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^ fuark that actually sounds really good
Slow cooker brahs: Any STUPID simple (we're talking like 2-3 ingredients including the meat) recipes? I got lazy about breaking it out in the morning because it took more than 5 minutes.
Tried out the Iron Rebel Outlaw wrist wraps last night... I can see why they cost 50% more than comparable Inzers. Also GHRs are harder than they look.
any rhet brehs pick up diablo yesterday? how is it?
Jarude should make an e-book and charge for that shit.
Mirin that 4096
I concur. This grill visited my gym a couple months ago. She's a member of Norway's national powerlifting team: http://instagram.com/p/e-sp6TEvDf/
>fuji copypastas trollchat >next page trolls GN and Mark ಠ‿ಠ
Dang max aita and wife were just here lifting. Forever mirin
I don't have elbow pain. Our gym has a wide assortment of bands, foam rollers, rumble rollers, theracanes, sticks, knobblers, sea urchins, and other medieval sex/torture devices that would make Coldsnap wet. Went to town on myself for almost 90min... all the intense pain seems to only be at the insertion points (upper forearms, upper and lower biceps, front shoulder).
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