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I'm pretty much the only guy at my gym who can't squat 400+. Sucks There are also a couple grills who squat 300
6 hours is really quick. They drag on forever here
When's the meet? Did you start peaking for it?
Can't speak from experience but I suspect you prioritized correctly (if you already have a nice belt and proper shoes to squat with)
Seems like you get what you pay for though. Just bought a Titan one and it is clearly nicer than the Inzer one.
Feels, man. Feels.Just do what is in your ability training-wise and take any improvement as a blessing. Longevity is more important than rapid gains.
In case anyone missed it, Charly totaled 1800 at 220 bw. Congrats dude. So sick
A mill in the Bay ain't shit
Had a tiny old (and rent controlled) studio apartment in an AWESOME location for $1200/mon. A thing of the past now tho. Also a practically brand new studio (was about the size of a 2bdrm tho) in an even better location for $3k/mon Don't live there anymore tho. Definitely more costly than NYC.
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