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The only rule that outfit will break is the danger of waking up to a highly attractive stranger or two whose names you don't even remember, to the dismay of your SO It looks good
Anyone who can authenticate Thom Browne? How about some pics to entice Pop on Bvlgari Shell cordovan tie Nice shirts Filson rain jacket Susu NWT sport coat, the lone leftover? Lol Mezlan croc + lizard Thread first? Sea turtle belt. Tried a search on the bay site, there is not a single one listed! Ferragamo Might be a repost, but the one and only...
@ txwoodworker It is actually leather sole. Not sure why it is painted yellow. The two things that concern me is the lack of heel nail thing and the leather feels like corrected grain. But it is Goodyear welted, that even possible on fakes?
Same as those people who pay retail on other luxury goods - boys and gals of rich daddies Edit: And goldiggers
Emergency authenticity check?
Can someone tell me if these Thom Browne are real? This one lacks the heel metal thing that I saw on most images online, but how likely is it for a fake to be Goodyear welted?
^^ If there is enough space between G and D, I would sewn in an O in there and watch the price triple
@leisurewear I think skeet can look not douchey if it is close fitting and the cuff is not turned over. I went to Saks Off on Black Friday and tried out some sheets, the girls (the young attractive ones) just love them to death
And you get an automatic pm when it's that size
You can always just let out the pants, shouldn't be too hard
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