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This is the thread for you The first post has sizing information.http://www.styleforum.net/t/21179/rm-williams-boots-everything-you-wanted-to-know
Oh dear, seems I did not upload a side profile snap. I'll do so in a few minutes. Thanks!
These are absolutely spectacular. Dark tan leather with creme canvas wingtip spectators. Marked 10D I believe US as they fit me and I do wear US10 but that is all I can tell. Worn a few times but time for these to go to a new home where they'd be worn more often. Price does not include actual shipping costs that may vary by distance.
RM Williams Stockman buckle boot in 9F (Australian size). Extremely soft kangaroo leather boots. Deep chestnut brown. One graze on the inner heel of the right boot (see photo). Price does not include actual shipping costs.
It kills me having to do this but I really think I need to get a different size. Have only had these a few months and worn them a handful of times. Retail at approximately Australian$ 270. In excellent shape, one minor wear mark on the one boot but very minor. Price does not include shipping due to variation in shipping cost. Please ask all question in advance, sales are final.
I hardly wear these anymore and a shame to just keep them sitting around. In very good shape as you see. Come with the Barker shoebags and Barker shoehorn. These list for GBP 200+ right now so someone will get a bit of a steal here. Actual shipping costs not included in price due to variation. Please ask ahead for actual cost. Please ask all question in advance as sales are final. Thanks for looking!
That is not a bad thing. Granted, maybe that is something that the target demographic for these luxobarges wants but less complexity is good. When you consider everything that may go wrong with these systems and the future issues with parts availability and troubleshooting, nevermind the increasing isolation from the road and potential for driver distraction...I won't even get in to the jokes about maintenance costs and having to deal with software defects in a car.
If you cannot take driving with a clutch, sure, do it. of course the SMG is not an automatic with a torque converter so enjoy the lurching.
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