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Not sure how much of this was serious inquiry and how much of it was sarcasm, but I'll answer it seriously:1. No one from IFBB. One guy used to do natural bodybuilding shows (will probably again later). He squats over 500 at 198 bw. Another used to do bodybuilding in Russia before moving to the U.S. and several girls/women who have done figure competitions.2. The gym is exceptional and hardcore. As I mentioned, we have the highest concentration of raw elite totals in the...
myfitnesspal site and app Oh... recipe site with macros. All I've really seen is myrecipes.com
Yeah, well, my feels aren't really warranted considering we have the highest concentration of raw elite totals out of any gym in the area.Yeah me too. It was the beginning of the year for me lol
I'm pretty much the only guy at my gym who can't squat 400+. Sucks There are also a couple grills who squat 300
6 hours is really quick. They drag on forever here
When's the meet? Did you start peaking for it?
Can't speak from experience but I suspect you prioritized correctly (if you already have a nice belt and proper shoes to squat with)
Seems like you get what you pay for though. Just bought a Titan one and it is clearly nicer than the Inzer one.
Feels, man. Feels.Just do what is in your ability training-wise and take any improvement as a blessing. Longevity is more important than rapid gains.
In case anyone missed it, Charly totaled 1800 at 220 bw. Congrats dude. So sick
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