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We making Coldsnap pause that bench too?
^ I loled I regretted my 13mm for about a week. Would have regretted the 10mm indefinitely.
ITT: Random Career ThoughtsYep. I wouldn't say diet tho... it was more for meet prep/make weight/24hr refeed/hydrate. The two other coaches at BBBC still use them.
lol holy shit TK... just saw your video >dat belt >dem zubaz >dem chucks FREEDOM/10
Completely off topic, but wanted to get the RHET bros' opinion. 1. Bought a $400+ item from an international seller on B&S with a LOT of positive feedback (zero neutral/negative). 2. Guy promptly ships it out and a week later, I see it being delivered to a completely different city via tracking. 3. Guy claims he put down the right address and gave me the proper tracking number and says he'll follow up with his local post office. 4. Here we are a month later and they are...
Gahhh... I don't want to be that guy, but this is the Internet. Dan's actually pretty anti "Rippetoe hip drahve". His competition squat is low bar, knees forward, and fully quad dominant. When he's training sub max, there's no butt rise/chest cave. If you see it happening in a video at a meet, he'll be the first to tell you his technique was off.
Link to the SF approved eastbay comp shorts? Thx.
and this is why I'm not posting all the time. Back to lurking moad.
His program is 5 days (not as bonkers as it sounds) and there is some sort of rowing and/or pull ups almost everyday. He's also got a very bodybuilder-esque way of doing all these movements to target the upper back. Rep ranges are also very bb-esque (3-4 x 10-15). "You can never do too much rowing" he says...
Mark may be a descendent of Russian Weightlifting Jesus
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