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^^ I thought there is no income tax in Washington state. How does that work out with ebay selling?
Looks like a Versace jeans on my leg
Here is the tag[IMG]
Any Thom Brown shirt expert here? Is it normal for his shirt to be made in China with cares instruction only in Japanese?
Nvm, thought this was the thrift thread
Synergy with Fotrez hoody. Don't think yours is a fortrez because it shouldn't have an upper arm pocket Also huge shout out to aging_in_rhythm for trading his Etro flower shirt!
Thom Browne 36 is more like a 32
"Precept" and Evisu logoNot sure if I have posted any of theseT&A squareJack SpadeValentino tux (?) shirtNWT ArcteryxC&JPokemon Go is disrupting my thrift mojo
Thanks everyone for bidding. So where do we send the money?
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