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Protein Sparing Muscle Fast Ephedrine Caffeine Yohimbine Basically eating nothing but lean protein and greens, hating life, and feeling like your heart will explode. But you'll drop bf like no one's business.
That's nothing new. Only problem stems from restaurants using copious amounts of it (since it is way harder to tell if a dish was over-MSG'ed than over-salted).
Making your own chicken stock makes a huge difference
Considering how analytical conceptionist is with lifting and diet, I'm surprised how casual he is with the slow cooker. But really, it isn't rocket science.
Most offices with standing desks have the ability to move up and down. It does take some getting used to. I spend the entire morning standing. After lunch, I'll sit for maybe an hour or two tops then go back to standing mode for the rest of the day. After a week or two of standing, sitting all day makes you feel like shit.
Do some weighted carries and get a standing desk
They also recently went on sale for $127 USD along with Adipowers
Not that many surprisingly. Stan Efferding and Flex Wheeler stopped by once a couple years ago (before I joined). Brandon Lilly's been there a few times. Marte Elverum of IPF fame dropped in for a couple days. Kim Walford was the head judge at the USAPL meet we had a couple months ago.I'm actually in Vegas for work. I stopped by Broz's gym so I could get some squats in, but they have plenty of other equipment in there to get strong and jacked.
I just met John Broz yesterday. Yeah I'm only saying this to name drop.Nice guy but he was quite stern with these loud arrogant crossfit guys who did a drop in.
Day after this seminar, I went to CSA (gym in the video) to check out a PL meet. Was hoping to see Sheiko and Misha but they were already gone. Pretty much everyone else in the video was there tho.Oh yeah that seminar was $350
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