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Nope. Feels good man.
Say hello to your gains
There is obviously a large range in between "as close to your xRM as possible" and "50-60% of an xRM"
13mm is not that big of a deal
But people just want to loose wait. What's the problem?
Anything good in there? Considering getting a pair of general purpose sneaks for the gym that aren't my Chucks and aren't an epileptic kid's worse nightmare.
Cum at me bro:
I'm guessing that's what most people looked like before discovering SW&D (no hate tho)
If you cross arm, in front of your collar bone and behind your front delts. Extend your shoulders as far forward as you can. Even with babby delts, there is a little groove the bar sits in.
Whelp, I can SBS comfortably. Dan suggested running Brolov Jr. until the cast comes off. I might make it, brahs.
New Posts  All Forums: