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Look pretty fake to me. Armani Collezioni also stands for Armani "White Label", and there's a reason for that...
A bit off topic. If I was a thrifting noob, I would probably pass on Kiton upon seeing its logo. For a grail brand, it sure has a juvenile looking logo. What's that red dot supposed to be? A basketball?
The other ones I understand, but Hermes? That is the one that I always heard chicks talking about.
If I go to Chicago, I think I will take those skytrain (what do you guys call it down there?) as my primary mode of transportation. Was checking out the map, do you know if the Orange Line (south) go through decent neighborhoods?
No place beats Manhattan for sure. But that would be going home XDJust wanna try a city that I haven't been to before.
^^ Wear with slim black suit and black shirt. No, I am not even joking. Only appropriate if you go clubbing tho.     Yes, I know I just necro'd a thread.
 It wouldn't be thrifting if I am paying $60 a day for a rental car. I got down to those 3 cities because they were all in  a top 10 walkable city list XD @TheNeedMachine: Yes, I know. But it's good to dream. I think I've come across Kiton twice in my thrifting life, Loro Piana once, and have yet to pop my Attolini cherry. And this is after thrifting in NYC. So realistically, I would be fine with a haul of Canali or Zegna suits.
by whom?
Update on my long thriftcation planning. Since I won't be driving, I am looking for a city with great public transportation system for a man carrying a huge bag of thrifted stuff, and a city with nice locals who won't try to jump on and rob the said man. More importantly, I am looking a city that can give me the elusive thriftening experience. I am talking about Kiton, Attolini, Loro Piana, gator vest, vicuna pillows and stuff. Here are the cities I've narrowed down to,...
New Posts  All Forums: