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How many weeks out from the meet do you start your peaking cycle?
CTK: bb grip unless you plan on learning the oly lifts later
Depends on how fat you are and if you're gaining or losing weight. There's some fairly recent research showing more muscle sparing on really low bf% individuals who are still at a deficit when consuming more than 1g/lb. If you're obese, obviously 1g/lb isn't necessary.
This'll blow your mind... there was a pair of the old white wooden heel Adidas in the lost and found bin. They sat in there for months.
One guy at my gym has the new white Adidas... there's something plastic-y and cheap looking about them. There are also two guys with the old white Adidas from like 2008 with the wood heels. Looks much nicer. Whenever they post videos online, there's always some clown offering like $300 for them
If you normally wear sz10 in Nikes, they'll work out
Just do cross armed bb style unless you plan on doing oly lifts later
Two guys at my gym do this. They both squat well over 500
35 in a month. Adult job. Adult car. Adult mortgage. I never feel like an adult tho. I ALWAYS feel fucking old tho.
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