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I've been watching this, and yes, bump = price drop. It went 180 ----> 150 ----> 130
I REALLY wish these were a 45 or a 46. Would buy in a second!
5-6%? That's laughable...I concur with the fellow that said 12-15%. Around 10% and below, you should see ab definition, and you have none of that. I also agree that the jacket makes you look fatter than you are.
Quote: Originally Posted by Salad Everytime I click a thread I get an "aborted" error message. I think Sufu just got aborted. I get that in IE, but not in Safari.
On white leather, I have had excellent results with mr. clean magic eraser. I don't know if that success would translate well to red leather though. I suggest you give it a shot in an inconspicuous spot.
The new site looks like shit...too many dots. And why are the Self Edge threads locked?
Quote: Originally Posted by mass does anyone know if OAK marks down on international shipments? No they don't. In my experience at least.
It is too bad I'm not a tiny man...
These are most definitely not selvage jeans. You posted a picture proving your description wrong.
I may want those bball highs...I'd definitely like to see pictures first.
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