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Should be out of the cast in 4 weeks then rehab... wasn't as bad as I thought.When you're old, no one reminds you not to stick your hand out to break your fall when you're about to land on your ass ;_;
Fractured scaphoid. Hand and forearm are now in a cast. Someone hold me ;_;
lol holy shit rhet certainly is this morning Dan doesn't squat 4x a week... only 2x a week (a back squat day and a front squat day). That's not saying he doesn't do a lot of volume on those two days tho. Also all the accessory work every training day is straight out of bodybuilding. Having bigger massels serves a purpose other than lookin fly. /namedropping
I know two guys with them. They both agree they are Chucks for people with fat feet. No more, no less. Both pull 500+ sumo fwiw
Almost sharted while front squatting last night. Good reminder to take care of business before heading to the gym.
Mark: http://bit.ly/1gQ66xB
With dumbbells, I've found the thickness of the handles will dramatically change how heavy they feel... especially for pressing. The fancy plates are nice just because they're machined much more precisely and don't rattle like piece of shit cast iron plates from Sports Authority.
^ fuark that actually sounds really good
Slow cooker brahs: Any STUPID simple (we're talking like 2-3 ingredients including the meat) recipes? I got lazy about breaking it out in the morning because it took more than 5 minutes.
Tried out the Iron Rebel Outlaw wrist wraps last night... I can see why they cost 50% more than comparable Inzers. Also GHRs are harder than they look.
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