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I have an Isaia tie that is not 7 fold. But all Kiton are
Had a good day yesterday. Not so much today, unless Pokémon caught while thrifting counts as brag.Sorry for the quality of the pics, some of them look worse in personLizardLedbury flannel, RRL, Filson, Suitsupply (pop), Billy Reid linenPrada, Ferragamo, Allen Edmonds. The Prada is current season? Apparently the Prada sneakers are made in Vietnam now2x Incotex, and 2x Zanella. The Zanellas are unicorns because they are flat front and....NO PEE STAIN!!!!Nice Vineyard Vines...
^^lurking thrift god finally shows himself
Well, it finally happened Preview:
It is in Japanese actually, looks like it was made for the Japanese market, just made in China.I think it reads: cotton, polyester, polyurethane
@Wrong Crowd   If you are 40R, and it is tagged 50 (EU) and fits you, then Jil Sander is men's, no doubt. 
HUGE shoutout to Thrift Vader, he sent me stuff from Japan! Ships is Ring Jacket, no?
Some recent stuff, lots of stuff in my size, some are available Dunhill cashmere Burberry polo Ryne Spooner aloha Barbour Filson wool blend sweater Trafalgar Moreschi Gamo bit loafer J.Press rain trench Belvest gold highlight blIng SC Incotex olive flat front First time kopping Patagonia, only because I recognize GORE-TEX Wood button long sleeve polo by Isaia NWT Isaia Pop on Viktor & Rolf And this cardigan for dudes, my bro Hermes Man would...
我們竭誠希望未來能夠再次為您服務Changed the bolded part. No idea on the simplified version. Good damn such professionalism!
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