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That is not a bad thing. Granted, maybe that is something that the target demographic for these luxobarges wants but less complexity is good. When you consider everything that may go wrong with these systems and the future issues with parts availability and troubleshooting, nevermind the increasing isolation from the road and potential for driver distraction...I won't even get in to the jokes about maintenance costs and having to deal with software defects in a car.
If you cannot take driving with a clutch, sure, do it. of course the SMG is not an automatic with a torque converter so enjoy the lurching.
What do you mean "not appropriate" for the M5?While I do like the progress of technology, the most benefits of semiautomatics are to be found on the track, not necessarily at the street (speed of gearchange, keeping both hands on the wheel, changing near a corner et cetera). If you are like most M5 owners and the most you'll do is the occasional stoplight drag race or canyon run, you can certainly go for the full (three pedal) manual and its added sense of involvement. If...
I ended up succumbing and ordered from Bootsonline a pair of Lachlan boots a month or so ago. I received them just a few days ago, I am quite pleasantly surprised with how they look - a lot sleeker than I expected, more than my claret Craftsman with the composite sole. And they were comfortable from the get go.
I have been trying to weasel around that for years but you have caught me now. Damn it.
Did I ever post my current car? I just cannot remember, have been lurking for so long... 2004 base Mazda Miata. Mostly stock except for some cosmetic changes, added safety gear and smaller diametre wider wheels. One at rest... One at play (but before I installed the bucket seats and harnesses)
Quote: Originally Posted by Decahedron love the s2000 and im not at all trying to start a fight. with that preface, would you say the s2000 is a better sports car for the money than the miata? i agree that its the better sports car, but i think the miata might represent a better value. examples under 1000 are far from rare. i spend 3800 (i was getting impatient after looking for a year) on mine which came with 15x8 panasports, a hard dog roll bar and...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jbreen1 I'm getting a set of new titanium package wheels off an S4. Called this shop about powdercoating my current wheels and they mentioned the titanium wheels they had sitting around. Pics for reference. http://i173.photobucket.com/albums/w...dfbb7f40f1.jpg I personally think they look too "heavy" for the car; maybe they'd look better with more sidewall. Nice colour, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Beckwith The more I drive the more I really notice the difference. It really drives more like a sedan than a 5.5K SUV. Having driven BMW's and Mercedes before and then the LR3 I caught myself doing 75 and felt like I was doing 45, dangerous. I am still impressed with the electronics and voice control, which has worked really well. Final decision was silver with black, and glad I did as the silver with tan was in the garage and...
Quote: Originally Posted by CSCoHammers7 My daily driver is a GMC Yukon XL, problem is I live in Hoboken NJ (across the river from Manhattan) and the parking there may be worse than NYC itself... seriously, it's a nightmare in a normal car, let alone the monster I drive. So I've been considering getting a small coupe for parking purposes and figured I might as well make it a fun convertible for the summer and my bi-weekly Boston drives. Not looking for...
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