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tl;dr jarude loves us phaggots (and we love you too)
Prob means you're a cool bro IRL. Same thing happens to all the good people I know whenever they get drunk and/or stoned.Jarude was only mentioning it in the context of alcohol. If you're railing coke, chances are you're an asshole.
Nope. Shows you someone's true colors. If you're an asshole when you're drunk, you're just hiding it when you're sober.
Wonder how @mrchariybrown did today
Skyrim or the routine?
How do I biz cas with Nike Frees? Just got two pairs during the sales and don't feel like wearing boots/shoes to the office anymore.
The Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells are fucking amazing if you have limited space. My brother bought me the expansion kit for it, used it once, then joined a real gym lol
~2650cal/day... haven't gained any weight in months (and I'm still a small fry... will bump it up once the strength gains start slowing down)
Green and fibrous veg, makes no difference at all
New Posts  All Forums: