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Looked like a warm up
Who needs powerlifting when you have ladybois?
In Zahir's case, I believe GPA uses a mono
There's a lot of buzz about Zahir... he's the ugly villain everyone loves to hate (see here). The Zahir haters will say he will never make it down to 110kg. Will get called for depth. 460kg wasn't really on the bar. This is a psyche-out video calling out Dan in hopes he does something stupid in training to injure himself. But if you ask Dan about Zahir, he will only have good things to say about him. Regardless, should be a good show. The guys I train with are having...
I knew CYC was heavy but had no idea how freakishly tall he is until I saw all those spotters
His sumo form is great.
On bench days, I do both. Paused first then TnG as the main assistance movement. Basically "overloads" the top half of the movement compared to pausing (and more practice grooving the movement)
Press command is issued when there is no visible movement of the bar on your chest/abdomen. This includes any teetering left/right after it settles. If you bring the bar down slow, judges will issue the press command quicker than if you let the bar fall on you or let the bar sink into you. I can't think of a good reason to do paused bench unless you compete or plan on competing.
Thanks dude. Wasn't looking forward to it since peaking was beating me up but once I got there, definitely had more fun than I thought I would. Good luck at your meet!
Did my first meet yesterday. Went 8/9. Totaled 827 at 163 bw (which is skinny as fuck for being slightly taller than the king of manlets). Obviously not impressive but now I have something to work off of.
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