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Does anyone know what colour "spice suede" is in reality? Have not found any photographs of it anywhere.
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty Thanks. For what it's worth, if you find the toebox of the craftsman 9G a little tight now it will be painful after a few hours of wearing. 9+G with an insert could work. lefty Agree. That is why I sold my 9G CC and replaced them with a standard 9G Craftsman with composite sole.
Quote: Originally Posted by marqueeumbrella I continued reading until page 62, so I learned a few things: I should get a storm welted boot if I want them to be watertight, the comfort craftsman is not more chunky than the regular craftsman, and the odd half sizes issue. Is the creasing of kangaroo leather purely an esthetic issue? And after intensive wear (as a work boot, rather than as a fashion/style item) can you make kangaroo leather look smart...
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Why the fuck would someone include driving in a talk about sports? Err, because these are very physically demanding activities? not just due to amount of focus required for prolonged periods but also due to physical endurance and strength required. It is very different from tooling around in a car. Don't look at pot-bellied NASCAR drivers as examples Example link:...
Quote: Originally Posted by bkk Just skip BR altogether. The picture quality improvement is nice, but not noticed by all, and the audio quality improvement is negligable. You aren't the real Stig so I don't believe you!
Quote: Originally Posted by turboman808 Popcorn hour and learn to use torrents. Will broadcast to anything from 1080p on down. When your ready to upgrade to a better TV you already have all your content ready to go and a device you understand how to use. Drop in a 2 terrabyte drive and your set. Plenty of other devices but I setup my house with popcorn hours 2 years ago and it doesn't rely on a server/computer to run the whole...
Quote: Originally Posted by ceruleanstar Have you sold the bag yet? If not, I would be interested! Ah, sorry, item is sold.
Quote: Originally Posted by merkur So, what kind of socks are people wearingwith their RMW's? Normal thin pantherella type socks or thicker cut socks (as RMW's in the Aussie outback are supposed to be worn with)? I assume this would have some bearing on boot sizing? Wigwam merino/silk Nomad socks. They really are excellent. Flat toe seams, nicely cushioned, perfect for me. And yes, it does change the sizing
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou ^About 6 or 7 easily, more with some stretching. Belts will probably be $75 shipped, with the option of handstitched or with snaps, so the buckle can be swapped. I need to make some samples of the different ends that I can do, and post photos sometime this weekend. skalogre- the closest I have been able to find is oxblood- a very dark red. Oooh, blast it. So it is really dark? Hmm...
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty That boot is a wrinkled kangaroo would look great. I was going to grab some suede craftsmans, but now maybe this. Any other shots of it? lefty +1
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