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If you cross arm, in front of your collar bone and behind your front delts. Extend your shoulders as far forward as you can. Even with babby delts, there is a little groove the bar sits in.
Whelp, I can SBS comfortably. Dan suggested running Brolov Jr. until the cast comes off. I might make it, brahs.
u wot m8
Just the tip (lel)The ortho said it was the best place to break the worst possible bone
Should be out of the cast in 4 weeks then rehab... wasn't as bad as I thought.When you're old, no one reminds you not to stick your hand out to break your fall when you're about to land on your ass ;_;
Fractured scaphoid. Hand and forearm are now in a cast. Someone hold me ;_;
lol holy shit rhet certainly is this morning Dan doesn't squat 4x a week... only 2x a week (a back squat day and a front squat day). That's not saying he doesn't do a lot of volume on those two days tho. Also all the accessory work every training day is straight out of bodybuilding. Having bigger massels serves a purpose other than lookin fly. /namedropping
I know two guys with them. They both agree they are Chucks for people with fat feet. No more, no less. Both pull 500+ sumo fwiw
Almost sharted while front squatting last night. Good reminder to take care of business before heading to the gym.
Mark: http://bit.ly/1gQ66xB
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