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1. Wash hair every three days. 2. Tigi hair stick:
Only really used Proraso but don't see a reason to try anything else.
Anyone have any experience with the Sherpa-lined hoodie? Specifically the vintage navy color. I'm wondering if the shade is too close to denim to look good.
I purchased one of your oxfords a while back when it was the "new fit with the slimmer sleeves". How would an XS of that shirt fit compared to an XS of these new expensive shirts?
Quote: Originally Posted by RCG Tiburon So I wanted to get a pair of Levi's 501 STF, but ended up getting the 501s in what looks/feels like a one wash. It does say 501XX, but the label said neither Shrink-to-fit nor preshrunk. Should I get these hemmed? Will they shrink if I soak them? I am thoroughly confused. Looks like I might need to start working out Comments on fit appreciated. Sorry about picture quality, shirt is black, pants are...
Long sleeves
Quote: Originally Posted by Prada_Ferragamo I eat 6 eggs (3 without yolks) and a thick slice of whole wheat bread in the morning along with 2 cups of nonfat milk. This. But I only need three eggs and a slice of whole wheat toast. Keeps me full for hours.
Quote: Originally Posted by djs488 I'm worried that my RB2132 New Wayfarers may be too big for my face. I know they come in three sizes, but I'm not entirely sure which one I have. In addition to the model (RB2132), color code (901), "55◻18" is also written on the inside of my glasses. Is this referring to the size? Is this the small, medium, or large model? Thanks! New Wayfarers come in two sizes: 52mm (small) and 55mm (large). You have...
If you can roll your sleeves, they are too baggy.
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