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TILThey aren't better than Rehband per se, just different. Might get a few extra pounds of rebound out of the SBDs vs the Rehbands. They became a thing when they became legal for raw competition where sleeves are allowed (e.g. IPF)
Sucks bro
Not natty. 3 IPF red lights
If you squat low bar with thumbs around the bar, you'll most likely need wrist wraps for squatting before you will for benching.
Probably just an IPF record. That Paul Nguyen pull at RUM is still the DL WR at 165 across all feds EDIT: Not even IPF record. This is the current IPF WR:
Yeah. Just can't have any downward movement after the bar starts moving upward.
Basically a few options:1. Follow Dan's program on the whiteboard which is essentially a couple of his templates (includes a strength building phase and a peaking phase). Usually times the peaking phase to align with a local meet a lot of members will be doing. Also encourages people who aren't doing the meet to peak because linear progression doesn't last forever. He'll change up the accessory work on a whim just to keep things interesting. Lot of people at the gym just...
Not sure how much of this was serious inquiry and how much of it was sarcasm, but I'll answer it seriously:1. No one from IFBB. One guy used to do natural bodybuilding shows (will probably again later). He squats over 500 at 198 bw. Another used to do bodybuilding in Russia before moving to the U.S. and several girls/women who have done figure competitions.2. The gym is exceptional and hardcore. As I mentioned, we have the highest concentration of raw elite totals in the...
myfitnesspal site and app Oh... recipe site with macros. All I've really seen is
Yeah, well, my feels aren't really warranted considering we have the highest concentration of raw elite totals out of any gym in the area.Yeah me too. It was the beginning of the year for me lol
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