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I guess this is what happens when you ask your dry cleaning lady to shorten the sleeves of your nice MTM surgeon cuff suit, she just gave up half way XD Oh, and that's a Brioni
Real or fake Y3 for Adidas? Quality seems good and the embossed gator pattern seems like a hassle to counterfeit. Thanks!
Shouldn't the tag on the scarf and the fabric tag say Burberry London instead of just Burberry?
Authenticity check, anyone? Are Y3 for Adidas usually made in China?
How about some summery stuff! Cashmere tie, not so summery HF Current NWOT Allen Edmonds Holton Barbour shirt Billy Reid NWT J Press t shirt, so tacky!
Umm...what? XD
Is this a thing?
This has been bugging me for awhile. How do I stop my personal name from showing up on the shipping label? I set up a business account on the bay and one on PayPal, yet my name still shows up when I go and print out the label. Which is problematic since my name sounds like a fried rice seller and does not instill confidence in luxury goods
Thanks homie!
Just take consolation that anyone who knows the high end stuff is smart enough to not work in a thrift store for long.It's usually just a phase. They hire a guy who knows his shit, guy goes off to medical school. Then they hire a new guy who sleep on the job and eats Cheetos. Just keep on checking back to that store in hope that the first guy has quit and move on to bigger and better things
New Posts  All Forums: