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Brand new with tags, special order from friend's store and too ashamed to ask for a return.
Chris, didn't know if you still pack the shipments like back in the day. I placed an order for a couple of goodies for my bday today. Just wanted to say what's up since I haven't been on in a while. It's Paul @ Level Showroom. Mark Williams says "hello" too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Epaulet Agreed. Although I dig the "black & brown" pairing, I'd prefer a black or color #8 shell cordovan strap. I just happened to have this one around. A black/grey bond Nato strap would be nice too. I can't recommend this watch enough for the price. The finishing is nice, and I love the high-contrast dial. The band is a little shite, but the watch itself is awesome. I actually have this watch on a black/gry...
Quote: Originally Posted by wrongturnsteve any cheap diver (seiko 007, orient mako) with a dark face on a bond nato. do you know what size that nato strap is? 18mm, 20mm, 22mm?
Quote: Originally Posted by Made in California +99. I enjoy every time someone, on a style forum, says there are better things to spend money on than clothes and things having to do with style. Surely, you have to know when you post that, that everyone on SF disagrees with that almost by definition by being a member and reading posts on this site. And yeah, 18yr commitment or clothes... How can I possibly decide?!? The funny thing is...
just got in the cord short, saltwash pullover in rosewood (love the button cuff), and the navy ranger moc. all are solid pieces.
got a pair from all saints a couple of months ago. i love them but i wish i would've sized down one.
underestimated around here because of raw denim but they have some great washes.
Quote: Originally Posted by xchen Orange Stanton shorts came today. Love them. i'm so pissed, the 32's i had in my shopping cart came back canceled. recut is for 6/1, shouldn't have waited. i wish the paisley short was 9 in, don't want to get it tailored.
Quote: Originally Posted by ddragovi any thoughts on the ludlow suit? I only own 2 suits as of now one from h&m and one D&G both in 38R. I like a slim-cut suit but the h&m pants are VERY slim with a real low rise. I am 5'11" 165lbs I have jcrew urban slim stanton pants in 31 waist and they fit well. how is the fit on the ludlow suit? I figured i should just go with a 38R jacket and 31W pants the fit in the picture online looks great but I know that...
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