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Standing desk at work. Aeron at home.
dazs it mane
We misc now
There's a guy at my gym who does these. Sets up the trap bar in one of the squat stands. He'll do some other unconventional stuff like safety bar squats with the bar straddling his face to be more like a front squat. He squatted 617 at 198 with just knee sleeves so it's not like he's weak and a weirdo.
There is such thing as hips too high and hips too low. Also your shoulders should be above the bar, not behind or in front of it.
Doing it right, homey. Zero contact. Move on with your life.
Golf-clap for GN's copywriting. I 'ad a laff m8
Another intredasting site on supplement testing: https://labdoor.com/rankings/protein
Just let him hurt himself again.
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