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On bench days, I do both. Paused first then TnG as the main assistance movement. Basically "overloads" the top half of the movement compared to pausing (and more practice grooving the movement)
Press command is issued when there is no visible movement of the bar on your chest/abdomen. This includes any teetering left/right after it settles. If you bring the bar down slow, judges will issue the press command quicker than if you let the bar fall on you or let the bar sink into you. I can't think of a good reason to do paused bench unless you compete or plan on competing.
Thanks dude. Wasn't looking forward to it since peaking was beating me up but once I got there, definitely had more fun than I thought I would. Good luck at your meet!
Did my first meet yesterday. Went 8/9. Totaled 827 at 163 bw (which is skinny as fuck for being slightly taller than the king of manlets). Obviously not impressive but now I have something to work off of.
TILThey aren't better than Rehband per se, just different. Might get a few extra pounds of rebound out of the SBDs vs the Rehbands. They became a thing when they became legal for raw competition where sleeves are allowed (e.g. IPF)
Sucks bro
Not natty. 3 IPF red lights
If you squat low bar with thumbs around the bar, you'll most likely need wrist wraps for squatting before you will for benching.
Probably just an IPF record. That Paul Nguyen pull at RUM is still the DL WR at 165 across all feds EDIT: Not even IPF record. This is the current IPF WR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJnw0STl-kk
Yeah. Just can't have any downward movement after the bar starts moving upward.
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