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A couple of my friends have said good things about Cissus, but I felt like it didn't do anything for me
Seems like the best sumo pullers recommend lifters who are new to sumo to pull from blocks to learn the mechanics and now to properly use your hips
Same. As soon as someone finds out a guy is good, they get a million referrals and then you basically have to drop everything to make absurd appointment times.
That's fucking crazy. If there's a reputable ART/Graston practitioner near you, I'd def consult with them.
I'm guessing you mean Graston. Cons: If the tissue is already damaged or it's a locked up muscle, it'll hurt. Sometimes to the point of tears. Possible bruising, but shouldn't be a lot. Also you may feel that absolutely nothing was accomplished. Pros: It COULD result in faster recovery. Even instant. Calf was seized up once and was painful to walk up and down stairs. Few minutes of (painful) Graston and it freed up and honestly felt like there was nothing ever wrong with...
lol hang in there brah we're all gonna make it
Nah Lagrangian always says something anytime anyone mentions knees past toes... and he's right. Don't mean shit, especially when front squatting
His point is whatever you were about to say regarding his knees forward on a front squat, doesn't mean shit.
In between weight classes for PL tho
Yeah things like back injuries are so individual... I'm in no way saying the reverse hyper is the cure-all for all lumbar related issues, but it was for at least a few people. Ultimately only you and a good sports doc will know what's best for you. Stay safe.
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