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I have a long history of being average/mediocre at my hobbies. That's my excuse.
Yeah it was actually kind of eye opening. You can take two guys... one guy on gear and the other natty. Both train/eat hard and smart. Both same weight class. And the natty guy can have more size and the bigger total.Hm, I wouldn't necessarily say that. He's soft spoken and doesn't talk much, but he's got a good sense of humor. If you catch him at the right time tho, he'll talk your ear off about technique or anatomy/biomechanics. Always surprises me with how much he's...
I keep telling Dan I'm trying to get a little of him inside me and then he doesn't talk to me for a week But for srs, you'll get there (with a lil help from dat dere)Also conceptionist's explanation pretty much nailed it for me
We're all trying to get a little Charly inside of us
49232 + 33 = 49265
You can also hire Dan to coach you online (dunno if he's taking any new guys at the moment). Brandon was doing Dan's standard template pretty closely the first time around. Now he's doing a fairly customized version of it.Also regarding doing the power lifts, every day usually starts with the lift you do in competition followed by close variations as assistance work. Then a few sets of back stuff, arm stuff, or whatever.
The details seem to be a fairly tightly guarded secret, but the outline isn't. We're 5 days on/2 days off. Separate days for bench, squat, front squat, and deadlift. The 5th day is usually a short shoulder workout. Programming gets changed up for members who are peaking for a meet.>tfw 34yrs old and dumping money into my 401k for the past 11yrs with no idea where the money is going
FWIW I'm at a powerlifting-specific gym and follow their program. There is literally a different accessory movement for the upper or mid back every single workout.
My old back injury came back to haunt me and asked my coach for advice. He too is a big proponent of Dr. McGill's work.
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