but I am just going to say it. Brown is for farmer.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dmax Last guess - L'Occitane? Nope. Finally made it to the store. They were out of the stamped blocks that I like, but the owner knew what I was talking about; it is the soap javyn likes: Quote: Originally Posted by javyn Good, but no substitute for Savon de Marseille. Savon de Marseille. And what I was buying were the 600g blocks. The web site only shows the green olive oil one, but...
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