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Pretty surreal watching our Charly lifting in the same flight as the likes of Ernie Lilliebridge, Tee Cummins, Kevin Oak, and Dan Green...
Eason's zubaz are on point
No, you can't. Have you ever seen someone relax on the bench after a legal competition bench? Goes from lightly touching to full on spreading dat joocy ass all over the place.
Benching properly with an arch is safe. You also can't tell if his ass left the contact of the bench from that angle.
If you're in the states, elitefts has sales on those things all the time.
No jabs at anyone, but curious as to how many of those PL were on gear
Blendtec deal returns ($10 more than last time but still a good deal):
If you're trying to gain weight, why are you doing cardio? Srs q
It's on SD's front page... won't be surprised if it's sold out by then.
Pretty good deal for anyone looking for a Ninja:
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