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Eat lunch at 1. Eat dinner after you lift.http://www.leangains.com/2010/04/leangains-guide.html
Second day at the new gym. Pretty humbling when everyone is not only stronger than you but a LOT stronger than you. Also saw Dan pull 725 for a few reps.
Anyone know of any gym bags with two ventilated tunnels for two pairs of shoes?
What the fuuuck... I'm guessing the big plates were hundos
Fuck, now I can't tell if this is really Greg Nuckols, knucks, a red bearded crossfit guy or GN just trolling us.
Just got back from signing up and doing my first workout at Dan Green's gym tonight. Kinda surreal having him do all the paperwork then offer some pointers between sets. What a super fucking cool guy.
Greg Nuckols confirmed for master troll
Wait what the fuck? knucks really was greg nuckols?
Still got a couple days to ship our RHET gifts, ya?
New Posts  All Forums: