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Deli meat is lean af... ham, turkey, roast beef...
Info on the front page: http://www.allthingsgym.com/
My pops quit cold turkey after smoking for 40+ years. He was the most miserable cunt to be around the first month and he's one of the nicest dudes I know.
Typically just hold at the bottom unless you are specifically doing a tempo squat (e.g. 3ct down, 3ct in the hole, 0ct up). A lot of raw powerlifters use it as a squat assistance/variation to build up leg strength, help stay tight in the hole, explosiveness, etc. Most common error is having a tiny bounce out of the hole. Just try to stand straight up without any bounce.
Right. So why didn't these lifters test positive back in 2008 or 2012?
Did KAZ, AZE, RUS, etc just forget to pay their protection money?
lol not a year... but charly's made amazing progress
Yes and yes. All rook arike. All dress arike.
Edited post to answer some questions
First fit I've posted in almost 5yrs lol EDIT to answer some questions: - Navy nylon stock sz50 (only deleted shoulder guzzets). Just told Charly I didn't want to mess with MTM and let him take the wheel. Honestly surprised at how well it fit without tweaking anything. Wasn't expecting that. Between classic and slim is accurate - Even after owning several TOJ garments (back when I weighed 45lbs less lol) the quality of the materials used exceeded my expectations -...
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