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Stopped by Dan Green's gym on the way home from work tonight. The place is actually pretty nice... like half PL gym/half crossfit box. It's actually quite reasonably priced and apparently Dan's usually there most weeknights helping out members and giving pointers (considering joining because of this alone). There were only a few people lifting, but I recognized most of them from local meets.
So there are pros and cons to training with a belt. Any cons to training with wrist wraps?
So much for doing more reps until the end of the year. Just benched 195x3. Two plate single before the end of the year?
Sorry I found this insanely hilarious:
Nope. Pure gains. ;_;
So what's the official default RHET approved program now that IA SPBR doesn't have enough squats?
Would get dat Coldsnap ass eatin dat dere Chipotle daily Fuck, now I want a Royal at RR's
>inb4 he does this on the yes/no machine facing a mirror
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