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Size on the Giorgio Armani suit?
That's a nice problem to have. If you ever see any 38R nice BB (1818 or better) or Canali, kop them for me! 
Anyone want to trade me a 38R suit or a designer sneaker at 9.5-10 for this suit?   Samuelsohn Performance charcoal suit with Loro Piana Extreme fabric Size: no tag, about 48L Shoulder: 22.5 Chest: 26 Waist: 23 Sleeve: 27 Pants: 42 x 33      
I would wear that Hello Kitty with sport coat, jeans, and boots. Yeeeeeeees
Thanks man! A Hello Kitty for men's from a good maker is a grail in my book!
I would've passed on that PRL linen suit. Most things above $30 in a thrift store would be a pass for me, because that means something that cost $30 will need to flip for $100 for it to worth my trouble since I use consignment.  But of course, if it fits, price would be less of a concern.
Is that a $50 tag on that Jil Sanders blazer?
At least you don't live in Hawaii, where it gets below 65 around two times a year, where theoretically you NEVER need long sleeves, let alone a coat
Some useful info. But this one is going to be a staple in my wardrobe. Popped my grenadine cherry :)
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