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It's usually my chest that feels like it was torn apart the day after a ton of dips
Show us how joocy you got
Really? Before the meet I just did, I only pause benched like 185x6 and hit 220 (100 kg) on my 3rd attempt. I'd be surprised if you couldn't hit 225 now.
The deal for the $200 blendtec refurb is back:
Dunno if it's still going, but Vitamin Shoppe had a pretty good deal for 10lbs of BSN or ON whey
My hips come down off-center when I squat (and wind up pushing more with that leg). Unilateral stuff didn't help at all... only thing that seems to work is to put conscious effort into bringing my hips down centered (which to me feels unnatural but playing back videos, looks centered).
There was a really good deal for refurbs of the Blendtec the other day... sold out fast tho.
Nice spread GN #twss
fuji setup a youtube channel where all you do is bake and talk about daughters of Russian tzars, celltech, and Eason's Thai ladyboys. Shit will blow up then monetize it Baklava looks good too
I know Charly started using a red one. We have all of them at our gym but only started using the blue one before my last meet for some overload work after my main sets. After a couple sets, feels surprisingly natural.
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