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What's the size on that thing? I thought it fits you already, why need to tailor it?
I recognize the second word, it means silver. I asked my mom what the while term means, it means gold
Went to Versace while carrying a Goodwill bag. Did not get good customer service :(   What I got today. Not thrifted but found it in Ross. The packaging has been opened but I guess the guy took one spray and went "ewwww! NOOOOOOO!", then decided to immediately return it to where he bought. If you have ever smelled A*Men, you will understand.    
The only thing I found today. Tried to take to Chanel boutique to get it authenticated, the lady basically just told me "This company doesn't do that". So here it is:   [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]
I think taking those vicuña to dry cleaner would be like taking Lamborghini to repair shop. The dry cleaning lady can't help but wear it everywhere she goes only to fall into a pile of shit, and it won't be vicuña shit
Nice jacket! Is that 38 Escada men's or women?
It was a 3 button black suit
Tis a colorful day. Green Burberry jacket reserved Available if you can pull this off. 42R. Other things I saw were 43R Hickey Freeman suit, Zegna orphan tuxedo jacket, and 38R Armani Collezioni suit. Can proxy for any of these
Any pimp or Hello Kitty lover here? Will post picture later
I asked because I saw it been thrifted a few pages back. Because normally, I would just completely overlook it. Ferragamo Captoe, size 10. Leather sole stitched. Available.
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