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Quote: Originally Posted by michaeljkrell All the XXS and the XXL have been reduced to $68 after the discount. Because the XXS and the XXL are not selling at all, we will not be making anymore after this next run of shirts which I will be posting up tomorrow. http://www.michaeljkrell.com/wovens.htm I just purchased the black/white houndstooth in XXS for the discounted $68. My current MJK shirt is the XS blue oxford from last season with...
One of the reasons I like my 257.
Quote: Originally Posted by JesseJB I've had my plain water buffalo Coach one for 4 years and still looks sexy as hell. I have the tan version of the water buffalo card case (no fold) and really like it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Srsly. If it's under $500 a garment, I figure why not just trash the shit out of it. Why take care of anything. I'll be happy if it lasts the entire season. I wouldn't expect a sweater from the mall to last more than that. And like someone else said, it only contains a small percentage of cashmere.
Quote: Originally Posted by van_hammersly I'm as short as both you guys and never realized the bag was meant to sit higher than that. It hangs where I've always worn my messenger bags Hey, I'm 5'6". Does the 257 look too big for my frame?
Quote: Originally Posted by wagthesam For clarks when walking do your heels slip up when walking? is that an indication to go down half a size? Not for me. My heels slightly slip in 9's but 8.5's were way too small.
Quote: Originally Posted by Barrylicious I dig the youngstown flannel a lot, but like previously discussed, something about me just can't stomach $70 for a flannel shirt I recently ordered the Youngstown flannel in XS as my first J.Crew button-down. It fit me like a freaking tent. I'm short, 5'6" with a slim build. If anyone has a similar stature, don't waste your time. The shoulders actually fit OK. However, the arms were too long and baggy,...
I used a 256 for about a year but found that it was slightly too small for my lifestyle. More times than not, it seemed I was always struggling to fit stuff in it. Even with a pair of shoes and some clothes it looked like a bloated tick. So I upgraded to the 257. I do miss the slim look of the 256 but now I don't have to worry about cramming stuff into my bag anymore. With both the 256 and 257, I have always struggled with using the shoulder strap. If I'm not using the...
^^^ 256. You can tell this by the lack of a strap handle. ^^^
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