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We believe in you m8
Agreed. I came from "German cars only!" but they've all crapped out hard once they reach that 80k-100k mile range. I really didn't want a Japanese car, but this one has been great. I love it.
Honestly too nice for me.
You are a worthy king to the manlets
Also: http://eater.com/archives/2014/04/14/dominos-launches-pizza-with-a-fried-chicken-crust.php
Conversely, I'd hate to become a jacked monster with years of no knee support, a cardboard bb.com weightlifting belt, and squatting in basketball shoes only to ask myself "Why did I deny myself of these pleasures for so long? I'm not poor." Also if you have the ability to use chalk and you don't... your jest retarted.
Nope. Feels good man.
Say hello to your gains
There is obviously a large range in between "as close to your xRM as possible" and "50-60% of an xRM"
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