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I think it's made by Drake's. The tag looks like Drake's and it makes knot like a Drake's tie should.
From last week or two or so. Sorry for crappy pics Skeet cord #1 #2 Pop MMM Pop, ca$h blend Pop, sneaker game strong Godzilla Tuxedo shoe Tuxedo from one and the only... Furry alpaca "thing"
Is eBay late in charging fee from account for the month of February? Usually they charge on the last or second to last day of the month, but I don't see any deduction from last month
Versace looks suspect
 Nah man, I wish I can get hauls like you guys do. It's more like an average of one good find per store plus fodders, then continuing that for a month. Still waiting the day I walk out of the store with 30 pieces.
Sorry for the small pics, computer won't upload, so have to use the phone Denim Ca$h blend Dildo ca$h Paul & Shark Lubiam white ca$h First time finding something from someone famous. They are huge. HF tailored for Mike Holmgren Suit Boss 3 piece Ludlow suit Hangover
Thread on fire!!
This is why people shouldn't talk trash on the interweb
Best wall of text post I've read in a long time. Thrifted 8 hours today. Found a shirt, a fodder tie and fodder sweater. Some people might quit after a period of this, but I know the next thriftening is just right around the corner.
People who post those videos actually don't make money flipping, they make the money with the videos. They poison the well of the water they don't themselves drink.
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