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My medium travel bag has developed some weird white scuff marks. I'm not sure how I got these, but I was wondering what would be a recommended solution for reducing their appearance.
That looks like a 257.
My 257 has these holes, which are about 3/8". My medium travel bag is at home so I can't check that right now.
Do you guys install the grips or are these just for customers who want to install the grip themselves?
Is the tan leather not bridle leather?
I use the medium travel bag as an overnight and weekend bag. It's about as deep as the medium duffle but not as long. So it's kind of in between the small and medium duffle. It also has the advantage of having outside pockets on each side.
Looks like a 257 because of the strap handles and wider width.
After owning a 256 for a year, I sold it to my brother and got a 257 as the replacement. The widths of the two bags really change the overall silhouette. The 256 is shaped more like a traditional briefcase because of its thinness. The disadvantage of this is that it does not stand up on its own as easily as the 257 does. It also has difficulty holding wide items. If you fit too much stuff into it, it becomes a bloated tick. The 257 is shaped more like a messenger bag, at...
According to a Filson customer review on 5/31/12, the three open pockets inside the 257 are now sewn shut. I've had the 257 since 2009 and this has been my only complaint. They're fine for a water bottle or sunglass case, but anything else just falls through the bottom of the open-ended pockets. Here's a snippet of the review, complete with user-uploaded...
I second the medium travel bag as well.
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