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Brag of the day: NWT skeet
@ ClosetEvolution, I am 80% sure the Hermes ties are real, especially if they came from the same donor (some of them I am 100% sure are real) My turn to ask! Can someone authenticate these Issey Miyake? The tag seem different from what I've seen posted on the forum. And if real, is it women's or men's? They measure like men's, but the style feels like women's Edit: actually these fit huge on me, but could be women's sag sweater
Brag of the day, my second C&J
Brag of the day: I like pristine white shirts. A RLBL one is even better
 Every single Cucinelli piece that I've ever thrifted is all in my size. Sport coat, cashmere sweater, casual pants, trouser...always in my size, every single one of them, and they always get flipped instead of worn. I just can't see myself wearing something so delicate. If I ever find a Kiton suit in my size, it will probably get flipped too. Zegna is fair game tho.
This is good news! Maybe I will consider buying Brioni now when I get rich.
I have a mainline LP sport coat that finally sold for $14.95 after putting it up with no bids a few times. Sure it has a tiny hole, but $14.95...come on. I will post it as my brag of the day
Then there's Spoo
I don't think any of the thrift guys actually wear Kiton suits. It's more of "look at how much $$$ I am going to flip this for" kind of brag
I wish the thrift brag thread focus on streetwears more so I will know what to pick up. All those (yawn) Kitons posted look the same as Stafford to me.
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