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Closest thing to quark we get in the US is fat free greek yogurt imo
Lifting vids or is it all just n00dz?
>implying you're not a weird fitness guyWhenever I'm at one of those events and don't want to drink, I usually just have the bartender do soda water with a lime wedge (and tip the bartender for his/her trouble). Most people will just assume you're having a gin and tonic.
Don't get me wrong. There's great energy and everyone is cheering for you when you're going for a PR no matter how small it is... but seeing how fucking brutally strong everyone is, you don't congratulate yourself. You just go straight to setting a new goal.
Pretty much the only downside to joining a powerlifting gym where everyone is stronger than you... when you hit goals you set for yourself, once you actually hit them, they are basically non-events.
Just clean up your diet. Sheeeeeit
When conceptionist says you're too ripped, you're too ripped.
Good job, concept. Mirin the arch
tl;dr jarude loves us phaggots (and we love you too)
Prob means you're a cool bro IRL. Same thing happens to all the good people I know whenever they get drunk and/or stoned.Jarude was only mentioning it in the context of alcohol. If you're railing coke, chances are you're an asshole.
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