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Yeah things like back injuries are so individual... I'm in no way saying the reverse hyper is the cure-all for all lumbar related issues, but it was for at least a few people. Ultimately only you and a good sports doc will know what's best for you. Stay safe.
My severe disc herniation was way before I ever stepped foot in a gym or had any awareness of body positioning or posture. Went a full 10yrs without a single back problem again... then had a couple minor lower back injuries in the gym... both from being an idiot while deadlifting. Never had back pain from squatting. But who knows... maybe I'll be fucked by the time I'm 70.
I'm not entirely certain but one of the guys also has chronic SI joint problems and the rev hyper seems to exacerbate it.While I don't disagree with Skeen, what I did take away from Dr. Stuart McGill's (widely accepted as the authority on lower back problems in sports/athletics) book is injury and rehab can go a variety of different ways for different people. I also heard offhand that he isn't much of a fan of the rev hyper machine fwiw.Anyway, Dan told me he used to do a...
Honestly, it will be very difficult to perform without the actual reverse hyperextension machine. There is sort of a bodyweight version of it performed with a bench and a stability ball, but you can't really load that nor can I speak to how that is performed.Not to be confused with a 45deg hyperextension:
It's basically the only movement that puts the lumbar in extension while causing traction instead of compression. I do a couple light or unloaded sets before and after every squat and deadlift session. Feels amazing. But there are a couple guys at my gym who have lumbar issues and the rev hyper isn't helping them.
Regular hyper != Reverse hyper Total game changer for lower back issues... my chiro/ART guy said he's lost a few patients to the reverse hyper
@conceptionist your gym have a reverse hyper?
Tian Tao bombed out in the jerk as well. Guess Team China doesn't give a fuck about anything less than gold
Protein Sparing Muscle Fast Ephedrine Caffeine Yohimbine Basically eating nothing but lean protein and greens, hating life, and feeling like your heart will explode. But you'll drop bf like no one's business.
That's nothing new. Only problem stems from restaurants using copious amounts of it (since it is way harder to tell if a dish was over-MSG'ed than over-salted).
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