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I don't have elbow pain. Our gym has a wide assortment of bands, foam rollers, rumble rollers, theracanes, sticks, knobblers, sea urchins, and other medieval sex/torture devices that would make Coldsnap wet. Went to town on myself for almost 90min... all the intense pain seems to only be at the insertion points (upper forearms, upper and lower biceps, front shoulder).
Any suggestions for any upper body stuff? I'm probably going to switch to SSB squats for a while... warm up sets, I don't even need to use my arms.
I was about to ask how the hell you're pale since you live in one of the sunniest states, but I was recently reading an article about how you guys have some of the worst Vitamin D deficiency... guessing everyone's got office jobs.Don't forget wrecked stomach lining. I was a part of the 800mg pills 3-4x a day crew 14yrs ago.
There are no brakes on the feels train ;_;
fml now what the fuck do i do? can i still deadlift?
RHET Injury Room Bros: Just wondering if anyone's heard of anything like this before. Was benching two nights ago. As I was finishing my working sets, I started to get a burning sensation down the fronts of both of my arms (forearms, biceps, shoulders) and it slowly got worse (strength wasn't affected at all tho). A set or two into my accessory work (which is basically just more benching), it got so painful, I had to stop. Even driving home was uncomfortable. A day...
Ah... prob semi-generation gap. I was definitely one of the older kids when TMNT was big.RE: arm numbnessMe three. Noticed I wasn't getting the numbness when I traveled. Just bought thick solid tight hotel down pillows about a year ago so head is more elevated. Took care of it.
+1 on the knee sleeves. Knees feel so much better front squatting now (altho it doesn't take long before they start smelling like death). Just recently learned there is a fed (or feds?) that don't even allow sleeves in raw comp tho. Also how the hell is pokemon "nostalgic"? Aren't kids still playing with that stuff?
There's a guy at my gym who always has a few chocolate candy bars in his gym bag. I see him snacking on them before, during, and after lifting. He also benches ~400 so it must be doing something.
Damn how do you have it already?
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