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Seems like you get what you pay for though. Just bought a Titan one and it is clearly nicer than the Inzer one.
Feels, man. Feels.Just do what is in your ability training-wise and take any improvement as a blessing. Longevity is more important than rapid gains.
In case anyone missed it, Charly totaled 1800 at 220 bw. Congrats dude. So sick
A mill in the Bay ain't shit
Had a tiny old (and rent controlled) studio apartment in an AWESOME location for $1200/mon. A thing of the past now tho. Also a practically brand new studio (was about the size of a 2bdrm tho) in an even better location for $3k/mon Don't live there anymore tho. Definitely more costly than NYC.
This is the premise of a meathead reality TV show
That's the bigger end of L so I'd just get L. Shouldn't have any problems with them sliding down
Go with the recommended sizing. If you're borderline, go with the smaller size. They stretch out over time and now I can yank them up pretty high. If you're looking to get rebound, buy the SBDs and size down
Charly's most recent PRs showed up on lift.net's ig account today
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