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Quote: Originally Posted by michaeljkrell Yes, the interlock shirt is ready to go. Just pm me your email and I will send you an invoice. The colors should be confirmed in the next couple of days... PM sent.
I want to order a bunch of clothes but since the colors are not finalized, should I wait? You say the interlock shirt is ready, so could I just order that one now?
I like 4 and 6.
Quote: Originally Posted by michaeljkrell We are thinking of offering the twill jacket in off white (bone) as well as the blue. The khaki that we could get and the black just don't go very well with our color scheme. Is this ok? How does the blue match up to the "color" of dry denim? I try to avoid dark blues because they don't give a good enough contrast against a pair of dry blue denim. The jacket almost looks like a purplish blue in the...
How shear is the asymmetrical hoodie? Would an undershirt be visible underneath?
Everything looks pretty sick. Do you have a side shot of the Italian jacket? I'm curious to see how the caped back looks from a side angle. I'll be pre-ordering some stuff once you get the measurements posted.
Guthrie Govan is probably the most versatile guitarist I've seen. The man can seriously do it all. Also, another vote for Pat Martino as being the absolute sickest of the straight jazz players.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bakes which pair of desert boots to get - grey http://davidzinc.stores.yahoo.net/cl79036.html# or black http://clarks.zappos.com/n/p/dp/5530511/c/106.html will wear mostly with jeans. I personally like sand the best, but I would chose grey over black.
Quote: Originally Posted by smoothy504ny black on black This is a huge improvement.
Quote: Originally Posted by werthan Thank you all for the opinions. Based on advice from this forum, I actually purchased Clarks Desert Boots in dark brown this weekend. I also intend to purchase the Comfort Craftsman in brown or black. I also am trying to purchase the attached boots from a.testoni. I do not know much about the brand, but for some reason, I really would like a grey suede boot. (I agree that the first boot above really is not a...
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