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So does she have lean sexy ripped abs now?
Alan Aragon's reply to Quest Nutrition's "Calorie Myth" on their fb page is the best shit storm I've seen all day https://www.facebook.com/QuestNutrition/posts/785163218190388
Basically the same macros as 85/15 ground beef
Push-button on demand dat dere straight to the brain:
I have a long history of being average/mediocre at my hobbies. That's my excuse.
Yeah it was actually kind of eye opening. You can take two guys... one guy on gear and the other natty. Both train/eat hard and smart. Both same weight class. And the natty guy can have more size and the bigger total.Hm, I wouldn't necessarily say that. He's soft spoken and doesn't talk much, but he's got a good sense of humor. If you catch him at the right time tho, he'll talk your ear off about technique or anatomy/biomechanics. Always surprises me with how much he's...
I keep telling Dan I'm trying to get a little of him inside me and then he doesn't talk to me for a week But for srs, you'll get there (with a lil help from dat dere)Also conceptionist's explanation pretty much nailed it for me
We're all trying to get a little Charly inside of us
49232 + 33 = 49265
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