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I asked because I saw it been thrifted a few pages back. Because normally, I would just completely overlook it. Ferragamo Captoe, size 10. Leather sole stitched. Available.
Is Woolrich supposed to be good?
Who wants 8.5 TOD'S? Edit: it is 8.5 EU
I bet it ends with "i"!!
Nice kitty!
42R I believe, I will have to go back to the store later next week to take a picture. But it is a Burberrys Green blazer with its signature knight engraved as buttons
Unless it is a grail item, then it is what I paid for plus shipping plus $5 for beer
Anyone wants a green Burberrys blazer? I don't meant lime, I meant Green green
Is that Ralph Lauren Black Label? 48 US or EU?
What I got today. Both available, PM for trade or to buy. 40S   [[SPOILER]]  42R silk/cashmere [[SPOILER]]   Not sure what these are, might come off with cleaner [[SPOILER]]
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