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You know what I meant
They are Fargate
Thanks! And they are my size too. I didn't even realize what they are until I went to try them on. Cherry popped on Memorial Day!
Hate to add to my the daily question, but are these AE shell? Cannot find any "wrinkles" anywhere
Updating with more presell stuff. Everything quoted above is still available!  Shirts:Robert Graham floral printed Paul Smith style shirt, XL: $30Robert Graham embroidered paisley with Mr. Money, L: $35Eton techno shirt, 15.5 Slim: $35BB Black Fleece thick shirt, BB3 (that would be size 16): $35   Hickey Freeman light gray suit, 40R: $90 Robert Talbott Best of Class pasiley ties: $20 each Short sleeve shirt:Robert Graham Large: $35
Someone give me some style advice on this one? I got it on Super Discount Day for $1.75. It's my size but I don't know how to rock it. The only thing I found that works is in a play boy kind of vibe with red corduroy pants, navy blazer, white shirt, light tie, and pocket square:
^^ Ermenegildo Zegna Silver Anemone Lollipop Silk Tie LIZARD SLAYER
Thanks. It's actually a pocket square by some Dewitt brand
Hey guys, little help on the listing. Is there a technical term for this kind of graphic?
Here's another one of my monthly presale, when the price is ultra low compared to what they will be on that other site, so get them now! This time, it's small guys edition (with some normal guys stuff too)! If you see any items that interest you, pm me for more pics and details!   All prices are with shipping.   For trades, I am looking for size 9.5 or 10 designer sneakers, rain jacket/windbreaker small or medium. All stuff on my ebay site are for trade too!   Ties:...
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