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Wtf, one day without some vicuna jacket being posted, and this place turns into a circle jerk 
Thrift store in this area charges astronomical prices. Got this at half off. Zegna silk windowpan suit., no size tag, fits like a 44R.      
One of those days I know I shouldn't be out thrifting, but I got the itch. Turned out I was mostly right. Mind over skin. Hit multiple stores and only found these:     15.5 Frenchy    
1. XMI Platinum2. BB3. Polo4. Armani Collezioni5. Robert Talbott6. GA Cravatte7. Boss8. Brioni9. XMI Platinum10. Trump
I should get a bunch of buddies and start to thrift in packs. When one of us is to find something decent, we would give each other high fives and scream "GONNA MAKE SO MUCH MONEY WITH THIS SHIZZZZZZ" so everyone in Goodwill can hear us.
Northeast. When I pulled up and saw that Porsche, I knew this store wasn't going to be good. At least it wasn't a Ferrari.
Nah, on the other side of the country. But I won't be surprised if he's one of you guys.His lady friend was the one who spent most of the times in the tie box while himself was leaving me in the dust with the shirt and suit game. I found the Bizzcchi at the very bottom of that box, covered by bunch of belts, I think that is why she missed it, but I think she made off with 20 grail ties in that basket.Lol the guy even said when she brought the basket to him, "that's a...
I was out in the field today, and a fellow flipper beat me to the punch. He must have been there for quite a while before I got there. It was obvious that he was a flipper as he kept on teaching his lady friend how much the items they've found will sell on the bay. Him and his lady friend was brutally efficient, I saw them with a basket full of ties. After they've left, I went over to the tie section just to check what they might've missed, and these two are the...
Price listed plus shipping   Zanella silk blend sport coat, fully canvassed, 44L Price: $30     Buckler linen blend sport coat with buckle, 40R Price: $20   Paul Stuart navy gold button blazer, 40L Price: $42     Coogi hoody for large man, 4XL Price: $12     Vineyard Vines collectible tie Price :$10     Vintage Zegna flower pot tie Price: $12     All the ties besides the flower one: Altea, N/A, Carolina Herrera, Robert Talbott BoC,...
If the prices in this city are not so expensive, I would've kop on more things.     Samuelsohn Performance, no size tag. Measured about 48L           Robert Talbott. This is a bow tie right?     Ties         Faconnable...7 fold!     Alan Flusser....7 fold!     Been had cashmere sweater, L       They marked this up, but I still had to grab it, size 50 EU (40 US)  
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