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I'm guessing they switched away from YKK zippers for financial reasons. Looking at both zippers, the Filson zippers appear to be more copper colored while the YKK zippers appear to be more yellow colored. I think I prefer the look of the YKK.On a different note, I recently treated the bridle leather of my 246 with Obenauf's LP. The issue is that some of the stitching has turned white. Can I assume that this will eventually be absorbed by the leather and fade away? It's...
That's when I bought them, both from Crane's. But unless they were sitting on the shelf for a long time (I believe the 246 had to be ordered from Filson), that's probably the year they were made as well.
My 2009 257 has YKK zippers and my 2011 246 has Filson zippers.
Not a DSX. That's a DSS.
Thoughts on the tan with similarly colored khakis? I have a tan 257 and tan 246 but I'm thinking about picking up a 256 for office/work use. Since I'll be mostly wearing khakis, I'm thinking the otter green will have a better contrast color-wise but I've never seen that color in real life. It looks somewhat bland in the online pictures. This is a casual office environment so I could pull off either color.
Not even close.
I was torn between the small and medium duffle for overnight and weekend trips. I went with the medium travel bag and have not regretted it. I do like the aesthetics of the duffles, but the travel bags are more functional in my opinion. The outside side pockets are great for storing items you need to get to quickly (water bottle, sunglass case, compact umbrella). The longer outside pockets and interior pockets are great for storing books. I can even fit my 13" MacBook Pro...
Up for sale is a pair of Quoddy Bluchers in Horween Cavalier navy blue with red camp sole. The size is 10C (narrow width) and the shoes are the unlined version. There is about two months of wear and some light scratches but the shoes are still in overall good condition. Unfortunately, they are a solid 1/2 size too big for me and I cannot justify keeping them. Shipping is free to the contiguous lower 48 United States.
My medium travel bag has developed some weird white scuff marks. I'm not sure how I got these, but I was wondering what would be a recommended solution for reducing their appearance.
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