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Skyrim or the routine?
How do I biz cas with Nike Frees? Just got two pairs during the sales and don't feel like wearing boots/shoes to the office anymore.
The Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells are fucking amazing if you have limited space. My brother bought me the expansion kit for it, used it once, then joined a real gym lol
~2650cal/day... haven't gained any weight in months (and I'm still a small fry... will bump it up once the strength gains start slowing down)
Green and fibrous veg, makes no difference at all
Over easy. Like them runny yolks. Eggs and butter are locally produced. Coffee from a local roaster. Use shitty ingredients, the magic kinda dies (yeah I'm that guy)
Had the Jarude special for breakfast. Shit's magical
I sent my mom two boxes of Quest bars for Mother's Day... first thing she said was how much better this was than flowers
Is there an urbandictionary for gear for us natty plebs?
Just bought some Romaleos 2 on a whim to replace my Rogue Do-Wins (same size). The Nikes are heavier by ~60g each, but feel much more... molded onto my foot. Going to try squatting in them tonight.
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