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PM sent!
When will the hats be on the website?
Ordered a houndstooth last week. Any idea when it will ship?
$175 for the ubiquitous W+H Tiger Fleece hoodie. Thing is more like a jacket though...very warm.
I'm sure this has been answered a million times before, but even with a Google site search, I can't find out exactly what the discount is if I buy the tote. Also, how does the discount work with online orders? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by dswang Ergh, too bad for me. The XXS measurements are good for me as-is, but at some point I will have to wash it. Any smaller and I won't be able to button it up. EDIT: oh wait, I think you are talking about the new shoulder measurements vs. washing it (which I assumed). Yeah, 15"+ shoulders are pretty small, I guess I can't buy this after all. Just have it dry-cleaned. There will be no shrinkage then.
Quote: Originally Posted by michaeljkrell All the XXS and the XXL have been reduced to $68 after the discount. Because the XXS and the XXL are not selling at all, we will not be making anymore after this next run of shirts which I will be posting up tomorrow. http://www.michaeljkrell.com/wovens.htm I just purchased the black/white houndstooth in XXS for the discounted $68. My current MJK shirt is the XS blue oxford from last season with...
One of the reasons I like my 257.
Quote: Originally Posted by JesseJB I've had my plain water buffalo Coach one for 4 years and still looks sexy as hell. I have the tan version of the water buffalo card case (no fold) and really like it.
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