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Holy shit. I thought I knew how to swim. I clearly do not.
At the end of a squat workout, high rep walking lunges are the fucking worst. I feel like a fat guy who had to climb 5 flights of stairs.
Bought 3 of them over the weekend. Ate the lamb one. Not psyched to try the other two.
After doing GHRs 3x a week for 6 weeks (went from barely doing one set of 6 with my hands across my chest to 3x15 with hands behind the head and a monster mini band behind the neck), I can safely say I'm glad I didn't buy one. Expensive, huge foot print, and there are better ways to hit your glutes and hams.
Yep. Never tell the truth to women. They don't want to hear it
I'm hoping they both do. ♪ We found love in a hopeless place ♪
>not hooking up with your best friend
I would not have.Beltless front squats
Of course "health" and "junk" are both ambiguous terms which is why I'm calling you out for calling quest bars junk food. I wanted you to explain why the ingredients are weird. The list of ingredients is notably shorter than just about any protein bar on the market and way the hell shorter than most processed foods. There are only 1-2 ingredients that aren't immediately obvious what they are, but they do a good job of explaining what they are (such as plant-based...
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