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Moar. MOAR!
A vehicle that is well balanced and that handles well in the dry will also handle well in the snow with appropriate tyres. The only real concern will be ride height, frankly. At which point you best wait for the snow plough
Quote: Originally Posted by A Y No it's not. The garage queens which are driven only on nice days are the worst. --Andre Thank you.
Go for it. Just make sure you have the dealership on speed dial. That engine can be, uhm, "exotic" in its temperament. Heh. As for needing more space, well, my only car is a small two seater and I manage to get along. The R8 may actually have more storage room than my Miata.
Quote: Originally Posted by DNW Glad to see you back dood. For a while I thought you came to your senses and got normal friends. I? Normal friends? You must have me confused with someone less...odd P.s. thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Alter I was wondering that too. You just lurking these days, Skal? Quote: Originally Posted by DNW Jeebus skalogre, is it just me or I haven't seen you in ages? Possibly. I want to try that Sapporo, btw.
So, how is everyone? I have been asked 1-2 times where I have been so rather than spam up other people's threads I'll just post here (yes I am just that bloody nice - or secretly a reclusive narcissist, not sure ). So after the divorce, kept working, did some rethinking of things; got re-acclimatised (somewhat) to being single, then re-acclimatised (somewhat) to being in a relationship, then became a gentleman of leisure for some months. Having been a jobless lout for...
I am sure the R8 will be a fabulous drive and I think it looks really nice. But not only will you have to deal with what is often the case with Audi - reliability issues in general - but there are specific issues to the design I remember reading about from some automotive fora (such as regulars on Bob is The Oil Guy who post on Miata.net). The fact that RLI BioSyn oil was formulated to deal with the lubrication and shearing problems that engine exhibits is not the best...
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy be better with pics, m@t. in any case have fun and keep us updated. +1
Right, so relatively recently I discovered the incredible world of 1970's Ethiopian jazz. I know there is this incredible "Ethiopiques" collection but it seems to be a huge number of separate discs. Where do I start? Has there been a box set or some sort of better priced way to get a good collection? I'd rather not get the "Best of Ethiopiques" discs as I can see myself getting duplicates. Anyone?
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