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Double nut punch of stain and price mark up
Only got these 3x Zegnatex, 1 Incotex, and an Etro clown pants. The other ones are damaged. Had a catch and release moment with a Tom Ford
Only bought 5. Left the ones that didn't pass quality check
Pants thriftening live. 36W guys, get you PM ready
My last post now updated with more stuff!!
On the weight loss issue. Find a friend who's anorexic. Do what he does
Hey Spoo, can we just send the item directly to you? Small time sellers like me don't ever get good prices with my items doing auction style.
LuxeSwap fit picture. Sorry for the ass pic.   [[SPOILER]]
^^Missed out on a nice Loro fabric Hickey suit by seconds. Some guy was working the rack from the right, I was working it from the left, the suit was in the middle. He got to the middle before I did. Oh well, got to the other rack before him for some consolation prize
It's that time again. Here's another round of one week pre-sell for ultra low prices! PM me for details and more pics on any of the items!   All price listed include shipping to anywhere in the USA, internationals are charged separately.   Also taking trades for any of these items and any items I have listed on ebay. I am looking for: Designer sneakers size 9-10, designer t shirt (small), and high end rain coat (small or medium).     Ties: 2x Robert Talbott Best of...
New Posts  All Forums: