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How does the medium duffle handle when it's not fully loaded? Does it somewhat keep its shape? I have a 257 that I use as a work/day bag but I need something for the weekend. I've been looking at both the medium duffle and the large travel bag. They both have the same height/depth measurements but the duffle is 25" long whereas the travel bag is only 20" long. I'd like the versatility of the longer duffle (could be used for week long trips) but I'm afraid it's too big for...
PM sent. Also, I have a 29" waist. Would I go with XS (28") or S (30") boxer-briefs?
PM sent!
When will the hats be on the website?
Ordered a houndstooth last week. Any idea when it will ship?
$175 for the ubiquitous W+H Tiger Fleece hoodie. Thing is more like a jacket though...very warm.
I'm sure this has been answered a million times before, but even with a Google site search, I can't find out exactly what the discount is if I buy the tote. Also, how does the discount work with online orders? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by dswang Ergh, too bad for me. The XXS measurements are good for me as-is, but at some point I will have to wash it. Any smaller and I won't be able to button it up. EDIT: oh wait, I think you are talking about the new shoulder measurements vs. washing it (which I assumed). Yeah, 15"+ shoulders are pretty small, I guess I can't buy this after all. Just have it dry-cleaned. There will be no shrinkage then.
Quote: Originally Posted by michaeljkrell All the XXS and the XXL have been reduced to $68 after the discount. Because the XXS and the XXL are not selling at all, we will not be making anymore after this next run of shirts which I will be posting up tomorrow. I just purchased the black/white houndstooth in XXS for the discounted $68. My current MJK shirt is the XS blue oxford from last season with...
One of the reasons I like my 257.
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