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This is the premise of a meathead reality TV show
That's the bigger end of L so I'd just get L. Shouldn't have any problems with them sliding down
Go with the recommended sizing. If you're borderline, go with the smaller size. They stretch out over time and now I can yank them up pretty high. If you're looking to get rebound, buy the SBDs and size down
Charly's most recent PRs showed up on's ig account today
Every pair of Nikes I've ever owned was a 10 except the Romaleos. Had to get a 9.5
We even have low fucking fat pop tarts now
lol kind of a running joke right now with all the meets and feds out there... just show up and chances are you'll get a medal
But the poops tho
But you don't sit back on a front squat. You sit down.
Airism = moisture wicking Heattech = heat retention They aren't comparable. Also back squatting with shirts made of poly fabric is the worst.
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