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Not sure how or why, but Titan has a reputation for being the nerd's powerlifting gear. That said, almost everyone at my gym has a Titan or Inzer.
Welcome to the real world. Every reasonably sized company has overpaid dead weight that didn't earn their positions.
Closest thing to quark we get in the US is fat free greek yogurt imo
Lifting vids or is it all just n00dz?
>implying you're not a weird fitness guyWhenever I'm at one of those events and don't want to drink, I usually just have the bartender do soda water with a lime wedge (and tip the bartender for his/her trouble). Most people will just assume you're having a gin and tonic.
Don't get me wrong. There's great energy and everyone is cheering for you when you're going for a PR no matter how small it is... but seeing how fucking brutally strong everyone is, you don't congratulate yourself. You just go straight to setting a new goal.
Pretty much the only downside to joining a powerlifting gym where everyone is stronger than you... when you hit goals you set for yourself, once you actually hit them, they are basically non-events.
Just clean up your diet. Sheeeeeit
When conceptionist says you're too ripped, you're too ripped.
Good job, concept. Mirin the arch
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