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Thread on fire!!
This is why people shouldn't talk trash on the interweb
Best wall of text post I've read in a long time. Thrifted 8 hours today. Found a shirt, a fodder tie and fodder sweater. Some people might quit after a period of this, but I know the next thriftening is just right around the corner.
People who post those videos actually don't make money flipping, they make the money with the videos. They poison the well of the water they don't themselves drink.
I've noticed that most good stuff I kopped have tags no more than a day old nowadays. It used to be those stuff will sit in store for several days till I pick them up, now the timeframe is on the hourly basis. Kitten? Pfft, people didn't know about stuff like that before, now don't expect that to be on the rack for more than an hour. Once people start adopting the next level game, it will be apocalypse for everyone else. Like all businesses, you either gotta adapt or...
If this offends anyone here, it's good news for me
eBay automatically closes a case if the same one is opened with PayPal. Paypal would deduct fund in your account or withdraw it to negative while they investigate the case
Found a crazyass looking belt, but is this real gator/croc?
This spans at least a month back. Those without size mentioned are N/A. Sorry for the small pic. Had to use phone since they won't upload to PC. Brioni Pop on Sartoria Partenopia Loro Piana 100% linen (L) Pop on Domenico Vacca all linen Pop on Truzzi Lotta skeetz Stefano Ricci Pop on The Real Deal Barbour lambwool sweater (L) BRIONI cotton sweater Brioni wool/silk turtleneck for myself Missoni Ca$h Pop on Picaldi tie Zegna for Omega...
Does anyone have a nice pair of warm gloves in S or M? It should look classy but tough enough to flip through the racks
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